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Cassandra the Braixen (Ability: Magician)

[OOC: Looking for a sturdy hardwood staff - suitable for fighting with, a bit too large for her current form but sized for a Delphox. It should have a gnarl of roots, a bend, a split, something at one end that a crystal or stone could be seated securely in it.]

The wind gusted again, driving a light rain into her eyes. The Braixen was already soaked through her mustard-colored fur and simply sighed at the latest splash. The stretch of island before Cassandra was somehow even less hospitable than the black sand beach she’d washed up on.
Tangles of driftwood snarled around juts of rock, and a narrow strip of rock and grit clung to the base of the bluffs. Here and there seemed to be the remnants of ships, pounded by the surf; she idly wondered if one of them had ferried her until whatever fateful accident had occurred.
She carefully picked her way along the stony ledge, wishing again for her staff to help the treacherous footing. She could remember the feel of it, the way her arm hung at rest, but couldn’t recall anything more about when she’d had it or why. None of the trees she’d found thus far were a suitable wood; so she found herself here, avoiding the lesser breakers that rolled in at low tide and hoping to find a replacement.
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