Morphic - Open Thread [RANDOM EVENT] Finity.
The sun has been gone for days.

Clear skies are a signature of the Blooming Savannah, with vibrant cerulean days and luminous, starry nights. But these have been stolen away, with a thick covering of matte black clouds blanketing a huge chunk of the sky. The only breaks in these clouds are not-infrequent flashes of lightning. No rain falls, but bright white bolts strike down from the sky with stunning regularity. And the storm shows no sign of letting up.

Beneath one of the Savannah’s taller trees - which, strangely, despite its height, has yet to be touched by a single bolt - sits a Pokemon. They look for all the world like an overlarge mouse, with golden fur striped by dark brown on the back and paws. Next to them is a pile of nuts, which they peel open, one by one, frying the meat with a quick zap of electricity from their dextrous forepaws before popping them into their buck-teethed mouth. The only disruption comes when light flickers in the sky. Finity the Raichu looks up, ears perked, and then casts out their free paw, pointing to the far distance. A second later, a blinding bolt of lightning strikes the earth; Finity ears twitch as the thunderclap, louder than anything, assaults their senses.

When the light and noise clear away, they smile. Finity figures they have a pretty good gig here. Their Lightningrod lets them defend the savannah they’ve claimed for themself, keeping most Pokemon that aren’t immune to electricity on their toes and easy to chase away.

Although, they think as they pop another charred chestnut into their jaws, grinding it to nothing with a ruminative chew, there hasn’t exactly been much chasing to do around here.

A thunderclap rumbles in the distance. It’s all nice and quiet.

[OOC: The Blooming Savannah is currently experiencing a massive, rainless lightning storm, courtesy of a Raichu by the name of Finity. Potential activities could be characters coming to the Savannah to investigate, characters who live in the Savannah being disrupted by the lightning storm, or characters happening to run into Finity; but feel free to do with this starter post what you want. Have fun!]
Cassandra the Braixen (Ability: Magician)
Unaffiliated, Affects: nobody yet

Cassandra was starting to wonder if the storms were her fault. Everywhere she’d been so far had been actively raining or on the verge of a storm. The beautiful savannah was no exception; somehow the storm had persisted for days, but from the withering plants and flowers it seemed like little to no rain had fallen, and the sun’s light wasn’t making it through the gray skies.

She was hoping to find herbs or other plants she recognized; a few in the jungle had seemed familiar but she couldn’t place them, and was hindered by the fact she wasn’t even sure what lands were home. Certainly none of the drooping grasses here did anything to scratch that particular itch. Something about this island defied all her efforts to bring back the memories she’d lost before washing up here.

Heaving a sigh, she stopped to rest on a gnarled tree root. If the clouds decided to dump their moisture after all, at least the tree branches above her meant she’d have a chance to avoid being drenched.
The sound of pawsteps against scraggly grass makes Finity’s ears twitch. They lift their head, swallowing the last of the nut they’d been eating, and sniff the air. Below the scents of ozone and dry flora, there’s something else. Something dangerous. Something fiery.

Finity rises to their hindpaws, taking a moment to stretch. They’d figured someone would show up to challenge them eventually, and now they’ve been proven right. They raise their tail in a sinuous arc above their head, the sharp point dipping down below eye level, crackling with hints of electricity. Finity has the advantage here, and they know it. The only thing now is to find this newcomer and make sure that they know the name Finity, and teach whoever else is living on this desolate island to respect it.

The thunderstorm shifts as Finity moves, racing across the plain on all fours with their nose raised to catch the fire-smell. They twitch their tail, focus narrowing in. They release the clouds’ fringes, focusing on keeping the electricity rebounding between the earth and the heavens as close to themself as possible. Finity’s connection to nature is unusually strong, but even they can’t maintain a thunderstorm of this magnitude forever. They want to bring all their strength to this encounter.

Soon enough, a shape enters Finity’s field of view - a dark yellow-and-red Pokemon, furry, long-eared and tuft-tailed. Finity narrows their eyes. They don’t recognize this particular species, which is annoying. They don’t know what tricks the stranger will have.

But Finity won’t let themself be dissuaded. They skid to a halt, then rise onto their hindpaws, brushing the dust off their white chest. “Hail, and well-met!” they cry out, waving with one paw and drawing closer at a leisurely walk. As they move, they wave their tail back and forth, half their mind on the sky. “I am Finity! And while I don’t mean to be rude…” Now, they think, and they catch a lightning bolt on their tail, the electricity cascading through their whole body and out again through their cheeks and tail. Dispersing the hit leaves them exhausted, nearly breathless, but only for a moment, and their recovery is quick - quick enough that they can speak again when the light and noise fade.

“... but you’re standing on my land.
Cassandra the Braixen (ability: Magician)

The tone of thunder seemed to shift, rumbling louder as the flickers of lightning drew closer. Suddenly the tree branches above Cassandra seem less of an asset and she scrambles away from the trunk.

She tries to stay low, when she notices an orange figure approaching. It calls out what seems to be a friendly greeting as she turns to face it; the stranger looks like a larger, darker, better fed Pikachu, but the tail is much longer and more impressive.

Cassandra can’t help but jump when the lightning strikes Finity. Rather than injuring it, the Pokemon seems energized – she assumes it must be an electric type, perhaps an evolution of Pikachu.

“Well met yourself, Finity. I am called Cassandra, and I meant no intrusion. I came to find sunshine and herbs, but neither one seems to be here this day.”
Stunned silence stretches across the savannah after Cassandra’s friendly greeting. Finity tries to keep up their brash, intimidating look, but in truth, they’re rather shocked. They would’ve thought that any Pokemon would be taken aback, maybe a little intimidated, but this fox just… doesn’t seem to care at all. Finity’s teeth grind. Clearly, they’re going to have to take a different tack here if they want to leave an impact.

“Well, hello, there, Cassandra,” Finity says, their voice syrupy sweet. “Sorry for the lack of sunshine, but, you see, I’ve just arrived here, and I need a place to stay. Lucky for me, there’s this huge territory that I happen to like.” They gesture broadly at the flower-covered plains. “But, I needed to make sure that whoever lived here knew that the land was taken, so I did this.” Their gesture moves from the land to the sky. Lightning crackles in the clouds as if to punctuate Finity’s point. “Seems like I’m getting closer to that point, roundabout as it is.”

Finity eyes Cassandra, trying to size up her combat capabilities. Her coloration indicates a Fire-type; if that’s the case, she and Finity will be on even footing in terms of typing. That only leaves skill and power, and well… Finity wouldn’t have set up shop here if they weren’t confident.

“As for herbs, I have to remind you that this place is mine.” Finity’s tone is still cordial, but there’s a firm edge to it now. “That includes herbs. So unless you want a thrashing, you’d better look elsewhere or ask nicely."

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