Summer Gift Station 2019: Summertime Bonanza!
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Welcome back once again to the URPG Summer Gift Station! We've got everything you know and love back once again for some fun summer gifting! Read the rules below and get out there folks, it's gonna be one hot summer!

The Gift Station is a great event to give things to members new and old who have had an impact on you in URPG. Whatever it may be, from the simplest of Absorb Bulbs to the bulkiest of Demanding Pokemon, this is your chance to give that special gift to those that you know!

The Gift Station this year is just like the others, but to help you all remember (and do make sure you don't pass out from this heat!) here are the rules again:
  • You can gift any Pokémon in your stats except for your starting Pokémon.
  • Pokémon MUST NOT be removed from your stats until they are claimed after the Gift Station closes.
  • PokéMart purchases can be linked as gifts, however you must state in the PokéMart post that you are purchasing a gift.
  • Unclaimed gift purchases may be refunded after the Gift Station. Any use of or battles with the purchase will void the refund option.
  • You may receive a total of TEN gifts. If you are given more than ten gifts, please choose which ones you want to receive.
  • You may only give one gift to each person.
  • There is no limit on the number of people you may give gifts to.
  • TMs and items may be gifted. These must also be added to your stats.
  • Berries can be gifted in bundles of up to three berries of any kind.
  • You can also bundle a Mega Ring with a Mega Stone as a gift.
  • HMs and TM Bundles are NOT allowed to be gifted. This is to prevent abuse of the gifting system.
  • Fossils are NOT allowed to be put on Pokemon as an item for a gift. This is to prevent abuse of the gifting system.

The following Gift Station items may be purchased as gifts also:
  • Daycare Passes - $4,000 or $8,000. A coupon for $4,000 or $8,000 to spend on Daycare purchases: Breeding Moves, Move Tutorage, Special Moves and Hidden Abilities.
  • Park Passes - $5,000. A coupon for free Park entry, 3 Pokéballs and 2 Energy Powders.
  • Story Passes - $10,000. A coupon to reduce the rank of a single Pokémon in a story by one rank. E.g. A Hard-ranked Pokémon becomes Medium-ranked, for quality and character count.
  • Art Passes - $10,000. A coupon to reduce the rank of a single Pokémon in an art piece by one rank. E.g. A Hard-ranked Pokémon becomes Medium-ranked, for the quality of the overall piece.

If you wish to change your gift to someone, please make a new post instead of editing an old one. This makes it easier to keep track of gifts and ensure none are overlooked, as posts which have already been added in updates are unlikely to be rechecked for edits.

Note: Gifts cannot be added or removed from stats until the gift station is closed.

Gift station will end at 11:59pm CST/GMT -6 on July 29th, 2019.

Gift List
Abras are so cute!
Joined URPG 1/28/2017!
Competitive Showdown player

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@Gold gets a Water Stone from my Stats, 'cause he asked and shall receive it!
Blank Swinub from my stats (Art Capture) to @Dekrueger
since we never got around to trading weary2

Blank Growlithe from my stats (Berry Store) to @sapahn
was for a diff new member but they never claimed :coolcry: surprised to see you so active & reffing, hope they'll be some use on your team :]
[Image: BbuChmp.gif]
Katara the Lapras. Female. Nature Undecided. Has learned Surf and Waterfall. Daughter to Vessel the Lapras.

Obtained here:
Easter New Life 2019.

I believe in URPG still, even after all these years.
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Because everything that's under my skin,
Where I end and begin, still belongs to me.
Haven't been active recently cuz of school, apartment life, work, and a flood! But I'm not gonna miss out on giving away some goodies to some of the more active peeps, for keeping the game alive and healthy...

@"Ether3al" Hey man, welcome! you're pretty cool. Have a Park Pass on me!

@Dekrueger It gets harder every station man. I think you don't have one of these.
One shuppet from the Mart!

@Mako You good. You're strong. I believe in you. You have too many art passes so have a Story one cuz you write good.

@Rick Hey bud! Thought I'd help you out on your runs since this was on your wishlist!
One Digital Camera from the Park Shop!

@sapahn I figure the thing you want most is EMs. Thanks for being a cool newbie, here's a double Daycare Pass!

@Axion hEY MAN. Oops caps. Have this thing you've wanted for a while, and gimme dibs on if you catch one in our run!
[Image: unknown.png]

@VeloJello Famalamalamalamalam. You wanted Grass types, have the best one by a longshot.
Bulbasaur from the Mart!

@Mikey57 Here's something as cute as you. It's head scale thing is how I feel about you.
Jangmo-o from the mart.

@evanfardreamer I promised this, and now I fulfill that promise.
Abra from the Berry Store.

@SinnohEevee Here's something to help you out, I know you have it in you!
Story Pass!

@K'sariya get fucking PRANKED. But also enjoy it it's cute.
Wingull from my Maylee Prize.

@Surfer Liam Hey fam. You're great. like, really great. Wanted to give you a lil extra sum sum for bein great.
[Image: unknown.png]

Litten from the Mart!

@MandL27 Have some EMs on me, and keep rocking the Judge Ref life.
Double Daycare Pass.

@Fierce Deity my man alonzo. Have some contraBANNED.
Red Card from the Mart!

Park Pass 5k
Story Pass x2 20k
DC Pass x4 16k

Abras are so cute!
Joined URPG 1/28/2017!
Competitive Showdown player

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  • Liam, Mako
@Mako you're getting nothing. I pranked you. But you are getting the Espurr I got in New Life 2019.

@Gold I know you like Park, so get this Park Pass.
39.5k - 5k = 34.5k.
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Henlo lovelies. Don't have much up my sleeve this time around but have some stuff. <3 Here are my gifts; for our Gift Station first-timers, be sure to post to claim these after the gift station closes!:





Gift Receipts
Sadly I didn't make the time to prep for this gift station, mostly thanks to work and classes. I'd love to do more but this is what I've got:

One freshly revived Tyrunt going to @Cosmo, I heard you were looking for one! Only extra move it has is HM Rock Smash.

For @Gold – one story pass, originally obtained from voting in all rounds of WWC ’17-18. Write moar!

For @K’sariya – one art pass, originally obtained from the 20th anniversary prize wheel earlier this year. Your art is always a treat :)

For @Velo – one story pass, originally obtained from the prize wheel last invitational. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT AAAUUUGH
Staff, head grader, events & game design, judge, ranger. My stats (always a work in progress!) 
Park: Evan Morphic: Aaren Cassandra Emily
A blank Bronzor from my Stats goes to @"Ether3al"!
[Image: 436.gif]
a progeny of my very own starter... if anyone deserves such a gift if should be you.  Please have a blank Feebas

Thanks for keeping URPG afloat with everything else you have going on. I feel a bit bad for regifting, but I feel worse for letting this little bug sit around not being used instead of with someone who really wants it.  Please... have Lucent the Durant

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