[Spacial Anomaly] Boss Event - Enigma Ruins

Babbs stands, hunched over her gnarled wooden cane.

The natural branch was taken from the oldest tree in The Woods, long ago, when the chill of the cool, waking mornings began to seep into her bones. Her childhood friend had passed away the night before, and as she looked at the centuries-old tree, with its wide span and boughs laden with its branching children, she felt an emptiness that she wasn’t sure she’d ever be able to fill. The stirring wind jostled the dead branch loose and down to her, and she found that the curled, knobby end fit perfectly in her slowly-swelling knuckles.

Babbs was old. Babbs was tired. But standing here, at the metallic outpost positioned at the edge of Enigma Ruins, at least she still felt alive.

The elderly Ranger shifts her weight. The steel toes of thick combat boots click together, hidden beneath the lip of her long crimson robe. A din rises from the steel structure squatted before them. Inside of it, part-time Wormhole experts bustle about, led by their full-time technician, directing and shouting details from the scrolling live-feeds, drone cameras fixed and hovering on every area of the Park.

”We’ve got a spike in-- No, nevermind, it’s back down. Mark the Gardens as being on watch!”

”7.5, 7.5 near the Palace! It spiked then dropped there too! Nothing on the cams yet!”

The voice overlap. Babbs finds it hard to process all at once. Her old Gogoat, Nana, leans into her comfortingly. She gives her a scratch behind the ear, just above her mane of leaves, yellowed with age. The goat idly trims the grass around the outpost. Blue eyes close. She drowns it all out, just for a moment. The Park is the only place she’d ever felt safe, and at home, and she’d be damned if she lets it and the rest of the world go to these… giants. She’d seen their destructive potential in a massive world inside of the Wormhole. She wasn’t going to see that happen here.

Babbs would save her crotchety “I told you so”s for later. But they would come. Oh, they’d come!

The ground shakes. Babbs cracks open a weary eye.

”EVENT! We’ve got an event right now, right now, right here inside the Ruins!” comes the cry in the wake of the small quake. The command follows quickly. ”Miss Babbs! The interference in the Ruins is keeping us from getting more information on what it is! Your squad needs to take it out--be careful out there!”

She casts her eyes back at the pre-assembled group behind them. Babbs gives them a final look-over, hiding her skepticism masterfully. Well, if this rag-tag bunch was all they had between them and disaster, so be it. They’d give ‘em hell. When Margo gives her a soft uttering of good wishes, she returns a warm smile.

”You heard ‘em!” comes the old woman’s raspy voice, rising above the din as she rallies her small crew. ”Let’s move out!”

They step into the dark of the enigmatic cave. A flash of neon red briefly illuminates rocky walls, and then another, as Babbs switches her reliable Gogoat for a more bright companion. Fire flares from black, leathery scales, molten heat moving beneath the Poison type’s pelt. In the soft glow cast by the Salazzle, Babbs looks back at her charges.

They’re all ones she hasn’t seen in the Park before, save for the first. The first was a ghostly apparition of a girl, thin and dainty and pale, who she recognizes as Ciel from a short forray through these very same ruins. Another, a kid so short that he’s probably one of the only semi-grown people she’s seen shorter than her in her life--if she hadn’t seen his Park paperwork, she’d mistake Kouryu for half the age he was. She casts blue eyes over his pale hair and blue eyes and can’t help but wonder if he’s somewhat related to the first; there’s been a lot of white hair recently. The old woman doesn’t feel as old with all of it about, at least. The odd one out with the brown hair would be average, if it weren’t for his similarly dead eyes and a hoodie so bright she could probably see it without the cave lit. If the rest of the Park wasn’t at stake here, she’d be worried about if this whole light-hair-bright-dress thing was what the kids found cool these days, though it probably wasn’t any better than the wild stuff she did as a youngin’.

And-- Babbs squints at the last one, at the back of the group. She thought she’d only have three, but a fourth she hadn’t seen before had appeared--a towering behemoth of a man that she almost mistakes as a Pokemon with his size, decked out in armor and a gas-mask-seeming piece of somethin’ on his head. She’s about to remark on it when the ground shakes beneath them, nearly tossing them off of their feet. Later. She’d worry about who this guy was later, because they had a Park to save.

The rock around them groans, a roar rising up from deep within the caves. ”Alright, for you first-timers here who don’t know how this place works, listen up!” she shouts above the echoing din. ”This here’s Enigma Ruins, it’s got some bad juju goin’ on ever since the Wormholes opened up; it has the tendency to warp us around the Park. Whatever’s in here--it’s the worst place it can be, ‘cause it can systematically destroy every part of the island from right here if it gets the luck of the draw! If you start feeling queasy, hold on, ‘cause--”

Even as she says the words, the roar rises and the earth shakes. And there’s a strange feeling, a light-headedness, something that makes their eyes cross and the breath seep from their lungs, like the air dissipating from the cavern. Babbs’ voice fades with her breath as the world seems to change around them.

The most intense sense of vertigo they’ve ever felt strikes them as their very existences are disassembled and reassembled miles away, into a dimness where they can see only gray. Heat washes over them as they’re launched into the temperature rivaling a hot summer day, the air drying so quickly it makes Babbs feel thirsty. Every bit of the air in front of them is covered in ash, falling, whisking around them.

”Cover your mouths!” Babbs shouts as she pulls a bandana from her oversized pack, tossing extras to any who need it. ”We’re at the base of Mt. Deckbi!” Though they can’t see more than a few yards in front of them, miles above, the volcanic mountain’s peak has begun spilling ash.

Earth beneath them quivers once more, shaking as something massive drops a gargantuan foot into the parched ground about two football fields away from them. They can’t see it at all, and that’s a problem, especially with something that could likely squash them in a moment’s notice.

”Don’t approach it until we can tell what the heck it is! We need to clear this ash before we can even try to get near that thing! ” she shouts, for all of them to hear. They had no clue what it was--approaching it without knowing was certain death.

pokeball BOSS EVENT pokeball
The Ruins have teleported the group to the base of an ash-choked Mt. Deckbi, and something massive lurks in the dark, veiling flurries! You’ll have to work to clear the ash to start the assault!




The crone shouts in a predictably odd language, but Cosmo's no stranger to humans, nor human normalcy. Shouting like that isn't normal. By extension, he guesses, a flood of ash and a rhythm of thunder isn't normal either. Both his companions seem agitated, glaring between him and the direction of the booming as if expecting him to make the first move. The Honedge's eye in particular motions towards the wooden sword still clutched in Cosmo's glove. Smart little bastard. Cosmo extends his toy into the ash and twirls it in an awkward circle. Message received.

The soul-sword rises into the air, just out of arm's reach, and begins to rotate in a tight circle. It slips free of its scabbard, which lashes centrifugally by its azure link. The blade spins faster and faster in place, a makeshift fan seeking to dispel the legion of dark particles from the vicinity. Cosmo grins, entertaining ideas of how else he might direct the sword with his glorified plank.

His draconic companion, the Jangmo-o, is immediately discontent with the lack of attention. She bounds forward, unprompted, and turns her tail towards the noise. With all the fury her twenty-three inches of power can muster, she slams her tail against the ground. While adorable, it serves only to frustrate the lizard. In an impatient huff, she abandons her strategy and leaps around to face the storm head-on. All four feet plant firmly in the earth, she breathes deeply, and unleashes a bellowing cry.

For all her effort, the sound is uncannily similar to that of a little girl screaming "RAWR!" as loudly as she might - but volume isn't sacrificed in the process. Such a small and unassuming creature yet wields a powerful set of lungs. It must be with this force of air that the little beast seeks to clear sight lines.
"Bad Juju?..." Jack shuddered. Juju was never good. Not even when defined as good, he couldn't think of it that way. He raised his gaze up from the floor and met the Ranger's eyes, then swiftly darted his head upwards until he saw the large wormhole within the Enigma Ruins. It's spiralling hypnotized him. He felt his body and soul begging to be thrown into the chaos. To be within a black hole to feel the oddities of the universe meld with him... To maybe even save the day.

And within a moment, he felt every breath leave him. And within that spiralling split second. He felt himself grab the Zoroark at his side, hand digging into their fur. He looked to them with widened eyes. He had completely forgotten they were there!
"Oh-" he heads the rangers command to cover his mouth. He cups his mouth around the Zoroark's snout and buries his face into their long bushy hair.

The Zoroark looked with a calming gaze, as if the strange sensation beginning to happen was normal. Perhaps it was, for a beast like them.

He tried to take in a gasp of air during this everlasting second. Eyes bulged. If Solo was here, then that meant- Everything began to spin faster. His hand reached out to nothing but a blur of red.

And then, everything shook as the vertigo began to fade. "Izaya!" He whispered sharply under his breath. The bug looked to them with a shocked expression, they then gaze upward towards the Titan.

"What in the world ..."
"Take Care of Yourself"

*poke* (Um.. trainer? Aren't you doing to do something?)
Th- there's people!
*prod* (So?)
There's actual people!!
*poke* (They're just like you, aren't they? So what's the problem?)
A- are you kidding me?! There's no way I can talk to real people! I mean... I've been practicing with dolls but even then I get too nervous and I don't know what to say!!!
*jab* (Is that why bought that strange-scented body pillow?)
Shh!! Don't say that out loud!!
*punch* (Well what are we going to do, then?)
Oww! Stop hitting me so hard! And I don't know! Um.. try one of your moves!
*jab* (Which one?)
I don't know! Just... anything!
*prod* (Okay! Tele
Kah! Kahh! Bleh! Where- kah- where are we?
*poke* (I think.. we're in the thick of all the ash!)
(Yssi, I would like to establish a link between myself and our trainer.)
*poke prod* (Linked!)
(Trainer, I'm going to murder Yssi.)
Kah! Pleh! Go right ahead! Kah!!
Yssi, get us out of here!
(R- right! Telepo
W- where are we now? I- ...
*punch* (What's wrong?)
(Uh oh, here we go again.)
Th- th- th- they're in front of me... They're looking at me... Other people!! What do I do?! What do I do?! What do I do?! Th- there's only one thing I can do! RUNAWAY!! BACK INTO THE SMOKE!!
(Eh? Trainer?!)
(And there she goes...)
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Kouryu has decided that he really hates today.

Helping the Rangers with the current crisis? Sure. Fine. He'd like to keep the Park in one piece, yeah; that's kind of vital to his plans of exploring more of it and expanding his team. It might also make up his mind on whether he wants to be a Ranger himself or not, since that's still a lurking possibility.

Getting assigned to the Enigma Ruins? A bit less fine, given that apparently there are actual wormholes there that can just arbitrarily warp people around the entire island, but at least the Ranger in charge of his ragtag group seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Taking charge, knows what she's doing, seems pretty familiar with the wormholes, even. Could be worse.

But this... They finally get into the Ruins to deal with the threat and the universe has the gall to spit them out somewhere else before they can do a thing about it. The cavern walls and damp chill blur away, only for their surroundings to resolve into rocky terrain, high heat, and thick, swirling ash. Kouryu quickly straightens as the vertigo of the jump passes and Babbs' words register in his mind. Son of a -

Deckbi. They landed on Deckbi. Figures his group ends up in the one damn spot he least wanted to be.

Kouryu accepts a bandana from Babbs with a quick word of thanks and wastes no time in tying it on. The earth quakes as their target moves - unseen, thanks to the ash descending upon them. Squinting through the thick clouds yields not even a hint as to what they're facing, and Kouryu nods slightly in agreement with the old Ranger's assessment. If they couldn't get this cleared and cleared fast, they'd be fighting blind. Dangerous at the best of times; even more so against an unknown titan.

Considering his options, he glances around and notes the Pokemon belonging to his companions. Concern immediately rises. Scizor and Zoroark were fine in terms of combat use (he knew that of the latter quite well, of course), but the others... He hopes they can fall back on strategy to balance their drawbacks, but so many unevolved Pokemon will make their group more limited in offensive power, and a battle of attrition is the last thing he wants in this heat.

Well, for that reason at the very least, it reaffirms his decision to bring the Pokemon most willing and able to whack at things all day. Beyond that, he'll just have to hope that whatever's out there doesn't have a type matchup they're not prepared for... and that his Salamence's usual, ah, exuberance won't make the situation any worse.

Electing to ignore his fellow Trainers entirely for the moment, he releases his team and begins rapping out orders.

"All right, we don't know what we're dealing with here, so be on guard. Sojiro, set up a Substitute and try to focus enough for a Nasty Plot boost. Odds are good we'll need distance attacks."

The Zoroark promptly complies, concentrating for a moment before a phantasmal duplicate appears before him. It bounds forward, positioning itself in front of the humans in the group. Turning to his second Pokemon, Kouryu notes with unease that Veldora is already spoiling for a fight; the dragon is veritably quaking with excitement at the prospect of an unknown foe, head twisting this way and that as his lashing tail stirs up some of the fallen ash.

"Veldora, I want you to fly up and use your wings to try to clear some of this ash. Stop - I'm not done," he adds, as Veldora nearly takes off then and there. The dragon gives him a look, and the sense of exasperated hurry-up-already within it is practically audible. "Even if you see something, do not go off on your own, understood? The rest of us need a clear line of sight on whatever's out there. You can fight it once that happens."

With a nod and a growling huff, the dragon takes off, circling once and moving into position. As the steady fwump of Veldora's powerful wingbeats picks up, Kouryu directs his attention forward once more, sharp eyes seeking any hint of a shape lurking in the swirling mass.

He draws a breath, hot and dry and stifling behind the bandana. They can do this... As long as they focus, they can take this thing down, get off this hell rock before he passes out, and everything will be just fine.

And if he sends up an uncharacteristic prayer to any legend that might be listening, well. A little extra luck never hurt.

Babbs' fingers itch on her own Pokeball-laden belt within the fold of her dress, knobby digits twitching with desire. She wants to help with her own forces, but with so much going on, she had to direct--locked in the heat of battle, there was no way that these Trainers could see everything coming their way, but with her positioned at a strategic vantage point behind them, she could ensure that this all went well. That is, if they could get a line of sight on whatever this thing was.

Through the ash, whose drift slowly begins to ramp up to a frenzied swirl, Babbs squints to watch her charges work. The first (the strange man whom she can now see possesses some serious inhuman appendages--seriously, what were those things? Some new fad the kids were wearing?) summons a ghostly blade, whose familiar steel and beautiful tassel ping on Babbs' memory fondly, as well as a squat dragon with hardy plates. He directs the first with a wave of the sword, and she watches as it begins to spin faster than any wielder ever could hope to, powered by the ghostly force that lends the sword its power. The ash in its area sweeps into a fierce vortex, sucking in the nearby dust in a concentrated swirl. Its hasty and unassuming companion booms with a powerful set of lungs, and the empowered sound waves ripple into the tornado, forcing it out of the vortex and dispersing it. The air around them begins to clear, at least for now.

"Good work, you two!" Babbs shouts, eyes turning over to the rest of them. One seems shell-shocked by the whole scenario, tucking his face away from the suffocating ash and into the Zoroark's hair. The elderly woman approaches him, procures a dark green handkerchief from her pack.

"You okay there, sonny?" She offers the 'chief to him. "Perk up and get this on." She passes another in case his Pokemon need it, then casts her gaze to the kid's Scizor, nodding to it. Kid was nervous, no big deal, she couldn't blame him--she'd be lying if she said she wasn't a little too. "It'll be alright, just give 'em what you got once the lines clear!" Hopefully there'd be enough force to clear things out without Jack.

However, he's not the only one who's nervous--for a moment, where she'd just seen the ghostly pale frame of Ciel, the Trainer has disappeared--only to suddenly reappear back into existence several feet away. The woman takes a glance at the Trainer's Psychic companions. Then, before she can say a word, the Trainer just... bolts, off into the ash! Blue eyes go wide, dread gnawing at her stomach as she realizes just how over their heads they are. She'd expected... more from the Trainers she'd been given--what kind of vetting were they doing for this thing?! Regardless, she can't worry about it now. Eyes search for the final member of her group, hoping that young kid, Kouryu, had a little more in him.

He, too, wields a Zoroark, one that he prepares for the oncoming battle. Babbs watches as the focusing creature donates its energy into a faithful copy of itself, settling into a small trance as it controls the body double. Smart, she thinks--that'll at least keep him from serious harm should this thing prove to be too difficult. Meanwhile, the Trainer's dragon stretches its broad wings after being reigned in, and Babbs is at least relieved that fortune had at least blessed them with something capable of aerial manipulation.

However, as much as Veldora and the Honedge and Jangmo-o try, it's not quite enough. The ash around them has swirled and dissipated, but only in a small area around them--they still can't see the creature that's threatening them. Another thud crashes into the earth, reminding them of their precarious situation. Babbs takes a deep breath, and with a watchful eye, pops a ball from her dress. A flash of neon red summons a cloud-covered swan, one that trills happily as it spreads its fluffy wings.

"Alright, Duchess, fluff up a bit and then let's get some air going!" Babbs shouts, and the blue-skinned bird gives a joyful cry and a cheerful wiggle. The cotton of its wings bulges, multiplies, thickens at the effect of the Cotton Guard. With increased surface area, the bird begins to offer its aid, beating its massive wings in place.

Slowly, their combined efforts create a draft--the Honedge's spirals draw the ash around them in, then Jangmo-o, Veldora's, and Duchess' efforts help burst it away. A wave of ash clears, then in a massive grey cloud, washes over a gargantuan, stories-high figure. Babbs' mouth goes a little dry as the shadow emerges from the clearing ash.

It's nothing that she's ever seen before--a towering column of steel, seated on thick legs and wielding jagged arms. Yellow eyes gaze out beneath iron brows, rolling slowly down to the ragtag group a mere football field away from it. The draconic titan's body adjusts like a great machine, tilting its helmeted head upward from its body. A rumble in its metallic chest quickly escalates as it bursts upward from gaping maw, the roar that rends from its mouth causing the group to clap their hands over their ears with the intensity of the sound--that is, all but the brave Jangmo-o, whose ears are guarded from the sound by sturdy, inner-ear plates. The bold little dragon shouts back a fearless challenge, dancing from side to side on dark grey claws, Working itself Up into a spirited frenzy as it anticipates the battle to come!

Babbs recovers quickly to shout orders. "You three, Duchess will take it from here now that some of it's cleared! She'll keep the air clear, you focus on that thing! Watch its feet!" At least they're not on the mountain, but instead are at its base--its massive weight crumples the small ledges beneath it. With the size of its supports, it barely shakes its footing. "It looks to be steel, but what else, I can't tell! Let's start throwing stuff at it and see what sticks to it!"

Meanwhile, as Yssi looks upon the creature, gazing timidly from beneath green bangs, she feels a tingle run throughout her body. The light creature feels suddenly very heavily--so heavy that she's not sure if she can Teleport anymore as she channels the massive titan's ability!

pokeball BOSS EVENT pokeball




Temporarily posting this cuz I gtg and don't have time to finish writing >.<
And there goes the trainer again.. Yssi! We'll make a quick tactical retreat and regroup near the Salamence!... Yssi?
Um. I can't- I can't move!
I can't move! I can't move!! I can't move!!!
Copy. We have no choice then, I'll stall for time!
Stall for.. wha-
Look in front of you!
Wha.. wha... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! 
Kk.. khhh.. what... happened?
I don't know! You just went flying off!!
I can't believe.. Take Down did less than nothing.. Yssi.. run...
Alisa!! Somebody help us!! It- it's about to swing! Eeek!
(You too!)
Alisa! Alisa, wake up! Ciel came back for us!
Jack lifts himself up, eyes flickering with an attentive nature as he stares at the handkerchief in the Ranger's hand. He hesitantly holds his hand over it. No. This was no time to figure things out! He snatches it in a blur of motion. Quickly, he wraps it around his face.

He glances to Solo, nodding to them. He scratches his head as he looks up. "Oh, " He puts his hand on Solo's shoulder and nods. "That dude's big isn't he?"

Solo let's out a small growl in agreeance. "Well bud, can I trust you to figure something out? You're usually good at that!" Solo looks at Jack with an utterly shocked expression. "C'mon! You can plot up something!" Jack turns away from Solo with hand pressed to his face as he thinks. Mumbling to himself he begins to step to Scizor. "You can handle steel, Solo... But-" Jack looks up to see Scizor inches away from his face. "I-Izaya! Hey bud!"

Solo looks up to the Titan, jaw almost unhinging from shock. Looking back and forth in panic, taking in the surrounding chaos as all the trainers begin to take action. Looking over, they see the other Zoroark begin to plot something nasty, which appears to be something as simple as a substitute. Solo nods to themselves and begins to brainstorm something... As nasty as someone like Solo could think of. Which realistically, isn't much.

And in a flash, they leap back thoughts finally clear and unhazed by the chaos. Their claws begin to shine as they pierce them into the earth around them. Soon enough, Solo is deep underground.

Jack glances back, a sigh of relief as he sees Solo figured something out. Scizor jabs Jack's side, awaiting orders. "Hey! Cut it out!" Another jab. The Scizor giggles."Seriously! We could literally die! I mean- I'm all for that but we have to at least put up a fight first!"

The Scizor hops back with a nod. "Now, Izaya. Please, can you try and get rid of this storm? We need all the manpower we can get... We shouldn't have to waste our time with this." The Scizor nods again. With another hop and flutter of their wings, they scan the surroundings. In a strange way, this place felt claustrophobic despite the size of their battlefield. The Scizor began to hop around at lightning speed, practically creating duplicates of themself. And as they the duplicates less and less transparent and more material, Scizor continued at incredible speed, attempting to flap the air around them away from his fellow allies. And as they began to go faster, their doubles practically materializing, the Scizor began blasting noxious air throughout the battlefield, the best way to Defog a place like this, was to put something it's place. To turn the environment against the one who made it terrible.
"Take Care of Yourself"

So it's a giant. Cosmo grins behind his mask, thrilled to be in his element... until he realizes that the rules are different here. He casts his gaze from trainer to trainer to ranger to trainer, and takes notice of the degree to which each relies on their beasts.

Certainly, at least two of the other beast-handlers have experience. The third seems to be... fleeing. This only confuses him. Upon observing the others, however, he takes in a great many sights - a powerful, dragon-like creature beating enormous wings on command, one of two black-crimson bipeds duplicating before his eyes, some sort of bird surrounded by a giant cloud, and even a sleek, enormously-clawed robot on improbable limbs! Cool!

Then he looks back to his own partners. They're... tiny. Neither is useless, he thinks. The Honedge gave him a ferocious fight before. The Jangmo-o is just a ball of trouble in the sense that she is a force of nature. Keeping her around in the first place is asking for disaster unless he points her towards something, or so he mentally articulates this system. Given that she'd just impressively contributed to blasting large volumes of ash from the area, it's clear he doesn't even know what he's got on his hands.

Cosmo sets his cluelessness aside for what he does know: He's expected to fight this thing, and he's supposed to use the blade and the animal to do it. The Honedge is clever, and can be ordered around by mimicry with the toy sword in Cosmo's hand. The Jangmo-o is spirited, but very, very small. 

It is at this point that he realizes he truly has no idea what he's doing. He's expected to help fend off a monolithic alien with a flying sword and a hardy-but-tiny lizard? His body stiffens in agitation as he realizes that the latter has already escaped his control. He thunders to his companions in unfamiliar, distant words, beckoning the Honedge and Jangmo-o with a stern pull of his arm. The sword is keen enough to understand universal body language, and slowly floats back to earth. In the absence of another command, however, it seems to grow agitated again. Rising and stabbing downwards in the air, at nothing, repeatedly. Cosmo takes a concerned step back, but it certainly doesn't seem to be doing any harm. He's too busy thinking of how or even if he should throw this thing at the giant.

The Jangmo-o, however, proves far more difficult to manage. Here she is, hyped-up and all proud for having cleared the air (somewhat) all by herself (a complete delusion)! In the midst of her vicious, pre-beatdown ritual, she tosses a smug side-eye back towards Cosmo - only for him to yell at her. What's that all about? Her grin vanishes into a frown in an instant. 

Cosmo's expression morphs behind his mask as if he'd just been slapped. That tiny lizard's death glare! His feet are frozen to the ground, and his eyes just awkwardly dart between the Jangmo-o and anywhere else before he simply raises his free hand and points toward the titanic aggressor, praying that his misguided attempts at telepathy miraculously combine with the gesture to sum to a clear-enough message. "You should be focused on THAT!"
As the ash swirls around them, Kouryu notices the signs that Sojiro's focus is paying off. Having been concentrating on the core of Dark power within him and the scheming and malevolence necessary to bring it closer to the fore, both his fur and that of the Substitute's now begin to stream with black energy, wisps of it manifesting in the air around them. He exhales slowly and opens his eyes, revealing them shrouded in inky darkness. Sojiro's head tilts back with an unseen glance to his Trainer, who nods. "Nice work."

Sojiro's boost comes just in time, too. With their group's combined efforts, the ash finally clears off enough for them to get a clear look at the thing... and Kouryu's thoughts come to a screeching halt as a chill floods his body. When he agreed to lend his aid, he knew on a logical level that they would be facing something big, but knowing outside of a situation is not necessarily the same sort of understanding as confronting it.

In the face of their opponent, massive beyond any other Pokemon he's ever seen, a visceral fear rises within him.

He shuts his eyes for a moment and refuses to let it take hold, however. Fear or not, this is the situation, and it must be dealt with. He's absolutely kicking himself for having put off Sojiro's Flamethrower training again though, as the unknown Pokemon reminds him uncomfortably of Metagross and Mega Aggron. It also looks damn near immovable; judging from the way its feet sink into the earth, its weight is immense. There won't be any easy pushing it around, that's for sure.

That's as far as he gets in his analysis before the titan releases a deafening roar, forcing him to cover his ears until it dies down - and other roars take its place. Though Veldora lacks the Jangmo-o's protection, his recovery is nonetheless brief. Not to be outdone, wisps of flame escape the Salamence's toothy maw before he lets loose a challenging roar of his own, making up in ferocity what he lacks against the beast's sheer volume in an attempt to Intimidate.

Regaining his focus, Kouryu quickly analyzes the creature's form and his team's possible strategies. Assuming it's not a pure Steel-type, there are a few secondaries that Kouryu can guess at, but Babbs is right; they don't have the time for theorizing. See what sticks, huh...? He swiftly goes over Sojiro's distance moves. Extrasensory and Sludge Bomb are out for now, but Night Daze... Though a bit more explosive than he ordinarily wants, in this case that could be a boon - their opponent's own giant body will take much of the blast.

In addition, its dark underside, lacking the same kind of metallic layer present elsewhere, is a tempting target. Kouryu looks up at Veldora, briefly pondering if the dragon would be willing to... aaaaand he's smirking. Veldora is smirking at him, because he knows that for once they both have the same idea. No wonder he hasn't charged ahead like usual; he wants to be smug about it.

Kouryu sighs. It really is bad if we're on the same page this time... Nonetheless, the boy waves a hand to call him down, and Veldora obliges.

"For the record, this plan is stupid and risky," says Kouryu, catching Sojiro's attention, "but we're doing it anyway." Veldora looks positively delighted. "You'll fly up, dive under it, and use Flamethrower on that dark spot on your way. It shouldn't be able to turn very easily, but don't hang out under there, got it? Once you're behind it, feel free to give it more fire until I call you back."

Orders received, the Salamence takes off with an excited little wriggle, ascending rapidly.

Tch. He's enjoying this too much... Setting thoughts on Veldora's behavior aside, Kouryu turns to the Zoroark keeping a watchful eye on him. "Sojiro, move your Sub close enough to hit that spot as well. Once Veldora passes over you, use Night Daze, then get the hell back. I don't want you staying too close to that thing, Sub or not."

Sojiro nods, eyes falling closed once more as he puppets his copy, sending it rushing on all fours to move into place. Above, Veldora's ascent slows, then stops, and then the dragon dives, gravity lending him speed.

As his descent takes him swiftly to the massive beast's underside, Veldora opens his mouth, then lets his Flamethrower loose on the way. Not far behind, Sojiro's Substitute raises its arms, some of the trailing Dark-type energy coalescing around them in addition to the technique's usual coating. With a grunt of effort, the Sub's paws slam into the earth, releasing a ferocious blast of black and red energy powered up beyond its usual strength.

Kouryu tenses, absently reaching into his pocket for a whistle and a small packet while watching carefully for his team. That should have done something... ...so now they just have to wait for the dust to clear.

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