Staff Structure Overhaul!
Staff Structure Rework

Hello, URPG! Today, I’m here to announce a big overhaul in our structure of staff.

Over the past couple of years, there have been a few consistent problems that arise organizationally behind-the-scenes in staff. The biggest of these problems come from the amount of responsibilities put onto the staff team.

URPG Staff are expected to keep up with and be good at:
  • Game design and balance
  • Player discipline/moderation
  • General Infohub updates and management
  • Running general events
  • Approving purchases, trades, and starters

These are a lot of responsibilities to juggle and excel in, and not everyone enjoys doing all of these things. These varied responsibilities makes it hard for people to know what is expected of them, and can sometimes create imbalances in workload, since people naturally gravitate more to the things they like to do.

These might not be issues that were apparent to the general populace, or perhaps to some they were. Either way, it was causing some issues in the backend, so we’re hoping to improve on that. These changes should mean that decisions can happen a little more quickly and consistently, and reduce burnout by allowing people to dedicate their time to what they enjoy doing.

As a team, we’ve decided to move forward with the following organizational structure. Major thanks to Elrond, Gold, and the rest of the staff team for helping brainstorm and vet these ideas. We’re excited for this new structure!

New Structure

The full list of all roles and their powers/responsibilities can be found below, but first, to summarize, here are the biggest points you need to know:
  • The position of URPG Head will be reinstated, but with a different role and expectations. The URPG Head is a volunteer position elected democratically by staff members every 6 months. They serve as a dedicated point-of-contact for other communities, as well as someone in charge of community outreach and affiliation. They monitor staff duties and section performance, and delegate responsibilities as needed, if needed.
  • Moderators and officials will be merged into one role: URPG Staff. Recent staff trends have made the separation near-arbitrary. In addition, URPG Staff will be a solely disciplinary position. They will be in charge of moderating behavior.
  • New roles, teams, and divisions! Three new teams have been formed: Events, Upkeep, and Game Design! While officials and moderators currently fill these roles, they will be in charge of accepting applications from normal members into these positions when applications reopen on July 1st. Note that these are intended to be active, dedicated positions, not casual opt-ins.
  • Event coordinators are responsible for organizing and hosting general URPG events like auctions, Invitationals, gift stations, and more! They work with section higher-ups to keep things fun in URPG.
  • Content upkeepers keep things running smoothly. They are in charge of approving purchases and starters, and keep the non-section-staff sections of the Infohub and forums properly updated.
  • Game designers are in charge of the game’s direction and balance. Section heads and seniors are automatically included in the game design chat, though they are not obligated to actively fulfill game designer responsibilities. Game designers are in charge of handling development applications and improving the game's balance and QOL for everyone.
  • #section-staff will be merged into/replaced by the Game Design chat. Right now, we have a chat called #section-staff, which is where all section seniors and staff converge to discuss pertinent changes. The Game Design chat will take over this function.
  • Staff alumni will no longer have #section-staff access. Previously, they were present to have the chance to chip in on pertinent issues. However, only a select one or two have chipped in. The new Game Design chat and roles are intended to be filled with active, motivated individuals who have a good pulse on the current state of the game. However, staff alumni will still have their own chat if they’d like to semi-privately chip in on recent changes!

Below is the full list of every role and their complete responsibilities, powers, and permissions!

The Current Teams & Staff Changes

First of all, our beloved Dekrueger has announced that he is stepping down from staff, as he has not had to the time to be active of as late. We wish him the best and we appreciate his help during his time as staff!

Second, with the above rework considered, below is the new state of staff and its teams:

Elected URPG Head: K’sariya
URPG Staff: K'sariya, VeloJello, Gold, evanfardreamer, Elrond, Fenris, Dash
Event Coordinators: Gold, Mikey57, evanfardreamer, Fenris, Dash
Content Upkeepers: VeloJello, Gold, Fenris
Game Designers: K'sariya, VeloJello, evanfardreamer, Ash K., Elrond, Dash

General applications for Staff, Event Coordinators, Content Upkeepers, and Game Designers will open up on the first of July! We look forward to your applications! One important thing to remember going forward is that these are intended to be dedicated responsibility roles, not casual opt-ins--candidates will be decided on their dedication, activity, and ability in the areas they are applying in. Applicants will also be expected to act professionally as one would as any sort of figurehead for a community team.

We do not currently have heads for each of these individual divisions (design, upkeep, events), but it may be something we consider in the future for organizational purposes!

Moving Forward

We will be happy to discuss any suggestions or concerns that you have about these changes in #trainer-court, and any questions in #general-chat or #questions-approvals.

You can expect information on all of this to be updated across various platforms over the next couple of days as people organize and get settled in!

While these changes are permanent as far as we can see for now, they’re not immutable; if this system doesn’t work as well as we want, we can always move to some other organizational structure. We as a community are in a good place to try new things to help the game run a little more smoothly, and we are hoping this will let us do just that!
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