[Spacial Anomaly] Boss Event - Ruined Palace
Four-point-nine. Six-point-three. Seven-point-five. Margo catches the numbers, then sets them aside and doesn’t pick them back up. She’s no stranger to numbers, to categories one through five, but she also knows that the waiting and listening, the frantic efforts to understand, predict, control, can drive you mad. She’s triple-checked her supplies and gathered her people; now, with the preparations in place, all that’s left is to wait out the storm.

Of course, this isn’t perfectly familiar protocol. For one thing, Margo’s never taken it on herself to go chasing hurricanes. The storms that tear up Hoenn’s coastal regions in the summers aren’t things you hunt down and defeat. And there’s nothing “natural” about these disasters. The huge Pokemon, when they arrive, won’t stop wrecking the Park until they’re made to.

Margo’s squad is actually fairly well-outfitted, for a group of Trainers so hastily gathered. Margo is somewhat reassured by Rick’s presence - she’s worked with him before, and he’s shown himself to be capable in a crisis. The others are new faces. A short, bespectacled man with dark skin and black hair stands to one side; Margo’s told that his name is Aladdin, but she knows next to nothing else about him. He must have shown that he’s at least capable, though, so Margo decides to extend trust to him. This Liam fellow, on the other hand, is actually a Kanto Gym Leader, though he looks a little worse for wear, a bit more pale and thin than might be healthy. Hopefully the heat of battle will bring out his vitality.

The first portal takes them all by surprise. Margo can hear the technicians’ panic as they report it opening up directly into the Ruins. So Babbs, the oldest and most experienced Ranger, Trainer, and all-around person in the room is called on. “Fair winds and clear skies,” Margo murmurs to the group as they pass, an old Hoenn blessing usually only dispensed by the superstitious or the very nervous. Or sometimes both.

There’s a brief argument over whether the current base of operations is still safe with a rampant giant in the Ruins, but it dies quickly; there’s nowhere else to go. They have to trust the Trainers, now; they’re back to the waiting game. The watchlist swells as the whitecoats write down suspect areas and their corresponding numbers. Multiple swells at the Gardens. A single massive uptick in activity at the Beach. Pings at Meteor Valley south and Woods east. San’s squad is dispatched when another wormhole opens up in the Gardens. Another mobilization, another blessing, and then it’s back to waiting.

It happens just as soon as Margo is about to tell her Trainers to take a nap while they can get one.

“Event at the Runed Palace! Repeat, event at the Ruined Palace!” Margo jumps up out of her chair as the technician issues the alert. “Ranger Margo, your team needs to get out there now.”

Another labcoat pops open a Pokeball, revealing an Alakazam. Anything but Teleport travel is too slow and too risky right now. “Alright,” Margo replies, her ‘calm crisis survivor’ voice locked in. “Everyone, Pokemon away and gather in front of Alakazam.” As she walks over to Alakazam herself, she turns to the gaggle of technicians gathered around their screens. She has time for one question. “Species?”

The reply, and not Teleport sickness, is what sends Margo’s stomach into free-fall. “Unregistered in any ‘dex. It’s something new.”


Bitter-cold gusts blow over the grounds of the Ruined Palace. Huge, thick clouds, painted red-orange by the evening sun, roil above like a churning sea. The distant pines and forests sway, stirred to a semblance of life, their quiet rustling carried far by the wind.

The Palace itself is as still as the grave. Once-white walls stand, stained and cracked by time, crimson in the fading light. A few of the gaps in the wall are large enough for an experienced climber to clamber through, but such entrances are frowned upon by most of the Rangers, considering the risk of unnecessary entry. Trainers are expected to enter the Palace by its gates. The huge stone parapets, decorated with tattered banners from some long-gone empire, looms large over the Trainers as they’re teleported in. The wrought-iron gate is rusted, but thanks to the Park’s preservation efforts, it still stands firm, its sharp, stark edges casting long shadows in the half-light.

The team is just in time for the end of the first act.

It looks like a second sun has appeared right between the gate’s parapets, swallowing up the black and red and turning everything to molten gold. The Pokemon silhouetted in it gleams like ivory, too bright to look at, but it’s definitely some manner of bird.

When the portal fades, Margo’s first thought is ‘albinistic Honchkrow’, but that's nowhere near accurate. The feathers are pure silver-gold and, of all things, metallic; the beak is thicker and sharper and sits beneath a metal mask rather than a hat-shaped crest. The bird’s forelegs, most of its torso, and its wicked talons are encased in armor, the same alloy as the mask. Huge pauldrons cover its shoulders, rounding out an intimidating, majestic presence.

Despite its size and apparent strength, the Pokemon looks confused, lost, its razor beak turning from side to side, its brilliant blue eyes huge with confusion beneath its mask. It doesn’t react to the humans at all, instead turning toward the Palace itself. With an uncertain stride, it walks toward the castle, transfixed. It lays one talon against a gap in the wall, head tilted in… confusion? sadness?

“Pokemon out now, while it’s distracted,” Margo murmurs. The strange Pokemon is so engrossed by the ruins that it might be possible to get a sneak attack in -

Suddenly, the bird shrieks, a keening cry that seems to split the very air. Margo claps her hands to her ears, cursing herself for not remembering to bring ear protection. “That’s Perish Song!” Margo shouts over the bird’s mournful wailing. “Try to tune it out; focus on the most distracting song or sound you can! And tell your Pokemon that the battle is on!”

Boss ??? Appeared!
[Image: Body09.png]
100% HP. Using Perish Song!

Pokemon Stats.
Aladdin - ???
Liam - ???
Rick - ???

The Ruined Palace. The sun is starting to set, and there’s strong wind above that isn’t quite as powerful on the ground. A Perish Song is active; cover your ears or distract the boss Pokemon if you don’t want to take damage!

Trainer Stats.
There was a call to action, and Liam heeded. Maybe it was some deep seeded guilt from running an underground gym, or some bizarre disposition to complacency-- a want of continuous change, or a distaste of a dangerless life, but when Liam heard news of wormholes wrecking havoc across the National Park, he answered to lend a hand. Cerulean remained more aquarium than gym still, so he didn't fret it leaderless; 13th & Capital was busy, but was self sufficient and would be fine without him for a little while. Thus, in a room full of screens, warnings flashing with anomalies and scientists whipping about in a blur of white coats, Liam stood patiently to be directed.

He soon found himself craving something else: a coffee... or maybe a cigarette? Maybe both. Maybe he was hungry? His stomach did a half somersault and whined in feigned hunger. Liam felt the feeble cry, thought about maybe eating a peach or an apple if he could find one. But too late. Margo, the park ranger who he was assigned to, had leapt out of her chair and Liam was soon teleported by an Alakazam to the Ruined Manor.


Ominous facades with once luxurious pillars loomed overhead while a likely award winning garden from the 18th century lay waste by his feet. Liam had never traveled to the Ruined Manor-- it never appealed to him as much as volcanos, mountains, and beaches did. But now at first glance he was intrigued by its history; the forgotten stories the walls kept secret, the spirits that rest maybe not so quietly, and the ghost and dark Pokémon that are drawn by some unseen, foreboding force peaked Liam's interest. But before he could think more, a golden portal had squeezed through their time and space to rupture not too far from where they stood.

Like liquid fire emblazoning an invisible boarder, the portal seemed to have punctured the air and from it, an oddly colored bird formed. Liam had prided himself on his vast knowledge of Pokémon-- it's what made him a decent gym leader --however, he could not, for the life of him, recognize this metallic bird Pokémon that appeared in front of the group. He equally didn't know his partners, Aladdin nor Rick, very well and neither their Ranger, Margo, for that matter.

The bird, now examining the manor, seemed depressingly nostalgic before heaving a breath and wailing out in pain. The screeching pierced Liam's eardrums and he doubled over with his hands over his ears. He could hear Margo shout something about "Perish Song" and using their Pokémon to battle, although it was fairly muffled. Through the pain, Liam grabbed one of his Pokeballs (an Ultraball), enlarged it, and threw it as he called out.

"Folklore!" he shouted as the ball left his hand, "Calm your Mind as you get out to center yourself! Give yourself peace of mind and drown out the Perish Song!"

A dazzling beam formed into the shape of a dragon, somewhat lumpy and cloudlike, as the long necked Drampa materialized from the Ultraball. Folklore recoiled in pain as soon as he appeared from the hurtful, and frankly tearful song. But the beast was a calm one, not shaken easily by intense situations. He visibly relaxed: slumping shoulders, lowering the arch of his neck, slowly shutting his eyes, heaving a great breath, and exhaling as he cleared his mind, rested his soul, and flattened all thoughts. Opening his eyes, Folklore took in the new scene in front of him: a screeching metal bird in front of a grimy old manor, with his trainer and three others nearby or behind him.

"Folklore," Liam called out again, "make it stop using that scream and hit it with an Ice Beam!"

The dragon lifted his head, opened its mouth, and from his maw a cold white energy began to form. Snowballing larger, the energy grew until Folklore lunged forward and three electric like beams zigzagged out, twisting within each other, toward the maddening, metallic, mystery bird.
[Image: hRDl0zJ.gif]
Axion had been near the docks, preparing to depart. His last run at the park had recently ended, and he had not even stepped onto the boat when the alarm sirens began blaring. He stopped, only a few feet from the ferry, and turned around to see the cause of the commotion. He had known the island was prone to dangerous weather, and expected to see dark clouds on the horizon behind him. Instead, he saw random flashes of light coming from the distant treelines, more akin to lightning flashes. While many of the people leaved quickened their pace to the ferry, now blaring its departure siren in addition to the alarms blaring, Axion began to head back towards the primary ranger station that graced the park's entrance. While he wasn't sure he could be of help, it wasn't going to stop him from at least volunteering. The ranger he had recently been with seemed to be on his last legs, likely from the sheer volume of park participants that had been visiting of late; if he could help alleviate their burden, he would gladly offer his services.
A short while later, Axion found himself in a group of three others and a ranger. He had not worked with Margo before, knowing a few of the other rangers, however he had no doubt she was capable. He also recognized the toned male to his left - gym leaders tended to have a reputation, and Liam was no exception. Axion had briefly attempted the life of a gym leader, and had found it not to his liking. He respected those who managed it. The other two were as unknown to him as he likely was to them; Pokmeon trainers were known to move about too much to meet everyone they came in contact with. It was the life he had chosen, and he was fine with it. Across the room he saw San, his previous ranger, talking to a similarly sized group of trainers before they gather their things andrush off to some part of the park. At this point he has managed to gather that this is some sort of incursion by mysterious pokemon by some sort of wormholes - which would explain the flashes. The scientist within was intrigued by the phenomenon, but he was not able to gleam too much, as the scientists were rushing around, attempting to plot out the next disturbance coordinates. As Margo was turning towards the group to say something, a scientist pulled her aside and pulled out a pokeball. "Alright, Everyone, Pokemon away and gather in front of Alakazam.” His pokemon had thankfully been kept away from the hustle and bustle, so he moved in closer and gritted his teeth; he was not a fan of teleporting. He understood the necessity, but that didn't mean it agreed with him. In a brilliant whirlwind of temporal energy, he briefly heard "Unregistered in..." and he was gone from the lab.
He found himself doubled over in what he was fairly certain should be the ruined manor location somewhere farther inland on the island. Its haunting visage similar to his last trip to the power plant, a tattered husk of what once must have been a magnificent structure. The columns were overgrown with various clinging plants, windows busted and various debris scattered around from pokemon battles and the numerous storms that plagued the island from time to time. The breeze that blew was chilling, and it helped to ease the teleportation sickness that was only now beginning to fade away. Finally standing up, he composed himself from the unwelcome teleport, and looked to see Margo slashing into existence behind them. Before anything can be said, the projected disturbance begins to form itself and bending reality about itself. it began as a singular point of bright light before expanding into a small circle, ever expanding and breaking the boundaries of reality. The brilliance of the light was almost blinding to Axion, who quickly threw on shades that had been resting on his forehead. Despite the low light of the setting, being near sunset, the portal gave the manor the look of daylight as it expanded.

Then the entity appeared.

As if itself teleporting, the being appeared out from the other side of the portal, a brilliant white being of avian proportions. When it had at last fully exited from the portal, the aperture shrank to nothingness, again leaving only the setting sun to give luminance to the mysterious being in front of them. Axion returned his shades to his pocket and wondered at what strange pokemon had appeared in front of them, he was reminded of a hybrid between skarmory and the legendary ho-oh. Its body was covered in a variety of silver and gold metallic feathers and a mask of matching metal. It seemed oblivious to the party behind it, instead looking at the building in front of it. As if in anger at the ancient structure, the beast let out a mournful wail, a screech that pierced into Axion's mind and momentarily drowned out anything but the pain and anguish the creature obviously felt. Margo managed to toss out a few words before trying to right herself. "That’s Perish Song! Try to tune it out; focus on the most distracting song or sound you can! And tell your Pokemon that the battle is on!”

Axion felt around for his backpack strap, where the two pokemon he had brought were attached; he grabbed one, unsure of which he would be working with, and pressed the button. A flash of neon coalesced into the ghost pokemon Froslass. He was happy, as he felt she would be more prepared for the ghostly wails emanating from their mysterious interloper. He began to hum a battle hymn, catchy as it was universal, and looked at Froslass, surprised by the sudden barricade of sound she was being accosted by. "Froslass, we need to stop this godforsaken noise!" He noticed that next to him, the gym leader had pulled out drampa and was attempting to fire off an ice beam at the bird. "Try using ice shard in conjunction with Drampa!" He had to yell out the words, as the siren song was drowning out almost all other noise. He watched as Froslass began to sing herself, calling up the wind to draw forth its water, a swirling tornado of water droplets the farmed a number of crystalline icicles near drampa's beam. As froslass changed her tune, the icicles began to swirl around the ice bean and flow along their path, the beam giving added momentum to their path as they launched at their winged foe.
The National Park's Staff started sending a few reports about some strange events related to wormholes. These included the shut down of the Enigma Ruins... and right they did! I don't even know why they didn't shut it down permanently - yeah, because they were reopening it a week later. That thing has always been the source of all problems in the Park afterall. Ranting aside, after the update about the ruins being reopened to the public, we didn't receive any more news. Or rather... we didn't receive any news that we could understand. Most of it was just static or blurry voices, which left me quite intrigued. "Huh... damn, are weather conditions really that bad over there?" - I muttered, sit right next to a radio in my house at the plains. A few hours later, however, the message was sound and clear. The Park's Staff had started issuing a distress call for all trainers. There were reports of wormholes and portals in at least two areas of the Park, although the message got cut before they could provide any more information. "What the hell just happened?" - I wondered with a frowned expression. I don't regret my choices of life style... but this was one of those times that I wished I had a TV. But I also wasn't gonna wait for them to make another report that wasn't even guaranteed to be made. So I rushed outside, dive-jumped onto Iris's back right from her rear while she was grazing, to much of her surprise. This kind of sudden mounting used to be for emergencies, and as far as she could tell, nothing was happening. She tossed her head up, staring and pointing a ear at me. "Sorry about that, but... we have a little something to do in the city" - I told. Then with a gentle bump of my leg, she reared up, let out a short whinny, then darted off.

Arrived at the city, on a big screen in the main street, they  were showing aerial footage of a Rampardos and a Ninetales at the peaks of Mts. Deckbi and Oktori respectively... except these pokémon had one peculiar feature... they were enormous! I couldn't help but drop my jaw and widen my eyes when I saw it. "Holy crap!" - I commented in disbelief, and Iris also groaned at the images. At this point I wasn't sure on what my course of action should be, but it also didn't take long untill we received a commission to travel to the Park and actively help the rangers against the problematic. Letting those things wander around the Park without doing anything was out of question. So I accepted the "invitation", if we could call that, and started making some preparations. Knowing the situation we had at hand, this would require something more than just a regular resupply at the general store. I've went through a lot of tough battles before... but against pokémon the size of a small apartment? That was a first. Especially since the message didn't give us any clues on what species the pokémon would be. I went to visit a friend of mine, Chris,  with which I had been working on a project. And I barely stepped a foot on his workshop before he greeted me. "Ah, Rick! Would you be surprised if I told you that I was already expecting you to come here?" - He said as we approached each other, reaching out an arm for a handshake. "You know me too well... so no, not surprised." - I replied, returning the greeting. "But I had other surprises today already... none of which were good." - I added, now with more serious tone. "But if you knew I was coming, then you probably know what I came here for?" - I asked with a smirk on my face. "Yes indeed my friend." - He said, turning back and towards a closed room. "You want a good surprise. And it's ready for a real test, right in this room!" - He added, gesturing at me to follow him. I also called in Iris to come inside, as she would actually be the recipient. Amongst the many manufactures that were stored in the chamber, there was a full barding that standed out. "Almost a year in the making. What a masterpiece, isn't it?" - I praised. Iris peeked through the door before walking into the room and to my side. "And guess who's gonna wear it?" - I said to her.
The next half hour was spent outfiting the mare with all the pieces and making sure everything was in place. The worst thing that could happen was any piece to get loose in the heat of battle and become more of a burden than an actual aid. "And we're done." - I said as I put the shaffron on Iris's head. "Not as much of a puzzle as I first thought it would be." - I added. "I hope so. It doesn't come with instructions for later." - Said Chris, before starting to give some advice. "Now take care. It was designed to be both light and strong... and heatproof if it's not obvious enough... but it's not indestructible. And giant pokémon weren't exactly something I had in mind when I was designing it. She's not gonna look pretty if crushed inside a metal suit." I hoped on Iris's back, and then my brain started processing that last bit of information. "Yeah, right... thanks for being so... explicit about it." - I gulped in a bit of nervousness. A sweat drop also shed from Iris's head after hearing that statement. "But that can only happen if they manage to hit her first!" - I reasured, patting her on the neck. "Now... Lets see in first hand what the Park has in store for us."


Once we got into the island, the Park's Staff at the port were directing trainers to a meeting point. Oddly enough, it actually wasn't nearly as chaotic as they showed in the broadcast. "Huh... is this the calm before the storm?" - I muttered while looking around and up at the sky. We were told we would be assembled into smaller groups, each one led by a ranger. When they gave a small list with the names... "Margo?" - There was one name that I recognized immediately. "This is the ranger that took us into that wormhole." - I commented. Well, for someone who isn't very sociable it was quite good knowing there would be a familiar face. Not that I didn't know the other two rangers in service. "Hello Margo!" - I greeted as I entered the room. "So we're back at this wormhole thing again, eh? I hope we don't have to scrap anymore robots like the last time." - I said with a grin. I took a look around the room. I actually didn't recognize most of the trainers, and defenitely didn't recognize any of the trainers that had been assigned to my team. Regardless, I would assume if they were here, they would be competent enough for the job.

The next couple of hours there wasn't really anything special happening. At least nothing that would affect us trainers yet, although you could see the worry and anxiety in some of the rangers and technicians that were constantly monitoring and tracking the signals. At some point I decided to take off the shaffron, leg guards and pauldrons from Iris for the time being - those were much quicker to remove and put back in as soon as we were called. The first group eventually got dispatched, then the second one... and soon there was only one group left: ours. "Welp... we better put these things back in..." - I said mostly to myself. Soon, the technicians sounded the alert: a portal was going to open near the Ruined Palace. "And so it begins..." - I muttered, fitting the shaffron on Iris's head before gathering in front of the Alakazam that was gonna teleport us into the site.


The Ruined Palace wasn't an area where I had been before. As far as I knew, it wasn't always open for exploration, and only recently had they start taking trainers inside the place. It was home for many pokémon that enjoy the darkness, so its ominous atmosphere was nothing to be surprised. Moments later, a bright portal teared the sky, and from it emerged a massive avian, golden-armored creature. "Ah, come on... he took our concept!" - I said with a sarcastic tone. Despite its gargantuan size and intimidating stature, the creature actually didn't act aggressive. It was completely fixated on the palace and pretty much ignored us completely. In fact I couldn't even tell if it had even noticed us in the first place. Then, out of nowhere, a painful high-pich shriek came out from the bird, and I couldn't help but instinctively cover my ears and flinch. "God damn, what a great start!" - I yelled. I still managed to hear Margo calling out for us to use something to distract the creature and stop te Perish Song. "Iris, Fire Blast!" - I ordered as loud as I could, but she had her sensitive ears pinned against her head as her only means to protect them from the sound, and even then she was clearly in excruciating pain. The other trainers were already using their attacks on the creature. "Ugh. Very well then. Hold on!". I grabbed Magna's ball and tossed it in the air, at the same time I issued a command. "Magna, shut up that bird! Thunder!". As soon as it materialized, Magna started spining its three magnets, generating electricity from them that traveled through its body and gathered into its antenna, firing off a lightning into the sky. This electricity started gathering into a big thundercloud right above the giant bird's head and soon to be discharged on the creature.

(Word count: 1638)
(Character count: 9090)

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Aladdin was returning from a Park run when he heard the alarms. Enigma Ruin was caused trouble, again. Are you Sirius? Why did the Rangers open it again? They should have kept it closed and sealed. The last time it was open, there were wormholes coming out if it, so the Middle-Eastern psychic didn't think it was a good idea to open it ever again. Whatever, the brown-skinned Trainer decided he will stay and help.

A portal opened in the Ruins and took everyone by surprise. The psychic heard Ranger Margo announce that the wormhole opened near the Ruined Palace. Aladdin, Liam, Rick, Axion, and Ranger Margo had to go there quickly before the place gets ruined by an outsider Pokémon. Fortunately, there was an Alakazam ready who could Teleport them.

Teleporting was uncomfortable for humans, but that was the last of the Trainers worriws compared to what they saw next. Aladdin took his Pokédex to scan the mysterious Pokémon the group of five was seeing, and he got a shill down his spines when the digital encyclopedia couldn't recognize it. How do you deal with a Pokémon you don't know of? The only thing the Middle-Eastern psychic could make off was that this Pokémon was a Steel-type.
Suddenly, the mysterious attacked with Perish Song, something the brown-skinned Trainer didn't see coming. The only Flying-types who can learn that move are the Swablu and Murkrow lines, neither of which is a Steel-type. To make sure, Aladdin checked his Pokédex for a list of Pokémon who can know the move, and it didn't show any Steel-type. Aladdin was unsure of what to do. He decided the best thing would be to attack the mysterious Pokémon, but with what? He took his Pokédex to scan jus two Pokémon : Espeon And Metagross. The only offensive Fire-type move they both know is Hidden Power Fire. Metagross also knows Ground and Fighting-type moves, but Flying-types are immune to the first and only took neutral damage from the latter. Plus, he needed to get Metagross close to the mysterious Pokémon to land a Fighting-type attack. Thinking for a few moments, Aladdin's choice laid on Metagross, since a Steel-type was resistant to Steel-type moves. He grabbed his Poké Ball and sent out the supercomputer. The brown-skinned Middle-Eastern psychic Trainer ordered his powerful Psychic-type to start with Hidden Power.
((OOC: "Sorrowful" functions as a sort of inverse Taunt. Affected Pokemon will struggle to use attacking moves, but will have an easier time with status moves or indirect attacks.))

Though Margo can’t quite hear them with her ears covered, the Trainers shout their orders, and their Pokemon follow. Iris balks slightly, ears pinned flat against her head as she stares daggers at the enemy’s back; Magna floats forward, their flight path shaken slightly with the pain of the Perish Song, to take up Iris’s slack. Magna’s magnets rev, spinning so fast that they seem to turn to a blur, one that crackles with golden light. In harmony, Magna’s antenna glows, and a line of lightning, ringed with stray arcs, shoots straight upward and vanishes into the clouds above. Suddenly the sky above the foe is no longer red-gold; it’s matte black, and it promises the wrath of a storm.

Folklore, meanwhile, finishes his meditations, and looks up at the enemy with his red eyes bright and clear. His whiskers and mane flare slightly as he focuses, gathering the power of ice into his powerful jaws. Pure white energy forms on the tip of his tongue, forming into an orb that abruptly grows larger and forks off into three lines of dazzling, jagged light. Froslass floats toward the dragon in obedience to her Trainer. She looks a bit nervous, pained as though sympathizing with the enemy, or perhaps just in awe of its sheer size, but she lifts her hands and sings quietly. The brief aria, harmonious and deep compared to the bird’s grating dirge, calls water to Froslass. The pitch shifts abruptly; right as the Ice Beam’s triumvirate rays shoot through the sky, the Ice Shards form a storm of daggers around them, and the first strike lands right between the bird’s shoulder blades.

The Ice Beam strikes first, burying frost deep beneath the foe’s feathers. This doesn’t seem to deter the monster, even when the Ice Shards hit, knocking off what was frozen. Huge metal feathers, coated in ice, fall off the bird’s back and onto the earth. A few fall point-down and dig right into the soil, and Margo takes note - the feathers seem to be as sharp as swords.

A silvery Metagross, similar in color to the huge beast’s plumage, steps to the front lines, huge claws scoring craters in the dirt. Steven Stone - Aladdin’s Metagross, not the Hoenn champion, although his presence now wouldn’t be unwelcome - gives the beast a dismissive look and then roars, sending a trio of orange orbs flying at the foe. Unfortunately, it doesn’t land quite as well as the icy combo. The Hidden Power strikes against the bird’s left pauldron, bursting open in a blaze of red fire and then fizzling out, leaving only a scorch mark.

Still… although the bird isn’t silenced by the onslaught, its song no longer has the piercing tone it had before. Margo peels her hands away from her ears. The Perish Song feels like a song now - an elegy, one that echoes with an oceans-despair that seeks to drag the Pokemon and Trainers to their knees. Froslass cries out, weeping with the bird; Steven Stone sinks a bit, as though their legs are losing the ability to support them.

And then a bolt of hot white lightning drives down out of the sky.

Rolling thunder booms across the grass, engulfing everything for a moment in a deep bass boom and a blinding light. The bird actually staggers under the Thunder, which runs down through its head and leaves its metal feathers flickering with stray, gold arcs. Its beak closed, it turns, slowly, as if in agony -

Its right wing lifts, flying upward with shocking speed for something so huge. The wing’s movements would ordinarily cause a rush of wind, but this is something more powerful, and it’s not the last word. Every feather on the wing glows silver, and with the rush of wind, the smaller feathers fly. The resemblance to swords is much more clear as the huge, bladed feathers sweep down on the party. Margo tries to call out a warning, but there’s not enough time. She raises her arms to protect her head and waits for the fusillade to pass.

When it does, the first thing Margo notices is that there are no major injuries. Iris hasn’t been touched, and the Trainers are, miraculously, unscathed, but the Pokemon are a little worse for wear. A few scratches pepper Folklore’s flank; Froslass is nursing a shallow but lengthy gash; Magna has been dinged up; Steven Stone is using his telekinesis to pull feathers out of his metallic hide. Margo breathes a sigh of relief, then sends out her own Metagross, in case she needs to shield the Trainers from another area attack like that one.

The enemy Pokemon, meanwhile, seems to have fixated on Iris. The Rapidash returns the boss’s blue stare steadily; the bird sports what looks like recognition… and anger. But it doesn’t stand and fight. It turns back to the palace and cries out in despair once more, though this time the sound is just a sound. Before Margo can react, the beast spreads both wings and takes off, talons leaving long gashes in the earth behind it. Its wings gleam red-gold as its downstrokes carry it further inward, toward the center of the Ruined Palace.

“Oh, no,” Margo murmurs, readjusting her cap nervously. The central buildings aren’t as reinforced as the walls. From that far in, it could destroy the Palace. “Come on!” Margo calls, already running, as Roswell shoves open the gates with a bout of telekinesis. “It’s flying slow and low enough that we should be able to keep up, or darn close to it. If you get a clear shot at it, don’t hesitate to fire!”

Margo doesn’t speak anymore - she hoists herself up on Roswell’s back, boosted by the Metagross’s telekinesis. Roswell’s legs fold up and they lift off the ground, shooting into the Palace like a rocket.

Luckily, Roswell’s supercomputer brain picks up on Margo’s idea. They make sure to lead the party through only wide hallways that provide minimal chance to damage timeless relics. Now’s no time to sightsee; Roswell whizzes past stained-glass masterpieces, huge timeworn tapestries, and towering statuary with equal indifference. However, Roswell is taking a deliberate route. Their path takes the group through several wide-open courtyards and open-roofed rooms, where the massive, gleaming gold form of the bird can be clearly seen - and, for the quick-thinking, attacked.

Boss ??? Appeared!
[Image: Body09.png]
80% HP. Used Gust and Steel Wing!

Pokemon Stats.
[Image: 478.gif]
Froslass - 86% HP, [Sorrowful]. Used Ice Shard!

[Image: 780.gif]
Folklore - 92% HP. Used Calm Mind and Ice Beam!

[Image: TlQdHCI.gif]
Iris - 95% HP.
[Image: 462.gif]
Magna - 89% HP. Used Thunder!

[Image: 376.png]
Steven Stone - 80% HP, [Sorrowful]. Used Hidden Power Fire!

The Ruined Palace. The sun is starting to set, and there’s strong wind above that isn’t quite as powerful on the ground. Metallic feathers - some of them frozen - litter the ground. The Pokemon has taken to the skies and is flying toward the center of the Palace; catch up to it or ground it before it can damage the building!

Trainer Stats.
All the three attacks from the other trainers' pokémon connected with the giant bird, with varying degrees of impact, and while the creature didn't exactly went perfectly silent, it did tone down its screech enough so that we could take our hands out of our ears, with no more concerns that our eardrums could possibly blow up at any second. "Better..." - I mumbled in relief, scratching my ear. Iris shook her head, now alleviated from her pain with just a brief dizziness remaining. While not painful, the sound the giant pokémon was still producing was having some strange effects on some of the party's pokémon. The Froslass and the Metagross almost felt like they were losing their will to attack the enemy. The others didn't seem affected by it the same way, so we were still to figure out what was triggering this kind of abnormal behaviour.

A few moments after the direct attacks from the other team members, the lightning from Magna's attack eventually fell upon its target. With that, and for the first time since it had arrived into this world, the creature finally gave us some attention. Needless to say it wasn't the friendly kind of attention. The thing may have had a weight to match its size, but it had no issues spreading its wings as easily as any Flying-type. "Ah, crap! Take cover!" - I shouted as I saw a shower of razor sharp feathers being fired at all of us, bending down slightly with my arms crossed in front of me... even though if it did hit me, I don't think that would've helped much either way. Fun fact: it missed all of us trainers. "Damn, you need some aiming practice!" - I mockingly stated. Hopefully it wouldn't understand human speech. It also missed Iris for the matter, which had jumped in front of me for shielding. The other pokémon weren't so lucky. You would think Steel-types would just shrug those iron feathers off, but these things had enough power and velocity to either dent or even lodge into them. Magna's more round surface made it so the feathers were deflected, though still leaving quite a mark.

After the barrage, for whatever reason, the creature started staring at Iris, and for a few moments the two pokémon were just gazing each other. The first thing that crossed my mind was that it would now attack her directly, being the only pokémon missed. "Huh... I wanna see you try." - muttered. Iris was splaying her legs in anticipation for an eventual attack from the enemy pokémon... and all that show for nothing; the creature just turned away to stare at the castle. I thought the bird would opt to stay in an open area where it would have more freedom of movement because, otherwise, it would just eat everything we would throw at it, with his armor being its only means of protection. But it just took flight and started heading towards the palace, almost as if it had suddenly forgotten on what this group was doing to it. "He's not putting much of a fight, is he?" - I commented, scratching my chin... and also assuming the creature's gender for no reason other than making this post easier to write. cantif

Right after the creature taking off, Margo called out to us, ordering to give chase at the beast through the palace and prevent it from causing too much damage to the area and what was inside it. I climbed on top of Magna, grabbing on its antenna for support. Stoping the giant bird would actually be pretty simple for a pokémon that can intensify gravity at will, and would probably be kinda hillarious for me to see the thing just plummet. Only problem was that gravity doesn't pick targets. It affects everyone nearby, and I don't think our partners would be thankfull about the feeling of extra weight of their bodies. So we would have to go for a more... military approach. "Iris! We'll take him on in the air." - I called out to the mare. "You stay behind everyone and follow the group. Do not engage in battle yet untill I say so, okay?" - I added. She nodded and neighed in response before slowing down her pace.
The enemy wasn't flying too high, and neither at a particularly high speed, so it was quite easy for us to get close and behind its tail. Whether we managed to do that unnoticed was a different question, but so far it hadn't shown any sign of alert. "Alright, here we go! Lock-on target!" A red, harmless laser was shot from Magna's central eye, taking aim at the bird's mantle. "Ready? Fire the Zap Cannon!" - I ordered. The two frontal magnets pointed forward and started rotating, generating an a electric current that formed into an electric ball between them, which Magna later fired at its designated spot.

(Word count: 825)
(Character count: 4597)

[Image: f6HTIiV.gif]
@SinnohEevee @VeloJello @Ace Trainer Liam @Axion
The enormous bird continued its woeful song as the trainer's attacks began making contact. Axion watched as his and Liam’s combo attack did little in the way of damage, however the ice beam began to seep in between the metallic feathers, shearing the topmost layer off. The ice shards launched by his froslass finished off some of those still holding on after the initial barrage. However, this did little more than to cause a momentary warble in the otherwise unstopped dirge that echoed across the courtyard the team stood in. Metagross, on the other hand, launched a fiery trio of orbs towards its target, burning brilliantly before causing three minute explosions along the being’s opposite flank. It left a mark, but did not have quite the destructive power as the icy duo had wrought. Yet somehow, the three attacks together finally forced the bird to decrease its melody’s volume enough for the assembled group to regain their thoughts.

Then came the thunder from Magnezone, dividing the sky and finally causing the bird to notice the miniature beings behind it. Its wings spread open with surprising speed, and the remaining light in the dimming sky enhanced the glow that the wing’s edge now took on, giving it a pale red hue. The wings were flapped but once, as the razor sharp feathers flew towards the trainer’s Pokemon with surprising accuracy. Amazingly Axion and the other humans were unharmed, but he noticed that Froslass was injured, and seemed more depressed than the pokemon normally did. He picked her up gingerly as their opponent focused on the Rapidash, a staring contest that could have frozen anyone caught in the middle. But with almost what appeared to be a shrug, the avian enemy rose up, taking to the sky and making its way deeper into derelict building before them.

Axion, still holding the injured Froslass in his arms, began to chase after the bird along with the rest of the grounded party. Having never been to the ruins, he was sad his first impressions were so fleeting: a flash of art here, a ruined architectural arch there, awkwardly jumping over a marble column in another overgrown courtyard. Froslass whimpered as the gash was irritated, wincing yet still showing a hint determination in her eyes. As their opponent momentarily came into view, Axion sprung into action. “Froslass, can you try to slow this bastard down a bit? Use blizzard ahead of it and then use hail. Give it a reason to reconsider running.” He set down the diminutive femme fatale and let her get to work.

Froslass, moving slowly as to not overly stretch the injury those razor sharp plumes had rent upon her, began to hum again. The melody was sadder than usual, and Axion felt himself feel pity for both their opponent and his pokemon. The song flooded over the courtyard they had paused in, what little glass remained reverberated with the tune that rose to the heavens. Much like Magnezone’s earlier thunder, the winds picked up and the skies darkened. Froslass’ tune then changed in pitch, a higher wailing tone that threatened to force the sky to fall upon the assembled party as well as the large bird.
Liam took note as the frozen, sword like feathers daggered the ground around them-- this opponent wasn't only large and bearing foreboding garb, but it was actual armor; metallic and heavy like steel or iron, these feathers would be dangerous on a normal sized creature, but deadly on such a gargantuan as this. But Folklore's Ice Beam had hit its mark in conjunction with Axion's Froslass' Ice Shard. It didn't completely stop the bird's keening, but it softened it for sure.

Again Liam took note: he is not alone. Taking on many a foe in his life, he has generally only done tasks or battles by himself. But now he's not alone, a shouldn't act like he is either. Working in tandem with the other trainers in the group will be their eventual victory over the bird, anything less than that would certainly cause more damage (to themselves, their Pokémon, and the manor). With his sunken eyes, Laim glanced over to Axion and gave him a friendly nod in thanks-- but before he could notice a crack like a whip split the air followed by a shaking BOOM!

Lightning tore the sky a sunder, striking the massive bird in a Thunder attack by Rick's Magnezone. The air electrified, the clouds grew heavier, and the bird finally stopped its painful song. Liam reveled in the attack, it reminded him of days out at sea, training his water Pokémon while storms raged-- it was a nostalgic, if not confidence inspiring moment. But like all moments, it was fleeting. Soon, the bird was counterattacking, raising a gloriously brilliant wing so quickly and with such ease that it made Liam's stomach drop as fast as the bird's wing did.

"Folklore-- watch out!" he cried to his dragon. But the cloudy haired beast had moved swiftly enough to evade most of the larger projectiles. Unfortunately, though, he retained a few scratches; he craned his long neck to begin licking the wounds he obtained on his side while the monstrous bird took flight.

Looking around, Liam realized how lucky Folklore was-- and himself too! Metal feathers stuck out of the Metagross, the Froslass had a large gash and was being carried by her trainer, and the Magnezone had some significant dings in it as well.

"Come on!" he heard Margo cry out, "It’s flying slow and low enough that we should be able to keep up, or darn close to it. If you get a clear shot at it, don’t hesitate to fire!” And soon enough Rick was already commanding his two Pokémon and going after the bird with Axion quick on his heals. Liam ran over to his Drampa and rubbed his side where he had been injured.

"You alright, bud?" he rasped quietly. Folklore raised his head to meet Liam's face and gave him a big, wet lick. Tongue sticking out of his mouth, the dog-faced dragon nudged Liam tenderly to communicate his status: he's okay, ready for the chase. "Alright Folk, let's get going," Liam said as he hopped onto Folklore's back and held onto the scruff at the base of his neck.

Folklore began to run like a long, shaggy and serpentine-like dog; his head bobbing with every thrust and neck winding like rope. Then as he gathered speed, Folklore took a giant leap and began to sore, gliding only around five, or six feet off the ground. His legs continued to run elegantly, churning air, as if running on clouds or swimming in the sky.

Near to him, Liam heard Rick calling out a plan of attack and soon a red dot appeared on the back of the metallic bird. His Magnezone revved up its front two magnets and soon shot out a ball of twisting electric energy, surging quickly toward the bird. Then a shadow of a wail crept up Liam's spine as Axion's Froslass began to conjure an ice storm ahead.

"Let's try to distract the creature, Folk!" Liam shouted over the wind and commotion, "Continue climbing the air, charge at it from a distance, but use your Hyper Voice to grab it's attention!"

Folklore gleamed. His leaps became bounds as he sucked in air; Liam rode low on his back to give him more freedom of range. Then, Folklore bellowed forth a commanding, and deafening bark. Vicious in nature, it shook dust off of arches, flattened the grass below, and reverberated off of the manor. If the giant bird were to turn around, it would see this almost mythical and regal beast, victoriously galumphing into the sky with egg cream and sky blue fur whipping about and giant, rose colored eyes flashing dangerously above an open maw, ready to project another booming bark.
[Image: hRDl0zJ.gif]
The attacks managed in making the strange bird stop its ear-piercing song. But when the Thunder hit, the bird became angry. It used attacks Aladdin recognized as Gust and Steel Wing on the Pokémon, but the Trainers were miraculously spared. Aladdin thanked God (who some refer to as Arceus) for that. The brown-skinned Middle-Eastern psychic felt there was something wrong with Metagross, and asked him what it was (you can't guess the emotions of a computer). The large Psychic-type told him that it feels sorry for the mysterious bird. Aladdin agreed with it, after all, the foreign metallic bird didn't know where t was and probably wanted to go back to its home. In addition, it was hard to reason with an angry being, and they needed to prevent it from causing more harm.
While Aladdin was talking to Metagross, the unknown Pokémon flew away to Ruined Palace. Aladdin, Rick, Axion, Liam, and Ranger Margo needed to stop it from ruining the historical building. He rode his Metagross to the Palace and arrived to see the others trying to keep the bird in place. He decided to have his Metagropss use Psychic to try to keep the unknown Pokémon in place.

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