Beginner RP: Elrond [ Botanical Gardens; Port]
A gentle breeze blows through the Botanical Gardens, providing cool relief from the hot sun. Around Margo is soft, lush green grass and blossoming bunches of pastel flowers; down the hill she stands on is a seemingly-endless expanse of tall, hardy foliage and dry soil, broken up only by a few gnarled trees. 

It’s only been a few weeks since the great fire that scarred the National Park. Margo’s been pulling overtime because of it - the fire’s come and gone, but it’s irreversibly changed the Park’s ecosystem. The horizon here used to be filled with fruit trees and bushes of flowers. Now, it’s metamorphosed into something else. The Wildflower Prairie is harsher than the Gardens ever were, but no less vibrant and lively for it. There had been talks of landscaping the burnt swath of Gardens back to its old state, but it’s starting to take shape into something new and, in its own right, beautiful.

Margo pulls a tablet out of her backpack, jotting down notes - the temperature, the wind speed, the budding leaves on the trees ahead, the way the Prairie’s scrubland foliage has a smooth but definitive border with the Gardens’ greener grass. She’s about to start walking the perimeter when the screen flashes with an alert.

The alert isn’t anything alarming. A new Trainer wants to take a tour of the Botanical Gardens - a Martin Pergamon is apparently busy filling out recording permissions, and between that and the normal paperwork, Margo should have more than enough time to make it to the Gardens’ outpost if she wants to take the Trainer on. She sends her confirmation back quickly. With luck, she should be able to do her perimeter check after this Trainer is done - and if time ends up running out, well, there’s always tomorrow. 

Greenery fills Margo’s vision as she turns and begins walking toward the gate, keeping a quick but steady stride. It’s not exactly hard to find picturesque routes around here, Margo thinks - even with autumn drawing closer, the plant life is in full flourish. One particular pond surrounded by asters catches the Ranger’s attention, and she takes a mental note to try and lead Marty back here. 

The Pokemon aren’t even a little leery today, which should provide Martin with some good shots. Swablu drift idly on the breeze; Comfey spread their prismatic petals to the sun; a clutch of young Munchlax bounce happily on their sleeping parent’s belly. None of them are disturbed by the Ranger in their midst. Just as the outpost comes into sight, Margo has to stop for a passing herd of Sawsbuck crossing the path. The big Grass-types eye Margo with the quiet confidence of Pokemon that know they’re safe in numbers from any threat a human could cook up. Margo waits respectfully for them to get clear - their horns look healthy, she notes, the leaves are reddening a little at the edges with the oncoming fall - before setting out again, putting on her best Ranger smile and walking into the outpost.

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