Cosmo's Log
Name: "Cosmo"
Apparent role: Clueless wanderer

Money: 9500
Contest Credits: 5,000

Totals earned / written:
Battles: $5000
Writing: $5000
NPRP Characters: 0

Total Battles: 1
Win/Loss/Draw (all battles except basics): zip/1/nada
Basic Battles: zero/null

Battle Hold Items:
Other Items:
Unused TMs:
Candies: 5 Rare

Kanto (0/6)

Johto (0/6)

Hoenn (0/6)

Sinnoh (0/6)

Unova (0/6)

Kalos (0/6)

Orange Islands (0/5)

1. Caliber, the Honedge

[Image: 679.gif]
Gender: Sword
Nature: Serious
Abilities: No Guard
Level Up Moves: Aerial Ace, Automize, Fury Cutter, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Metal Sound, Night Slash, Power Trick, Pursuit, Retaliate, Sacred Sword, Shadow Sneak, Slash, Swords Dance, Tackle
Taught Moves: None
Obtained: Starter
Current EXP: 2/5

2. Mercedes, the Jangmo-o

[Image: 782.gif]
Gender: Female
Nature: Impish
Abilities: Bulletproof, Soundproof
Level Up Moves: Bide, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Dragon Tail, Headbutt, Iron Defense, Leer, Noble Roar, Outrage, Protect, Scary Face, Screech, Tackle, Work Up
Taught Moves: Toxic
Obtained: Pokemart, via coupon
Current EXP: 4/5

3. Silas, the Shinx
[Image: 403.gif]
Gender: Male
Nature: Hardy
Abilities: Rivalry, Intimidate
Level Up Moves: Baby-Doll Eyes, Bite, Charge, Crunch, Discharge, Leer, Roar, Scary Face, Spark, Swagger, Tackle, Thunder Fang, Wild Charge
Taught Moves: Volt Switch
Obtained: Pokemart, via purchase
Current EXP: 3/5

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