Morphic - Open Thread the highwayman.
Jones the Heliolisk (Solar Power Ability).
Affected RPers: N/A.

It's been a rough few weeks. Jones struggles to scrounge up food in the meager desert, and she's not a survivalist. With a few familiar exceptions that are hard to find - Pomeg berries, as it turns out, are quite rare - she doesn't know what plants will fill her belly and which will kill her. Water is even more scarce. With no landmarks to guide her back, Jones can't find that old oasis anymore. No oasis means no water. And even if her new body can keep moving without water for a long time, no water will eventually mean death. That line of thought is what brought Jones to the jungle in the first place - even if she can't find food among the greenery, she's at least been able to find a bit of water, sparing herself from dehydration.

Somehow, despite barely finding a thing to eat for days, Jones is still on her feet. She suspects that the sun has something to do with this. Standing in the sunlight with her frill exposed to the rays is energizing, somehow. It helps to keep her going, but the pangs of hunger in her stomach tell her that simple sunlight won't be enough forever.

It's not an ideal solution. The jungle is too humid, too chaotic with bright green flora, with all sorts of roots and fruits that Jones has no way to know whether she should or shouldn't eat. But this chaos means that others might be here, and if there are other Pokemon, then there must be some source of food. Jones's scales are a bit too bright for proper hiding, but she makes do, shielding herself from view in a cluster of roots along a streamside path. From there, she watches, waiting to see who will pass by - if they can tip her off to the location of something she can eat, or, even better, if they have anything that she can tear from their hands and slip away with.

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