Maylee Week 3 Stats Thread
Welcome to Maylee Week 3!

All battles will be logged in the appropriate referee's log. Refs will earn an additional 1k for every battle reffed during Maylee. It does not count towards Legend.
Ref Wages will be coming shortly!

You must post your stats here before joining ANY Maylee battles. This may be simply a link to your normal stats EXCEPT for any rentals; all rental info must be put on your post in this thread, and editted as it changes. Remember to carry over Rental information from the previous week, even if you don't use the mons you rented last week, and also track the battles you've used rentals in. Once you have 10, please post in the mart to claim.

You will have until 11:59 PM CST Friday, May 31st to submit your box to RecordBot; submissions after this date will not be accepted, and must wait until Week 4.

Good luck out there!

Jolteon M / no EMs no HA / battles: 1
Espeon M / no EMs no HA / battles; 1
ive lost you and now im back to my old self, but i cant remember who that was: an advanceshipping + incineroar\houndoom fanfiction
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you'll see how it's faded
Elrond - Today at 1:43 PM
stop it morru we all know ur fursona is a Houndoom crossed with a thestral

Maylee rental: Tyranitar
Gender: Male
Ability: Sandstream
Moves taught: Bulldoze, Dragon Tail, Power-Up Punch, Pursuit, Icy Wind, Surf
Battles: 3/10
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Trainer Stats
Morphic: Wade
Hey apparently we have to post stats here?
hi fam

ope let me post here

my stats


Alolan Muk: The Elephant's Foot
Ability: Gluttony, Poison Touch
Nature: ---
Obtained: Battle Maylee [RENTED]
Battles: 2
W/L: 0/2
Moveset: Acid Armor, Acid Spray, Belch, Bite, Crunch, Disable, Fling, Gunk Shot, Harden, Knock Off, Memento, Minimize, Poison Fang, Poison Gas, Pound, Screech, Venom Drench
Taught Moves: Ice Punch, Shadow Sneak
Theme Song: Moderat - The Mark - Annihilation

Persian: Babylon (Firefly)
Nature: ---
Ability: Technician, Limber
Obtained: Battle Maylee [RENTED]
Battles: 0
W/L: 0/0
Moveset: Assurance, Bite, Captivate, Fake Out, Feint, Feint Attack, Fury Swipes, Growl, Nasty Plot, Night Slash, Pay Day, Play Rough, Power Gem, Scratch, Screech, Slash, Swagger, Swift, Switcheroo, Taunt
Taught Moves: U-turn, Foul Play
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