Backlog Blitz!
Howdy, grader team! We’re into July and our backlog still has unclaimed stories from the January event. To that end, we’re putting on a little incentive push for this month, and how rewarding it is ties directly into how many grades get posted! Each grader who posts a grade this month (must be above Weak rank) will get the entire reward bundle.
If 3 or fewer grades are posted within the month, each grader who participated gets a free EM.
If 4-6 grades are posted, they also get a free Mega Stone or Z-crystal of their choice.
If 7-9 grades are posted, they also get a story pass. If 10 or more grades are posted, it’s instead a boosted story pass.
And remember – grades within a wage period are on an increasing multiplier, worth 10% more each time! I’ll do next wages at the end of July.

Prospective graders, fear not! I'm happy to take grader tests at any point, and will get you a verdict within a day or two. Which is a nice segue into a minor announcement - @K'sariya has passed the grader test and assembled her infinity gauntlet! Please join me in welcoming her to the grader ranks!
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