Beginner Run: bmkmb [Wildflower Prairie]
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"Wildflower Prairie, huh?" she muses as she looks over the day's assignment from behind the small, half-moon lenses. She takes her reading glasses, both spitefully and adoringly dubbed her "cheaters", and tucks them away as she folds up the paperwork and tucks it away. "Haven't had a go at that place since the fire, should be a fun one to check out with this uh--" Babbs peeks the folded paper open one more time and holds it away, squinting. "--Rainier? Rain... Raina, Raina. Pretty name." She heaves herself from her seat and rights herself upon her cane. Raina Moon. A younger Babbs--formally known as Barbara--would have loved some sort of name like that when she was young. She shuffles her way out, summoning her trusty steed, Fabio, out to shuttle her to the Wildflower Prairie.


The summer's in full swing but the mornings are at least still somewhat cool. Dew glimmers on the endless field of flora. Soft clouds float through a lovely sky splashed with warm tones. In a few hours, the near-shadeless area's heat will be nearly unbearable beneath the blazing sun, but for now, it's pleasant, the dew-damp air laden with the scent of the wildflowers. For all of his weight, the heavy horse Pokemon steps carefully along the path leading to the small, squat wooden building that serves as the Ranger outpost for the area. She checks in with another Ranger inside. It's been quiet--perfect for a small, quick trip through the Prairie, avoiding some of its more caution-worthy threats. The flowers made the place look cushy, but even Babbs knew better than to avoid the Tauros and Bouffalant, who were near-nocturnal at this time of the year due to the heat. Today should continue to be a quiet one.

She checks the time inside when she arrives. A little early, but their charge would be here soon. Babbs pulls out the crinkled paperwork once more. This one's only got a Fletchling and a Luxio, so they'd likely be delivered by one of the Park's approved mounts, usually a carrier Dragonite, but often whatever some Ranger had on hand. It was nice to have fledgling Trainers sometimes. The youth and the naivety and the inexperience made her aching bones feel a little younger.

The ancient-looking woman steps out into the hazy sunlight and leans expectantly on her cane. Her mount snorts beside her, tossing his braided mane. Bright red bauble holding up white bun catches the light a bit. The humidity draws perspiration to heavily-wrinkled features. Like an old gargoyle, she settles to stillness, closing watery blue eyes and awaiting her Trainer.

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A young, dark-haired girl carefully walks along the dusty path. A small red-and-white bird is perched on her shoulder. She lets a slightly excited smile overtake her face as she soaks up the floral scents of the miscellaneous flowers spread around the fields surrounding them. The sky is painted bright blue and clouds float carelessly across the sky. It's the middle of summer and warmth bathes her, with a cool breeze every now and then.

The girl - Raina - grins, then looks down at her legs seriously. A male Luxio reaching up to her waist glances back up her and tilts its head as if to say, what?  She frowns. "You'd better be on your best behavior, Impulse," she reminds the creature. Impulse rolls his eyes. Why wouldn't he be? He stares at Raina with a wide-eyed expression, his attempt at looking innocent. Raina rolls her eyes back. "Oh, don't give me that look," she says to the Luxio. She glances at the Fletchling perched of her shoulder. "And that goes for you too, Fosha." The Fletchling chirps in agreement then smirks at Impulse. He growls.

Raina pauses and looks ahead. A small, wooden building is now visible ahead. "That must be the Ranger outpost," she says to no one in particular. It's odd seeing the building out there in the middle of nowhere. She shrugs. What was she expecting? Well, something bigger than that, she guesses. 

Impulse sticks his nose in the air, looking like some sort of knightly prince as he sniffs around diligently. Quickly, he bolts off towards the outpost, leaving Raina to chase behind.

"Impulse!" she cries as she races after the pokemon. Fosha releases herself from her perch, taking to the sky. She chirps disapprovingly. Humans were so unbalanced when they ran. 

Raina darts frantically after her Luxio, though unable to catch up. His speed had already surpassed hers, so she purses her lips instead. She just hopes that he doesn't pounce on anyone. He does that to people he doesn't like. And last time didn't exactly go so well. She didn't need a repeat of that.

Eventually, Raina catches up with her wild friend and sighs in relief. Quickly, she glances beside him. An old woman leans on her cane. Then, Raina pays more attention to Impulse and blinks. He seems to be having some sort of growling-staring contest with a large horse pokemon. Was that a Mudsdale? Again, she sighs and picks up the Luxio, pulling him into a hug. He growls and struggles against her grip before relaxing. "What did I tell you about being on your best behavior?" Raina mutters into his fur. Fosha lands on her shoulder then turns to Impulse and chirps somewhat teasingly. He growls something back in response. Raina shakes her head. "Sometimes I wonder what you to talk about," she says. 

Raina turns to the old woman, finally acknowledging her presence. "Er, hi," she says as a question, sticking her hand out for the other to shake. "I'm Raina Moon and these are my pokemon," she introduces, using her free hand to motion at them. "I think I'm here for my beginner run? Through the Wildflower Prairies?" There's silence for a second. Then- "Are you supposed to be my ranger?"
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It's not long before she hears it: the rush of wide paws against the prairie's flora, static-y coat crinkling against the grass. A soft smile draws up droopy jowls as Babbs recognizes the sound. She turns her head to spot the blue-furred adolescent as it charges up on her companion, scruffy midnight hackles raised, electricity sparking from the frazzled ends. Growls rumble from its chest, the yellow bands on its limbs glowing lightly with energy.

Fabio, however, is unphased. He rolls big brown eyes up to check with his seasoned Trainer, who gives a quiet nod. Massive head lowers back once more to crop an ungainly mouthful of grass and flowers from the ground, ripping up a ream of dirt clasped stubbornly by the thick roots. His gaze steadily meets the Luxio's with a dedicated intensity. Cupped ears remain neutral, though they toss back occasionally when the Luxio's competitive growls pick up in ferocity.

Babbs, however, beams. "Oh, aren't you just a feisty lil' fella'?" She's smart enough to coo from a distance. Those sparks might bounce harmlessly off of Fabio's earth-hardened pelt, but one bad jolt and Babbs knew they'd need a defibrillator for her old rear.

The Pokemon's Trainer bursts onto the scene, boldly rushing forward to pull the electric lion into her grasp, chiding him softly. Babbs offers a warm smile. The girl matched her registration photo; young, sporting dark hair with a deep brown sheen. The old woman clicks her tongue playfully at the little orange bird resting on her shoulder, waiting patiently for the girl to acknowledge her. When she does, Babbs nods, moving her eyes to the offered hand.

"That I am, kiddo!" The old woman reaches out with relative slowness, papery skin crinkled around her eyes in a blazing grin. When her digits claps around the other's for a handshake, they do so firmly, with a vice-grip like a hydraulic press as she returns with a firm, energetic handshake! "Raina, is it? I'm Babbs, nice to meet ya'!" She turns blue gaze to the Luxio, then back to the Fletchling. "And your friends, too! This here--" She gives Fabio a solid pat. "--is Fabio. He'll be keepin' up the rear on our adventure today, he likes t' graze while I'm out here, and he'll keep a taller eye out for any Tauros we wanna avoid while we're out here." The old woman talks a mile a minute, but pauses to give a back-cracking stretch before looking out at the Prairie.

"We'll be taking a nice little loop around the place before it gets too hot; everything small enough to not overheat should still be out while it's still a lil' cool, but everything big enough to cause trouble should be takin' cover by now. Should be a pleasant little run." She pauses. "So whenever you're ready!" Babbs looks over expectantly. "Any questions?"

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Raina smiles back as the woman as she shakes her hand. The shake is firmer than she had expected. She waits patiently while the old woman, Babbs, introduces herself and her steed, Fabio. 

Raina watches Fabio in silent awe. He's big, much larger than any other horse pokemon she's seen. Then again, Zebstrika and Rapidash were always more common back where she came from. 

Impulse has calmed down a bit and is now laying down, somewhat relaxed, though not unalert. He shoots wary glances towards Fabio every now an then, his pointed tail swishing easily as he waits for his master to finish talking.

Meanwhile, Fosha stays perched on Raina waiting for something interesting to occur.

Babbs is still speaking and Raina still listening. As Babbs explains her steed's role in the run, Raina finds her mind wandering to what they'll encounter. Oh, wait, did she just say Tauros? Raina winces a bit, hoping that it had gone unnoticed. Out of the things she had learned at her trainer school, How-to-Train-an-Angery-Tauros Class had been one of her least favorites. Getting rammed over and over again wasn't exactly one of her better memories.

Babbs stops talking for a moment to stretch her back and look over at the prairie and Raina finds herself looking over too. The morning is still bright despite how long it took her to get to the outpost and it probably would still be for a while after they got out. Of course, she could be wrong. Time management was another of those things Raina wasn't really good at.

Eventually, Babbs finishes her speech and asks if Raina has any questions. Questions? Other than what they'll be encountering, she doesn't have any and she'd rather find out in the field rather than just speaking about it, so she doesn't ask. She glances Impulse who realizes what's happening and gets up before saying brightly, "Nope. No questions. We're ready to go."
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"Alright," Babbs says, chipper, "Follow me, then." The old woman strikes out with her cane, sinking it gently into the swaying flowers as they set off into the grass. It comes well up to the Ranger's knees in long, golden strands pocked with wide-petaled flowers. Fabio's heavy steps crop up soon after they've begun walking as their loyal guardian brings up the rear. He keeps a curiously-amused eye on the bold little Luxio, interest piqued, but ultimately, he's a Pokemon with a job--one that he'll only let himself get a little distracted from.

If she'd been a chatter-box before, one can easily see the pleased silence that falls over her when she slips into her role. Expression eases naturally to a gentle alert, a soft smile chiseled on wrinkly features as she breathes in the scent of the morning. Watery blue eyes roll across the Prairie. A treeline edges its boundaries off to their right, disappearing over the flowery horizon. They'd stick to it for a bit, then loop across to see what they'd find.

Babbs seems relaxed but after a few minutes of quiet walking, her head snaps attentively to the right. She gently extends her arm in front of the Trainer's path, hunching low and waving for her charge to do the same. Behind them, Fabio's footsteps halt, the large creature lowering his head as well, though it doesn't do much to hide his large russet bulk. It takes a couple of moments for anything to even happen. Then, about ten feet in front of them, a wind sweeps by them, ruffling a particularly thick bed of flowers that sway toward the trees.

Well, a wind would rustle them toward the woods if it was blowing in the right direction to do it. The flowers wriggle toward the trees, but the wind seems to be blowing gently from them. All at once, the flower bed suddenly dislodges from the rest of the flora around it. Sprays of dew go flying as the mass of flowers raises from the ground and floats softly on the breeze above it. The linked creatures detach from one another. Babbs smiles as she watches the large cluster of Flabébé break away and separate, like the wisps of a disturbed dandelion parting their own ways. The crew of Pokemon curves in its drifting as it rises, the large stream floating peacefully over them.

It seems like they'll pass without disturbance, but a smaller-than-usual blue-petaled one happens to spot Impulse, whose cyan fur sticks out in the golden grass. That one's fur matches its flower! It gives a soft giggle and with wing-like flaps of its petals, drifts down to dance teasingly around the adolescent lion. Babbs smiles and nods to Raina--looked like they had their first encounter. What Raina decided to do with it--avoid it or battle, or even just indulge in the creature's invitation to play--was up to her.

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Flabébé / ? / ?? / ??? / 100%
It's floating just above Impulse!

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Raina follows Babbs as they walk through the grasses and flowers, a small smile showing on her face at the way they would tickle her legs, the golden strands reaching up to her waist. It's peaceful, she decides, that they could walk like this and just enjoy the endless beauty of nature without any interruptions from loud classmates. Now, the only noises were coming straight outdoors, not rambunctious peoples. 

She keeps her gaze ahead, making sure to watch where she was stepping, but can't help but check what's going on behind her. Impulse pads mostly silent beside her, small, controlled sparks dancing around the bottom of his legs. In the rear is Fabio. In her opinion, the large horse is doing his job fairly well. She would check on Fosha, also, but Raina knows there's no need. Faithfully perched on her shoulder, the bird is definitely the most obedient one of her pokemon. 

After a while of walking through the vast prairie, Raina watches Babbs' head snap to the right. She halts when an arm is extended in front of her copies the Ranger, ducking into the ground. Fosha squeezes herself into her trainer's neck. Behind her, Raina hears Fabio's footsteps stop behind her and signals for Impulse to hunch down below. The Luxio follows the example, though he still emits a low growl much to Raina's annoyance. It sounds much louder in the silence. They wait for a couple of seconds for something to happen and Raina wonders what's going on. Eventually, around ten feet around them, a thick patch of flowers ruffle in the wind.

Raina watches in confusion as she realizes that the flowers are actually rustling in the opposite direction from the wind blowing them. Then suddenly, to her surprise, the bed dislodges from the ground and dew goes flying as the flowers levitate above the ground, floating softly against the wind. Wait a second - not flowers - Flabébé! Raina stares in awe at the multi-colored group of pokemon as they split up and go their different ways. It's exciting, she notes, and way better than anything she's ever seen on screen. 

Deciding that its safe enough, Raina relaxes into a sitting position and Impulse crawls happily into her lap. A Flabébé, smaller than the others she's seen, seems to spot the bright colored Luxio. The lynx-like creature glares warily at it as the blue-petaled one giggles and dances around the lion. Impulse glances up at his trainer. 

Raina smiles at the sight. It's so cute! Fosha hops off of her and flies around playfully, trying to get the Flabébé's attention. It doesn't seem to work, as it still seems interested in Impulse. The little robin huffs in annoyance. Raina nods to the Luxio. Permission granted, he stands back up and paws at the floating creature. Impulse walks around in a circle, does the play bow, then leaps into the air, roar-growling happily, sparks flying in an electric display. Raina watches, wondering how Flabébé will respond to Impulse's odd mock-fight playing.

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