Beginner Run: Cieleporia [Enigma Ruins]
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The lines on Babbs' face? Stress, definitely stress. Or, rather, that's what the aging Ranger would tell you if you'd had the nerve to ask. Those lines? Oh, yes, definitely. I don't normally have those wrinkles, she'd say with a chuckle. Rather, that's what she'd say on a good day. However, this had not been a good day in the National Park. It had not been a good several days.

Almost two years ago, a giant wormhole had opened up above Enigma Ruins, allowing Trainers from all over to go on gallivanting into the space-time continuum. They'd finally made it out of that phase of the Park and things had begun to return to normal, and now the abnormal spacial readings were back at it again, fluctuating all over the place. It was calm, for now, but... Babbs wasn't sure how long it would stay that way.

She tries to calm herself. She had a job to do, after all. Couldn't go off losing her cool in the Park. She knew better than that.

Today, she was to take a Trainer named Ciel out to the Ruins on a brief foray. The ancient-appearing woman stands stock still at the docks, hunched over her gnarled wooden cane. A brisk breeze whisks out from the sea, ruffling the crimson kimono that sweeps down to her feet. Babbs wipes the sweat from wrinkled brow. Wisps of white hair, escaped from her bun, whip around her features.

This was where her charge would be arriving on the island soon via boat. The Ruins was close enough to the docks where she could just pick her up and they could make their way over from here. The Trainer had already done the registration and waivers before boarding on the mainland, so they should just be ready to up and go! Well, all things allowing...

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