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Joseph "Joe" Andersen
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Personality: An Ecruteak City native, Joseph Andersen made his mark on history by becoming the nineteenth Champion of the Kanto-Johto League. His reign was short-lived, however, as he failed to defend his title the following year. Which was okay because the limelight was a little too complicated. He likes things simple.

Joe complains a lot but works hard. He also tends to be a bit blunt, something that certainly wasn't doing him any favors during his championship days. He's confident in what he knows and he knows he loves Pokemon. His desire to continue his lifestyle with them led him to taking a job at the National Park as a Ranger. Of course, he's not sure what to expect, viewing the whole concept of being guided by another to capture Pokemon a bit ridiculous compared with his prior journey alone.

Description: His year sitting on the throne left him with a few extra pounds on his otherwise lanky figure. Keeping with his laidback personality, the only "accessorizing" Joe does to his standard issue Ranger uniform is roll up the sleeves of the red jacket, worn over a black shirt and pants. He also opts not to wear the red-and-black beret over his short, unkempt ginger hair. He hates long sleeves and head gear. Simple.

Pokemon Natures:
Lizzy (Dragonite) - Sassy
Bella (Conkeldurr) - Calm
Mia (Muk-Alolan) - Lonely
Silkie (Metapod) - Rash
Dirk (Phanpy) - Serious
Angel (Cofagrigus) - Modest

Legend tracker: $0/$500,000
Runner: Cosmo
Location: Ruined Palace

Date started: 09/06/19

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