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Allen the Umbreon :: Synchronize
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Allen decides to follow the scent, and as he does so his rings light up in a brilliant white, a momentary flash that dims slightly as the Umbreon's rings settle at their natural level of light.

Much better, he thinks to himself, as he slowly makes his way towards the source of that metallic smell. Along the way, he notices a few piles of driftwood, and pushes a few planks aside to check if there are any claw-tips under them. He finds nothing of use at all.

Oh well. Allen keeps walking upwind, sniffing every few steps to check if the source of the metallic scent is getting closer, or if he's passed it.
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Allen (W32Coravint) Post 6/15.
Major Accessory: Metallic claw tips.

Slowly but surely, Allen's search continues. In the bright burst of his light, Allen sees nothing, leading him to perhaps wonder if he really did see anything standing on the beach, avian or otherwise. After all, he seems to be completely alone here, save for the wreckage and abandoned husks he's plodding through.

At least Allen's nose is not deceiving him. As he slows to taste the air, he can definitely sense that he's getting closer to the smell of metal. Unfortunately, another smell has grown stronger as he's approached - the smell of seaweed, salty and washed-up, still damp from its time in the ocean. And as far as Allen can tell, the metallic smell does seem to be emanating from the seaweed pile. Digging through it will certainly take a lot of time and energy, not to mention the sheer ickiness of the job, though there might be a more efficient methodology if he gets creative, or calls on one of his other forms for aid.
Allen the Umbreon→Kokona the Espeon
:: Synchronize
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Allen's nose, on the search for more claw-tips, brings him right up to a pile of damp seaweed. Eugh.

Umm, excuse me, I can handle this! shouts a voice from inside his head. It's high-pitched, rather unsure of itself, and most importantly, isn't a voice Allen recognizes.

Who are you?

Erm! My name's Kokona... uhh, I think I can help! Just, umm, let me take over!"

Allen relaxes, and suddenly he shifts into the form of an Espeon. It also goes dark as the light-emitting rings on Allen's body shrink and disappear.

"Aaah!!! I forgot you're the light source!"

Calm down. Can't you--

"Ah, oh right! Yes!"

Another Flash of light and suddenly the area is bright again. "What did you want me to do again, erm.... and what's your name?"

I want  you to get anything metallic out of that pile of seaweed for me. Oh, and my name's Allen. You should've been paying attention earlier.

"I'm sorry!! I'll get on it right now!!"

Kokona starts to levitate the seaweed clump by clump, pulling it upward, then shaking it from left to right in front of her so as to dislodge anything metallic stuck within, then throwing the clumps into a new pile. Allen waits, rather patiently, for Kokona to finish. At least we don't have to touch the stuff.
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Allen Kokona (W32Coravint) Post 7/15.
Major Accessory: Metallic claw tips.

The new being - Kokona - finds her task to be difficult, but not un-doable. As she most likely predicted, the seaweed is impossible to move as one big glob, and the tangling fronds make it difficult to find clumps that will come loose freely. At first, she can only shake small strands of flora loose, but the clumps beneath are much easier to dislodge - though at the cost of being heavier. It's quite the psychic workout, but neither Allen nor Kokona have to touch the seaweed itself.

The light flooding from Kokona's forehead illuminates something glinting - when she stops levitating the seaweed away, she'll notice the fourth claw tip - though, depending on how much attention she's really been paying, it might be up to Allen to recognize the thing.

However, a light that has nothing to do with Kokona stirs at the water's edge. If she looks up, she'll see a vague figure that looks as if it's made of mist and seafoam. A large bird, long-legged with sharp, swordlike wings stands, watching with its head tilted. It shimmers like a mirage - the closer Kokona looks at it, the less real it seems to be.
Allen the Umbreon :: Synchronize
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Allen starts to speak as the second the shared body catches sight of the claw tip.

I'll take over from here. Thank you for your help, Kokona.

Kokona relinquishes control with a little more verbal encouragement, and the body shifts back into the form of an Umbreon once again. The light immediately cuts out, but then resumes as a dim flash from the glow of Allen's rings, slightly dimmer than before as he tries to conserve his remaining stamina, lights up the ground near him once more.

Allen puts the claw-tip onto his paw; he now has two on each forepaw, which allows him to walk a little less shakily with something to balance each paw on individually.

He paces around just enough to enable him to catch sight of a light that isn't coming from his body. It appears to be the strange apparition from before, or something similar to it, standing there and watching him.

Intrigued, the Umbreon decides to take a few steps toward the edge of the water, where the apparition appears to be...

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Kokona Allen (W32Coravint) Post 8/15.
Major Accessory: Metallic claw tips.

Allen's eyes suffer from the same illusion that Kokona's did - when he looks directly at the bizarre, bright phantom, it seems to shift, becoming more of a vague and hazy shape than any sort of recognizable silhouette. However, when he turns his head to one side or the other ever so slightly, he'll notice that it becomes easier to see from these odd angles. Getting closer, Allen also notices color in the creature - the majority of its body is pure, steely silver, while its wings are plumed with blood-red, swordlike feathers. One golden eye gleams as the creature tilts its head to stare at Allen.

Then, it lets out a scraw, taking off in a shimmer of silver light. It takes off flying, gliding at a lazy pace further down the beach. Beneath the light of its wings, Allen sees something shining, but it's not metal - it's water, a river flowing down from the sheer cliffs and into the ocean. It's not a terribly deep river, but it is wide, and fairly fast - Allen likely won't be able to jump it, meaning he'll have to swim. Or, if he doesn't feel like getting his paws wet, he'll need to find another way around or go in a different direction.

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