[Spacial Anomaly] Boss Event - Botanical Gardens
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Ranger San Sū-kagetsu and Gamma
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The Gardens were quiet and peaceful, and wholly unindicative of the turmoil that the Park was about to be thrown into, when San got the call. He rolled over, groggily, searching for the Ranger phone; he found it under Gamma’s long fur right as the call was to go to another Ranger, and San put on a voice that didn’t give away his doziness as he answered the phone. “Is it time already?” he said, barely able to hold back the disinterest in his voice. “Yep, looks like the next one is coming at you in the Gardens. Were you sleeping? You have to quit that habit, boy, this is serious business! This Pokemon isn’t just huge, it’s something we’ve never seen before!” San recoiled a bit at the derision on the other end. “Sorry, Chief. I’m on it,” San said as he hung up abruptly, gathering himself as he pushed to his feet.

These wormholes were a real pain for a Ranger like San. He wasn’t new enough to avoid them, but wasn’t experienced enough to know how to handle them on his own, so he’d been assigned a Trainer team as an assist. He’d much rather be supporting an experienced Ranger like Babbs with Gamma than leading his own, but hey, duty calls. And the first part of that duty would be finding his team, who were waiting for him near the main gate. He took one last look over the gardens from his perch on the Wildflower Prairie, then jumped aboard Gamma as they took off towards the rendezvous.

San was close approaching his rag-tag group when they saw the portal open up. Long leaf-like tendrils dripped from the maw of the portal, as a large white puff burst through. It was unlike anything San had ever seen before, and it was as beautiful as it was massive. Large brown spots permeated throughout the fluff, and the long tendrils seemed to be holding the fluff in place on top of a… body? Gamma immediately sped up towards the group as San started calling it in, but something they never could have expected turned the wheel of fate. The creature began to shift the very air.

Winds around the giant Pokemon began pulling Pokemon and plant alike into the white mass, which disappeared inside it like a humongous cloud. Gamma couldn’t hold out against it either, as they were both pulled into the large intruder. San was freaking out at this point, racking his brain to think of what they could do, but his thoughts could only turn towards the small group down below. San made one final desperate call to the team: “Stop this thing!” as he was pulled into the fluff of the large Pokemon. Once San was pulled in, the winds stopped, as if mulling over the creatures it had just absorbed. It would be up to the Trainers below to save their Ranger, and by extension, the entirety of the Gardens and Park, before the creature drained everything.

Boss Stats
Evan had been concerned when the loudspeakers crackled to life; he hadn’t even noticed them scattered around the park, but the warnings blaring out of them were impossible to ignore. He’d been on his way out of the park when the rangers asked him for help- looking at their scared faces he couldn’t refuse, and found himself back with a small group at the familiar gate to the Gardens. The beautifully decorated trellis was a stark contrast to the ominous mood and serious task before them.

“I’m Evan,” he said to break the tension. “Has anyone else dealt with one of these wormhole things before?”

Some of the others start to respond but Evan is distracted by a pair of familiar figures striding along the path towards them. One of them is a long-necked white quadruped, which confirms the identity of the ranger beside it – nobody but Ranger San would be out walking with Gamma.

Before Evan could call out greetings to the ranger who’d watched him on his first visit to the Park, a sudden change in air pressure made his ears pop. A flash of light drew his attention to a rent in the air just as an enormous floof emerged from it amidst a flurry of leafy vines. The cotton-like fluff obscured any details of its form, but as it emerged fully a strong wind began to blow past the trainers in the direction of the creature.

Or – was it being drawn to the creature, instead? Evan watched in horror as his ranger, along with Gamma were drawn by the torrent of air into the fluff surrounding the creature. At the last moment the ranger tried to shout to them but the wind snatched up his final words as well.

“No!” Evan cried. He reached for a Pokeball, but stopped before he released his Gengar into the howling gale. Aran is lighter than air, this wind would take him away too, Evan thought. Good thing I brought someone heavier. Grabbing the remaining Pokeball on that side, he hit the center button and the sphere expanded in his hand. “Tyranitar! Let’s save San!” he said.

The Pokeball emitted its red flash of light, which coalesced into a large green Pokemon. Its rock-hard hide was closer to armor or carapace than skin; large spines protruded from its back and its massive claws dug furrows in the meadow grass. Rearing up on its hind legs and swinging its tail around, it loosed a defiant roar towards the creature. As it took a pair of steps forward , the very ground seemed to explode into a swirl of blinding grit – much of it being carried towards the devouring creature from the wormhole but plenty scattering itself over the standing trainers.

Evan blinked the dirt from his eyes,  grabbing his handkerchief from a pocket and holding it to his nose and mouth. “Let’s stay far back, give it a taste of Ancient Power!” Evan said.

In response Tyranitar slammed its massive tail into the ground, rending the earth around it into large chunks. Several of them seemed to leap into the air; they hovered in the air around the Pokemon as more masses of soil and stone accumulated in the stream of sand and dirt. When more than a dozen clods surrounded it, it threw back its armored head with a primal scream and hurled the projectiles at the mysterious foe.
It's been a long time since Maxichel Kigahen set foot into the park. The last time he entered, he went wormhole hopping and ending up practically dying with his ranger from Arceus, who had been acting like a spoiled brat towards them after they set foot on his holy domain ontop of the icy mountain... wherever that was. Hands inside of his long shirts lower pockets, he casually made his way through the flowery paths to meet with the group that called him in for assistance.  Flowers surrounded him as he got closer to the Botanical Gardens. He smelled the freshness of the air, intoxicating due to the scent of the many flowers surrounding him and the others more than likely. When he approached the group, he noticed a particular detail that made him slightly hesitate as he walked towards them. Arceus was... owned by one of these rangers? Tch, should've seen something like this coming. Their last encounter almost ended with him becoming a Popsicle, but now he has to work along-side with the very being that would've caused his own demise.

"I'm Evan," a man almost the same age as Maxichel suddenly spoke, "Has anyone else dealt with one of these wormhole things before?"

Maxichel shrugged, he had to say SOMETHING to give the group a small confidence boost from a threat that wouldn't need this many people in one spot.

"Yeah, I have," He addressed as he turned his head to face Evan, "Wasn't anything crazy. Warped around a few times to different locations that matched the Park... and few remember-able Pokemon," He suddenly gave a small stink eye towards the Arceus. As petty as it was, he wouldn't forgive the holy figure to almost causing he and another's death. "Regardless, we'll all be fine, shouldn't be-"

The air suddenly dropped the slight breeze that was blowing against the group that made the temperature perfect for a day like this. The portal suddenly opened up, wider than what Maxichel saw during his first portal run, and Maxichel directed his full attention towards it. A flurry of tendrils suddenly began to form from the portal, moving in all sorts of directions, but too many for Maxichel to react before seeing what was causing them. A large, white mass began emerging from the portal, brown spots could be made out for limbs perhaps? Maxichel wasn't quite sure what to think of it all. A sudden vacuum of air pushed against the trainers and Ranger, as if the mass was trying to become bigger from attempts to absorb everything around it. Needless to say, Maxichel watched as Pokemon from all around the area were suddenly becoming sucked into the white, pillowy cover of the enemy they were going to have to exterminate. The ranger and his Arceus were soon to follow, suddenly being ripped from the ground and shortly becoming hidden within the large creature. Maxichel almost cracked a grin, serves them right for the near-death experience.

But now was not the time for such insignificant grudges. The wind was howling loud enough to begin clouding Maxichel's thinking process on how to approach such a massive foe. Xehanort, unfortunately, couldn't just torch the fluff into ashes. Knowing he'd cause significant damage to the Pokemon and his Ranger inside, and the simple fact that Xehanort would be sucked right on into the mass, Maxichel had to call for aid on his second Pokemon, one who wouldn't be as well equipped for the current situation either.

"Xion, I need your assistance!" He spoke as sand began forming in front of his eyes. He hesitated to throw his Pokeball when he saw Evan had summoned a Tyranitar, which might increase the sand flow to something more dangerous than he'd thought. Regardless, Xion wouldn't be bothered by the sand due to her Steel typing granting Sandstorm damage immunity. Maxichel pressed the button on the center of the ball quickly and slammed in onto the ground, causing it to open swiftly and reveal his healthy, 'eager to prove herself' Scizor. Xion barely had time to even open her eyes when she started getting pulled into the gravitation force of the ultra fluff. She quickly adjusted her eyes and grabbed onto a tree that was barely hanging onto its roots, giving Maxichel enough time to formulate a safety measure.

"Metal Claw into the Ground!" He quickly commanded as she nodded. Xion quickly released her grip as her pincers began glowing a bright aluminum color. Opening them, she slammed them into the rubble below her, crushing as much boulder and tree root as she could to get proper stabilization. However, the force was still causing her to be dragged back, it wasn't enough to keep her fully grounded. "Iron Defense!" He shouted. Xion began charging energy throughout her body, causing slow iron color to overtake her bright, shining red appearance. Her sliding backwards had began to become less and less as her metallic appearance, almost like a shining suit of armor, began taking form. "Keep that form until the winds subside!" Maxichel ordered.

Maxichel sighed as he began to un-button his sleeves, shortly throwing his long shirt to the wind and leaving himself in his black jeans and pure white undershirt. He suddenly lost his footing when the ground shook from the Tyranitar's massive tail slam. He fell backward as he felt the gravity and control of the air around him being lost. Xion cried out and began to loosen her grip on the ground to jump to Maxichel's aid, but he had other plans. Sliding on his back with the ground still under him, he grabbed a rogue tree root that had been revealed from the ground breaking effects of the vacuum. "I told you to keep that form, and I meant it" He swiftly shouted to his Scizor, who nodded and continued to build up more iron through her system to avoid the gravitational effect of... whatever they were going to be fighting soon.

(Actions for the turn: Metal Claw into the Ground, followed by Iron Defense)
"Marcus," the boy mumbled his simple answer to Evan's inquiry, barely making eye contact from where he sat against the gate to the Botanical Gardens. He wasn't much of a people-person to begin with and the stress of the situation, made worse by the sudden reality of the portal ripping into the sky above them. At first, he had found it hard to believe that such a thing could exist when the announcements were first made. Perhaps that disbelief was enough courage for Marcus to give into his desire to help.

All too quickly the slit in the sky burst open like an eye to reveal what Marcus could only describe as a cloud with brown threadlike appendages. The crisp breeze around them turned into a gale that began to drag everything off of the ground. Marcus felt like he had left his stomach behind as he was suddenly dragged from the gate which he quickly grabbed onto to plant himself on the ground. A shout drew his attention to the approaching ranger riding an Arceus as they were drawn toward the thing in the air and the gust subsided

It was no sooner replaced by a raging sandstorm as Evan called his partner Tyranitar to begin fighting the invader while the other trainer and his Scizor braced themselves for another potential vacuum. Staying close to the gate, Marcus was forced to shut his eyes against the sandstorm and reached for a Pokeball on his belt. He heard the horrible rumbling of the Tyranitar's Ancientpower and threw the ball toward the sound.

With a clank, the ball burst open and Marcus listened to the familiar sound of the white beam it produced as it took the form of a blue duck Pokémon. The boy couldn't see it, but the Golduck, too, had to quickly close his eyes against the sand and let out a confused cry.

"Wade!" Marcus opened his mouth and managed to make out his partner's name before sand began to flood in. He spat the sand out and repeated the sequence, adding "Ice!" followed by "Beam!" He hoped Wade got the message, but couldn't open his eyes to confirm. Making commands was going to be difficult in this situation, but thankfully he wouldn't need to say anymore for this one. He could fell the wind produced by the sandstorm was blowing toward the portal, so as long as Wade could perform the attack at all, it should be carried toward the target.

Wade heard his trainer's call and hesitated slightly with no clue about where he was or what was happening, but finally extended his arms and tried to focus on producing ice in his palms. The roaring of the sandstorm began to soften to the Golduck as water formed in the air around his hands. The air quickly chilled, freeze the liquid before it was picked up by the air and joined the jumble of stone chunks that was Tyranitar's Ancientpower as they soared toward the fluffy, unknown creature.
Taliyah had been new to the park, but not to the world of exploring. Having been through a good region or two by now, she wasn't surprised by the vast amount of possibilities that lay here for environments, but she didn't expect her first time here to go awry so quickly. Barely an hour here and a wormhole had opened up in front of the group she was to explore with, and a monster laid dormant in the center. It had an... interesting appearance, but she couldn't be distracted by that as strong winds had started to pull all it surrounded in. 

As the two men who were travelling with her introduced themselves, she just sighed as she didn't want to put the thought into it. She had no obvious experience with them, the closest just being a Gardevoir who decided to spawn a black hole because it thought that its trainer climbing a tree was the worst definition of danger she had experienced with them. She watched the area get torn up around her, before one of the men before her, the ranger, was sucked in as well. Before the winds had a chance to grab the rest of them, they had nearly stopped as Taliyah saw her ranger get sucked up with an... Arceus?! God, this day could only change for the weirder at that point.

As one of her partners (she had caught the name Evan) sent out a Tyranitar, the winds of a sandstorm now swept around the group, the strength near minuscule to what they had experienced, although the sand whipping in their faces wasn't a super pleasant experience. However, it was something they'd just have to get used to. Taliyah gripped one of the Pokeballs with her, and pressing the center button, tossed it into the air to send out her Maractus. The spiky Pokemon turned towards her and smiled. Taliyah returned the gesture and gave her a hug. 

"Morning Azura. Sorry for a rude awakening, but you seem like the most capable to handle this at this time, especially with having used to live in a desert." Taliyah said to her, patting her on the head before turning her towards the wormhole. The Pokemon in there seemed to be distracted with something, which would give them enough time to get ready for what they needed to do.

"Alright Azura, we should probably prepare to deal with this threat, and I have no idea what its capable of. For now, use Cotton Guard so we can get a defensive advantage. It'll not only help you bulk up, but the way you show your fluff is much more beautiful than that of the monster in the sky. Next, prepare to make an attack on our foe. Take aim and fire a Seed Bomb at the beast!"

Azura cheerfully answered at Taliyah, as multiple puffs of cotton sprouted from its body, covering it in a layer of defense to handle any physical hits that might be thrown at the grass Pokemon. As per on command, Maractus pointed its arms out towards the creature, as spikes that surrounded it started to glow white and form into seeds that covered the entirety of it. With a quick aim, it shot the seeds from its arms, an explosive punch packed into them.
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Ranger San Sū-kagetsu and Gamma
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Darkness was one of San’s old friends, and it was that self-same darkness that greeted him as he awoke. He gasped a bit, and was met with the taste of cotton and earth. San quickly spat out the invasive matter, careful to keep his mouth shut as he tried to move. He couldn’t budge; he seemed to be stuck tight to wherever he was, though luckily he could feel one leg and one arm that hadn’t been stuck fast to the wall. Whatever he was fastened to seemed to be floating though, the gentle movement still discernible to San’s caught form.

And then he remembered what happened. The giant Pokemon, the Trainers, and Gamma being pulled inside the huge cotton ball. San reached out to Gamma telepathically, but received no response. Well, the first thing to do is to figure out a way out of here, San thought, reaching his one free hand to his belt with his Pokeballs… to find nothing there. San looked to the sky in exasperation. No Pokeballs, no Gamma, and no way to get himself unstuck from what was almost certainly a Sticky Web atop a giant floating Pokemon. His lecture from Babbs and the other Rangers notwithstanding, his only real hope for getting out of there in one piece was going to be the Trainers below. San could only hope they were doing alright…


The Trainers were not doing alright. All had their own different reactions to San’s untimely removal from the skies; Evan with one of surprise, Maxichel having a more petty one, and the others with some indifference, and each launched into their own separate maneuvers. Evan’s Tyranitar made it fairly difficult for the others with the sand, but each took their own creative approaches to the situation. Maxichel’s Scizor dug in well into the environment, with Maractus taking defensive measures before joining Tyranitar and Wade in launching a volley of attacks on the giant Ranger-eater…

Attacks that landed, with Golduck’s Ice Beam freezing a small section of grassy tendrils, while Maractus’s Seed Bomb and Tyranitar’s Ancient Power exploded upon impact. Upon landing, however, the attacks released giant bursts of cotton and plant-gunk, which showered down over the unsuspecting Trainers and their Pokemon. Scizor’s defensive position, as well as the fact that no attack came from its direction, allowed it to avoid the filth of the rain, but the other Pokemon and Trainers were not so lucky. Clouds of fleece and plant matter covered Tyranitar, Golduck, and Maractus as they awaited further orders from the coated Trainers.

Another peculiar thing happened, however; though Scizor avoided nearly all of the gross rain of plant-stuff, one small pocket landed near it, with a very recognizable red-and-white object sticking out of the mess of fur and dregs. The object was covered, however, in a clutter of sticky, thick webbing, and looked like it would be pretty impossible to open until the webs were removed. It seemed to be attached to a belt of sorts, though both Scizor and Mikey, who were closest to the object, couldn’t tell much else about it.

They wouldn’t have much time to, either; the one benefit of Tyranitar’s sand was that it agitated the giant Pokemon immensely, and it began moving its body violently, as if shaking off the grime it had unluckily absorbed. Its grassy body began expanding while it shook, eventually showing two small brown eyes, which looked down on the Trainers curiously before it looked up at the sky. It convulsed in a pattern now, as the heavens opened up and brought back the heat of the sun, which quickly melted the small frozen section of its body. It then let out a small cry as it fluttered gracefully over the Trainers and Pokemon below, seemingly more happy in its entrance to the Gardens.

Boss/Active Pokemon Stats
What in blazes is that thing? Evan wondered, as the mysterious beast shook itself and scattered a gross  sludge of cotton, leaf bits, and oozing sap. The gunk splattered all over his clothes, boots, and the back of his head – he was very grateful he’d partly turned his head away from the blinding grit that even now was fading, but it was going to be awful washing that mess out of his hair.

And more awful a moment later as the light intensified, giving him a tingle in the patches of skin not covered in slime. He recognized the effects of a Sunny Day move, which meant his Tyranitar was no longer defended by a shroud of grit.

Instead, fire-type attacks were easier to launch and hit harder. Evan smiled as the pieces fit together. If the creature was covered in cotton and leaf matter, it was probably a Grass-type and Fire moves would be even more effective. The creature was floating high enough to pass over their heads, and Evan didn’t want to gamble on Tyranitar missing a jump – the heavy Pokemon didn’t tend to get much off the ground, at least not without cheating a little. “Tyranitar! Give yourself a stone boost and hit it with a Fire Punch!”

The large green Pokemon roared its approval, clearly eager to continue the fight. Reaching one arm up to the sky and the other into the ground at its feet, it stood motionless for a moment. And then it rumbled, loud enough for everyone standing nearby to feel it. Clenching its claws around something beneath the soil, it growled and seemed to pull something from the earth – and began rising into the air, riding a spur of stone pulled from under the earth.

The boost pushed Tyranitar to the level of the strange, enormous creature.  Its upraised arm was now glowing from absorbed sunlight, and the big lizard reared back, swinging the arm forward to deliver a powerful, blisteringly hot punch.
Marcus winced as he felt the heavy wet substance that rained down from the mysterious Pokémon, although he couldn't tell what had just happened with his eyes closed against the sandstorm. He didn't have too long to wonder about it, however, as the howling winds of the storm all at once seemed to vanish, replaced by a sudden harsh heat. Opening his eyes, he had to blink out the brightness of the fresh sunlight now gracing the area. He scanned for Wade once his sight came into focus and saw the duck Pokémon rubbing his eyes and covered in foliage, cotton and other assorted trash and grime - looking down told him that he, too, was similarly adorned and he figured this must have been what had hit him just now.

A roar brought their attention to Evan's Tyranitar as it rose itself into the air nearer to the creature by seemingly pulling the earth up, closing into its foe with a flaming fist. With a quick glance to Marcus, Wade made to follow his titanic teammate but was no sooner tripping over the vines entangled in the cotton blanketing his body. Marcus shifted his arm briefly and noticed the slight weight of the gunk as well. It was slight, but it was enough that it could be a hinderance. Their moves needed to count now.

"Wade, hold back and use Calm Mind," he commanded.

The struggling Golduck looked back at his trainer with a disapproving glare and took a seat where he stood. He jealously watched Tyranitar approaching the invader with its attack before closing his eyes, trying to block the thought out and meditate. Meanwhile, Marcus snatched the other Pokeball on his belt. While he had Wade preparing a more powerful attack, there were other steps he could take to support Evan's assault. He dropped the ball shortly in front of him and the green slender form of Sylvester the Serperior appeared in a flash of white light. A relaxed expression shown on the snake Pokémon's face as it took in the strong sunlight and surveyed the area around him, his attention quickly drawn to the clash between the giant cotton-covered Pokémon and Tyranitar.

"Sylvester, think you can tie that thing down with your Leech Seed?" Marcus spoke.

Without taking his eyes off the giant Pokémon, Sylvester nodded his affirmation and began to swing his tail above him. Shortly, small seeds began to break loose from the leaves that sprouted from it and began to glow, suspended in midair. These seeds would rapidly sprout into thick vines if they hit their target, which Marcus hoped would hold their opponent in place, or at least slow it down as they tried to wear it down. Once several of them appeared, the Serperior gave a roar and one last flick of his tail against the seeds, launching them toward the floating beast.

Wade's meditation was broken by Sylvester's roar, which he instantly recognized. He snapped open his eyes and scowled as the Serperior launched his Leech Seed attack. He pushed himself up to a kneeling position and held his hands above the ground. As the duck Pokémon focused energy in his palms, small spouts of water began to form and gush against the smooth cobblestone path beneath him. It may not have been Marcus's wish for him to attack, but he wasn't going to be the only one standing by. The water responded to his frustration, erupting into a miniature flood around his feet. The Aqua Jet attack propelled him toward the large cotton Pokémon as he reared his left shoulder toward his opponent, preparing to tackle.
Maxichel gripped tight to the rogue tree root as he heard the explosions of the attacks from the group land onto the still-hidden Pokemon. Xion continued holding her ground as she witnessed the impacts herself, almost in awe of the damage the combined efforts had caused. However, it would be short lived as she saw massive amounts of excess material flying towards the group from the foe. Sap, wilted plant roots, probably other chemicals and plenty of seed had caused a mixture that rained down in clumps all over the Pokemon who harmed the beast, as well as their trainers. Maxichel felt a few solid chunks of this mixture hit his arms, one or two hit his pants or shoes, he couldn't really tell because he didn't want to risk possible poisoning from it.

A soft in pitch, but booming in volume, cry that Maxichel did not recognize suddenly began to echo through the air as he felt the warmth embrace of the sun suddenly caress his skin. Maxichel stood with his back faced towards the foe, taking the time to brush himself off; It took effort, but the sticky clumps of whatever the, what he'd think was a Whimsicott, showered them with. He turned to face this Whimsicott, except this wasn't a Whimsicott. No... This was something entirely new. Maxichel's eyebrows raised in slight shock as he came across a foe he's never seen before. Judging by his comrades faces, neither have they. It smiled down on them, as if it was a celebrity making a red carpet appearance, almost taunting us to make the next move.

"Hm. This could be interesting..." Maxichel muttered to himself while he developed a slight, cocky grin across his face. Maxichel wanted to test Xion against a foe to really show her strength and see how far she's come along since her training has taken place, and he finally found the perfect foe to experiment her techniques on. Xion walked towards him, her newly developed armor still weighing her down for the moment. "Unharmed... It seems this foe only retaliates against those who directly harmed it, good to know," Maxichel said to himself as he studied the beast, Xion faced it as well. However, the corner of her eye revealed a belt with a small object within it, concealed in some of the plant gunk that had covered Maxichel and the others earlier.

"Scizor!" Xion cried out softly as she slowly pointed one of her pincers at the object.

"Hm?" Maxichel acknowledged as he then look down to see it as well. "What do have we here..." Maxichel questioned as he walked over and crouched over the object. It seems a trainer had lost their belt... and a Pokeball was on it. Maxichel pondered in place about what his next course of action should be. Eyes closed, he took a moment to think.

“Tyranitar! Give yourself a stone boost and hit it with a Fire Punch!” Evan commanded.

Maxichel was shaken by the sudden shaking of the earth around him again, almost causing him to fall into surrounding plant gunk. He groaned to himself as he witnessed Evan's Tyranitar suddenly launch into the air, fist full of flame. There wasn't much time to think before the attack could cause another rain of plant junk all over them. Maxichel sighed as slowly pressed against the center button of the ball; It attempted to grow full size, only to shrink back down from the constriction of the stickiness of the cotton mixture. He turned up to see Marcus's Golduck now launching itself as an aquatic missile at the plant creature as well.

"Tch. We'll go with this plan. Xion, get ready to launch an aerial assault," Maxichel instructed as he stood up, grabbing the second Pokeball in his Pocket. Xion began shaking her metallic arms and legs around, trying to loosen them to get as much air time as possible when the time comes. "Once you're in the air, launch an Air Slash attack. Use Quick Attack to get up there if you see fit." Maixchel carefully instructed as he pressed the center of the Pokeball in his hands, expanding it as Xion nodded. She crouched for a second, smirking that she now gets to play the offensive side, and jumped swiftly in the air as a white trail began to follow her. She zig-zagged diagonally as she went upward, trying to maximize distance. Once she got high enough, she stared at the base of the creature that wasn't all cotton. She opened her pincers and locked them forward, arms side to side. A duo of sky blue orbs began forming quickly, she didn't need to do too much damage, only provide backup if necessary at this point. A quick pulse in her pincers launched the orbs forward, causing them to quickly compress into round, saw like razor wind shurikens as they propelled towards the mysterious plant foe, She then looked downward as her wings assisted her with a graceful decent, she didn't want to rush her return in case Xehanort had a specific set of instructions that she might interfere.

Xehanort yawned and quickly shielded his main heads eyes as the bright sunlight caught him by surprise. "Look," Maxichel instructed as he continued staring at the foe, awaiting Xion's strike following what will happen when his allies connect with the new Pokemon. Xehanort growled under his breath, his side heads hissing softly at the unknown enemy. "Patience, Xehanort, you'll get your chance," Maxichel spoke as he grabbed the end of the belt with the Mysterious Pokeball attached to it. "Charge up a surf attack, quickly," Maxichel ordered as he took a few steps forward, continuing to stare at the Pokemon. Xehanort's left heads mouth swiftly opened as a small, round, blue orb of water began to form inside. The orb slowly began to expand, drops of water flew around Xehanort as if it was their own saliva. Maxichel thought for a moment if the belt should be removed with the Pokeball, but shrugged it off and turned his neck to the dragon as he slightly eyeballed the water orbs growth. "Slam it down!" Maxichel suddenly shouted as Xehanort roared, the left head raised and crashing down onto the Pokeball and belt combo. The left mouth was as firm on the ground as it could, plenty of water flowing uncontrollably around as he gave the Pokeball a small Washing Machine cycle. Maxichel stared up to see what the next move would be from the mysterious foe, while Xion continued her descend as Xehanort worked on removing the plant mixture that kept this mysterious Pokeball sealed.

(Actions for the Turn:

Scizor: Quick attack into the air, followed by Air Slash.

Hydreigon: charging and controlling a surf ontop of the object relating to Side Quest.)
Taliyah covered herself with her jacket as she saw the substance that was shot at them, the goop hitting the ground and causing immense stress to all the Pokemon as everyone in the group tried to shelter themselves. She wasn't entirely sure of what this could mean, but she knew this mystery creature was one that was not to be taken as weak. She turned to her Maractus who had been hit by the goop, and it looked like she was struggling to move. Taliyah was concerned about this for a moment, until she noticed the sun started to shine again. She smiled, realizing that the battle had taken a turn in their favor, even if just for the moment all thanks to Maractus's hidden ability.

"Alright Azura don't let this get you down! The sun is our friend, and I know you can use its rays to the fullest!" She said cheerfully to the Maractus, who turned around and smiled in recognition. Although pinned down, the sunlight put a new step into Maractus's feet, the intense rays putting a new pep in its step as it pulled itself through the strange goop, able to move even faster than it had before. It prepared itself to attack the monster that threatened her master, and would entertain her all the same.

"Now then Azura, lets show them the power of our will! We can't let that who would hurt any of our friends go unanswered. Ingrain to help yourself get ready and stay secure against this mysterious 'mon, and then let's fire a Solar Beam at it for some real firepower!" Taliyah shouted in command to her Maractus.

Azura looked back in fear, as she was not sure they could properly handle another Pokemon of this size. However, she looked around at all those fighting with them, and shook the thought away. For the ones around her, she wanted to give her best as well. Roots started to sprout out from her underside, latching into the ground. The roots fed nutrients into her, giving herself anymore aid she would need to protect herself from the monstrous Pokemon that loomed in the sky. She then prepared herself to attack.

Balls of sunlight started to surround the ends of her arms as she pointed forward, focusing them onto the giant Pokemon. As a singular ball of light started to grow larger and larger, Azura took a quick breath before putting her entire focus on the her goal and then got unleashed the power that had grown. A large beam of light launched forward from her, the power of it slightly pushing her back. The beam struck the Pokemon, searing the fluff on the Pokemon that hovered above all of them. Azura held herself up, letting the nutrients from her roots help her from the pressure the beam had exerted. She had enough time to take a breath as her allies launched their attacks.

A Tyranitar caused stones flew out from all around them hitting the creature, meanwhile another attempted to tie it down with a Leech Seed. Bravest of all, a Scizor flew into the air in front of the beast and approached it, letting loose an Air Slash. After watching them all, she knew she would have to support them later on, as she could not get herself to attack the Pokemon anymore with such volition.

Taliyah watched from the side, before preparing her next Pokeball. "You did a good job Azura. Now, to watch."

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