[OPEN] Surveyor - Jones.
Jones the Heliolisk (Solar Power Ability).
Affected RPers: None.

What in the blighted blazes is all of this.

Fresh earth turns beneath Jones's claws as she skirts the edges of the ravine, staring in confusion at the glacial basin on the other side.. She's never seen a chasm this deep and wide, let alone rivers this vast and bountiful. The sandy, dry soil and scraggly flora are familiar, but this canyon... if Jones didn't know any better, she'd swear it's new

Jones takes a bite of the Pomeg berry she's brought along, biting through the rind and munching it as indifferently as the pips within as she considers the situation. She wonders if this place is even worth her time. A fall from this height would almost certainly be bone-breaking, and potentially fatal. Sometimes, the risks outweigh the rewards.

But the truth is, Jones has spent most of her time on Mautte either bored out of her skull or terrified or angry, or any combination thereof. Even if there's absolutely nothing of value in this canyon, Jones wants to know what it is and why it didn't seem to be here a few months ago. So she shoves the Pomeg berry in her mouth - holding it in her teeth, not yet crunching it down - and begins to plod along the edge of the ravine, just close enough to see over the edge while, hopefully, far enough inland to scurry to safety if the walls start crumbling.
It happens again, soon after the quake. She'd spent some quiet time in the Stepping Stones to soothe her anxieties about the damage. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great, either--several older trees had shaken their roots loose during the quake in the Somber Wood, tearing down others on their way tumbling to the ground. When she woke up, she didn't feel worried anymore, but she also didn't really feel anything else. When she slowly raised her paw and looked at it, she realized why.

Oh, she thought. This again.

No matter. She knew she could shift back, but she wanted to know more about this one and its story, so she decided to take a slow but steady trip to the desert, perhaps to find something of interest, or to make an ore-crunching stop at the Crater in her Aggron form. In this body, she didn't feel bothered by it, or... anything. She spends the walk pre-occupied, putting one blue paw in front of the other, thick wood hammer clutched easily beneath left arm. Her conscience extends to the fog and out around it, searching for some sort of emotion. For the Charizard, it had been fear. For the Absol, it had been foreboding. What was this one's story? Inadvertently, and without realizing it, she finds out, as her eyes drift shut.

When she approaches the canyon, she does so without knowing it is there, and she does so sleep walking. Completely unaware of the lone figure several yards away, the Komala walks slowly, gradually forward, eyes firmly shut, straight toward the canyon's edge, with no apparent intent on stopping even as the sharp drop looms.
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Jones the Heliolisk (Solar Power Ability).
Affected RPers: K'sariya (Io).

Meandering by the side of the ravine at least gives Jones a bit of a better geographical sense. It’s a bit hard to tell with the river’s water level so low and with the river being so, well, low below her, but Jones is pretty sure she’s traveling upstream. This is for the best, considering that it might tell Jones where this river’s come from, and why there’s suddenly a canyon in the middle of her beautiful desert.

So Jones thinks as she trudges along, enjoying the warmth of the stone beneath her feet and the sun on her scales -

Right up until she notices another Pokemon.

Acutely aware of how exposed she is, Jones tenses, but the stranger doesn’t seem to have noticed her. Since there’s no cover, Jones decides to circle around the stranger; she has to go fairly far from the cliff to avoid getting trapped between them and the ravine’s edge. As she gets closer, she can pick up a few details about the Pokemon; the more she takes in, the less she’s inclined to take this being as a serious threat.

They’re a gray creature, bulky-bodied with a thick coat of blue-gray fur. They’re short - shorter than Jones, at least - and they don’t look particularly strong, but despite their small stature they’re obstinately carrying a log nearly as big as they are under one arm. Jones just stares for a moment, watching the Pokemon’s slow shuffle, utterly baffled as to why they’re wandering around with a (comparatively) huge hunk of useless wood. Her staring only gets more and more boggled as she watches the stranger walk straight toward the ravine ledge. And keep walking. Step by slow step, they seem to be plodding leisurely toward their death.

“Hey! Stupid! Look out!” Jones spits. She runs toward the stranger, intent on stopping them from killing themself; at first, she’s sure she won’t be able to reach them in time, but then she realizes that she’s moving so fast that the world around her is blurring. At the edges of her claws and heels, she can see traces of white light, a Quick Attack that she has no idea how to break out of. She’s closing in on the Pokemon - and the cliff edge - too fast, way too fast -

Crack! the stone shifts, pulling downward; Jones looks down to see huge chasms forming on the ledge below her and the stranger. She scoots to a complete stop, scraping her heels badly as she does so, and hisses, “Run,” before the earth gives way beneath her feet.

This is what my good deed gets me, isn't it.
Aaren the Aggron (Ability: Rock Head)
This post affects: Jones, Io?

Aaren walked along the clifftop, gazing occasionally at the crevasse falling away to the side. The dirt and rock near the edge wasn’t entirely stable and small cascades kept shaking loose to fall into the chasm. Aaren wasn’t sure how he knew it would likely continue for another month or two, but until then he resolved to stay clear of the edge – such a fall might be lethal.

A shout ahead caught his attention and he trod a little faster. He spotted a squat blue quadruped shambling towards the edge, and a bright yellow lizard blitzing towards it. The lizard skidded to a halt before it, black ears flapping; but before Aaren could call out a warning, the edge crumbled and the lizard started to fall.

With no time to dither, the Aggron grabbed the nearest chunk of stone and struck it with his tail. It split into smaller halves, and he hurled them at the cliff face beneath the scrabbling lizard – hopefully far enough down not to strike it directly. Normally this was a tactic to slow charging enemies, and Aaren thought it might slow the fall instead, or give the lizard something to grab.

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