Name: Cieleporia
Age: Unknown
Personality: Quiet/Shy
History: To be known
Available Forms: 
Species Ralts 
Gender Unknown 
Type Imported

Tactician's Mind [Trace]
Cieleporia is able to copy a Pokemon's ability upon witnessing it and store it in their memory. Abilities can be stored as many times from different Pokemon and can be used at any time but is immediately deleted upon usage. No one ability can be stored twice from the same Pokemon but variations can be stored as such. IE X's Flame Body and Y's Flame Body are stored as such [X's Flame Body Memory] [Y's Flame Body Memory] Cieleporia is able to restore said memory upon witnessing it once again.
All unused [Memories] stay through form changes.
All [Memories] are stored in Inventory section.

Twin Hearts [Synchronize]
Cieleporia is able to Synchronize their feelings with an opponent and pass on a status effect. The strength of the status effect depends on Cieleporia's understanding of the receiving Pokemon's personality. Synchronize is rendered useless if Cieleporia lacks [Empathy]. [Empathy] is used to discover personalities and is charged through social interactions. It takes three charges to fully [Know] a Pokemon. If Cieleporia is hit with an Attract effect, the enemy's personality is immediately set to [Bestie]. 
First Charge: Two interactions
Second Charge: Six interactions
Third Charge: Thirty interactions
[Known] levels [Neighbor] [Friends] [Bestie] equivalates to a [Weak] [Normal] or [Strong] status effect. [Weak] is an instantaneous effect that lasts for a second. 
[Normal] lasts as long as Cieleporia stays affected. 
[Strong] cannot be brushed off even if the receiving Pokemon is immune to said status effect and has twice the severity as the effect that affects Cieleporia. 
Once a Pokemon is [Known] it remains that way forever.
All [Known] Pokemon details are stored in Inventory section.

At first glance, it appears to be a shadow but upon closer inspection, Cieleporia sinks into a darker shadow. Further inspection reveals Silver Hair, Orange Horns and a Pink Body.

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