Morphic September Event - Mega Evolution is Coming to Mautte!
In the quiet of the night, a powerful earthquake shakes Mautte. Waves lap dangerously at the sharp cliff faces, trees and earth falling over the cliffs and down below into the frothing waters. Even the drifting Stepping Stones tremor softly, rustled by the shockwaves quivering the air.

When all is settled, though, nothing seems out of the ordinary--a few toppled trees, a few scary moments for those by the water, but ultimately nothing unusual.


Upon further exploration, people begin to find rifts opened up in the earth. What seem to be at first small, unassuming furrows scattered throughout each of Mautte’s territories soon open up into fairly sizable rifts, several feet apart. A bit of digging, and Pokemon begin finding something rare, something amazing: small, brilliant stones, rounded, smoothed to clean orbs as if tumbled perfectly by nature, their insides swirling with mist. When met with ones from certain areas, they feel parts of themselves practically sing with connection to them. When a stone calls to them, the mist clears, revealing a shimmering element within.

While at first unassuming, Pokemon who are exposed to these singing stones for too long soon begin to exhibit... Peculiar traits.

A new power has been unearthed on Mautte.

Elemental Areas
Certain spots on Mautte birth certain types of elemental stones. Unlike in other Pokemon worlds, where the stones align with certain species, these stones empower those who share a type with them. Pokemon on the island have begun to make curious pilgrimages, feeling strange new connections with the different areas of Mautte. It's up to you to discover these affinities, and determine where you can find Mega Stones to increase your power!

  1. Areas in Mautte have begun to resonate with pairs of elemental affinities. Players must explore different areas in Mautte to discover these affinities. Remember that these areas include claimed or claimable land. Be careful of the consequences of trespassing!
  2. To explore an area and find its elemental affinities, one must make at least three posts in threads started September 1st or later within that area. Once those three posts have been made, an Elder Arbiter will PM you that area’s affinities. You may choose to share this information with others if you choose, or you may keep it to yourself.
  3. This exploration phase will last through the month of September. On October 1st, Megastones will spawn throughout Mautte in Arbiter-created threads. Each of the stones in the thread will have their types hidden, and only characters who have learned the affinity of that location in-character will be able to post in these threads. Characters can learn this through conversations with other characters in-RP, or through discovering the locations themselves, but this knowledge must be gained in-character. One stone of each of the area’s affinities will be spawned.
  4. Every character that posts in these threads will have a chance to attempt to claim one of these stones - through diplomacy, trickery, or outright brute force. If you don’t manage to claim a Mega Stone right away, no worries, you’ll have other chances - a small amount of Mega Stones will spawn every month once the event is over.

More information about Mega Stones will be released when the stones can be procured! 

Sheer Canyon
The great tremor that rocked Mautte has left the edge of the Mirage Desert especially impacted. A large river canyon, known as "Sheer Canyon", has formed on the border between the Mirage Desert and the Prodigious Plains. What will your characters find on the towering mesas or in the depths of the ravine?

An important note about Sheer Canyon: HTML will be temporarily disabled until K'sariya is able to adjust the permissions for it. This should happen fairly soon; thank you for your patience!

Also, a completed map of Mautte is coming soon! Stay tuned for a full map of the island!

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