[Spacial Anomaly] Boss Event - Enigma Ruins

Babbs surveys their ashen arena, eyes intent on the massive titan they now face. Old brain sharply churns, considering their options. Meanwhile, her charges explore their own. Well, some of them. The pale girl's brave Beldum attempts to defend its weighed-down friend with a bash of its small body, but without direction and support from its Trainer, its small form simply bounces off of the metallic beast with a ping, not even drawing the creature's attention. The old woman shuffles with surprising speed over to the two stranded Pokemon just as the pale-haired Trainer returns. She reaches to try to put a comforting but firm hand on the ghostly girl's shoulder.

"Look 'ere, kid, I know you're scared and don't wanna be here, but you've gotta pull it together for your friends and for everyone else now that you're here!" The groan of the boss' steel draws her baze briefly. "Get moving, put some distance and figure out what you're going to do!" Beldum couldn't do much, but they were still Psychic creatures--between the Ralts and the Beldum's combined Psychic powers, they had to be able to come up with something. They'd have to, as their lives depended on it.

Meanwhile, the other kid who had been having some trouble manages to shake themselves out of it and do something. Solo prepares himself for the worst, mirroring Sojiro's Nastly Plot, and then glowing claws shred the earth beneath him in a flurried frenzy, dirt flying up as he buries himself. Babbs catches the spritzing soil and moves quickly from Ciel and over to the brightly dressed teen. To Dig beneath a creature whose very footsteps causes near-Earthquakes is... bold, but maybe he's onto something on the destabilization front...

"Watch it," Babbs warns him, "If that thing steps too heavy in the right spot, that'll be the end of your friend there. Be on guard!" A blast of wind interrupts her focus as the Trainer's metallic red companion sends a powerful sweeping gale through the battlefield with its wings, helping Duchess with her endeavor to clear the slowly-falling ash, guaranteeing further their continued visibility. Babbs gives the creature a grateful nod, and the fluffed Altaria in the distance trills thankfully.

The unexpected ally with the other two small fry is, meanwhile, at least trying to do his best, even if he's having trouble communicating. He shouts to his companions in a language that even Babbs doesn't know, wrinkles growing deeper as the old woman's brows furrow. The Honedge seems frustrated without solid orders, and the indignant Jangmo-o goes as far as to root her Trainer in his tracks with a scathing Scary Face!

Babbs hooks two digits between her lips and releases a shrill whistle. Her dragonness swan swoops over on puffy wings with a curious chirrup. "Give him a hand, girl," she instructs. The Altaria qweee!'s and drifts over to the tiny dragon, alighting next to the small creature. The sudden presence of the other causes the Jangmo-o to break her focus in maintaining the paralyzing hold of the Scary Face. Gravelly draconic tones rumble from the Altaria's throat, communicating with the other Dragon type in a familiar language--one in which Duchess says the equivalent of man, it'd be pretty fun to embarrass that huge thing in front of all of these other Pokemon, huh? The Altaria and her seasoned Trainer had dealt with Pokemon like this before; it was always a game of psychological cat and mouse, getting them to think it's their own idea to mess with the Pokemon their Trainer wanted them to.

Babbs glances back over to the titan, and notes gratefully that at least one pair doesn't seem to need her help. The rest would hopefully hit their stride soon, but for now, she's relieved that Kouryu, Sojiro, and Veldora are well in-sync. The mischievous Salamence dives in with a Flamethrower to the great beast's underside, a simultaneous eruption of dark energy erupting from the earth beneath it simultaneously.

Hot fire licks fiercely against the dark purple underside of the great beast in a great billow. The flame washes harmlessly over Veldora's draconic scales as he passes through and beneath the underbelly, sharp eyes noting with surprise that these dark spots are similarly protected--not by steel, but by scales that very much match the dragon's own! The inferno heats the boss' plates but doesn't seem to cause it any great pain, though great yellow eyes roll down at the explosion of dark energy beneath its weight. Shadowy force rips the earth beneath the titan open, sending a shower of rock and dark energy that latches onto the scales. It's not much, but the clinging power of the Night Daze pries its way into the shadows between the behemoth's scales, beginning to weaken its protection there.

The Duraludon seems to feel something. Great behemoth gives a low rumble, the ground quivering slightly as the titanic steel boss' foot shuffles forward, and as it does, it shatters a gargantuan boulder that finds itself beneath its massive bulk at the end of the move forward.

"Watch out!" Babbs shouts to all of the groups, ducking down just in time. In the confusion, Yssi and Alisa aren't fast enough--a shard of rock crashes bluntly into Yssi's midriff, sending her flying backwards, landing with a winding thud onto the earth. Another explodes on contact with Alisa's metal hide, barely saving its Trainer from the rock that'd gone flying toward it. A spray of huge rocks flies in the direction of the others, too. The Honedge manages to slice through it in time with a deft flourish of purple tassel, but Duchess is barely able to move her Cotton Guarded wings in front of the Jangmo-o's form in time to protect her. The Altaria gives a cry of pain as the sharp shards of stone bury themselves into her billowy wings and between draconic scales. Izaya's height manages to put him out of range of most of the stone but his underground companion isn't as lucky. The quivering earth causes a dangerous destabilization down below, shaking more earth down onto Solo, the weight building upon burrowing back painfully...

Thanks to the caution of his Trainer, Sojiro's substitute strafes back just in time to dodge the exploding rock. Veldora banks around the massive creature and back toward the front, his positioning in the back allowing him to evade the danger as well.

It is Sojiro and Solo's efforts that pay off the most; between the energy that had torn the earth asunder and the burrowing of the other Zoroark, the ground beneath the unspeakable weight seems to be less stable, causing the foot to sink in ever-so-slightly more than before after its move...

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