Hey all, Peaches here. I'm back! I played this game several years ago but dropped out of it, unfortunately. However, now I am back and ready to meet new people! I really hope that you welcome me into your community and get to know me!
I guess I should probably do a proper introduction as well. Some of the older members may know me from a different alias, but now feel free to call me Peaches. I'm twenty years old and I have many hobbies, so let me tell you just some of them I suppose. 

I enjoy music a lot, and love singing, writing music and playing various instruments! I'm a lot better at singing than I am the other things but I try to dabble I guess, haha.

I love to act at my local community theatre and play Dungeons & Dragons, which may stem from the fact that I used to roleplay a lot online as a kid. I guess that hasn't really changed much at all, huh?

I also love to cook! I'm not the best at baking, but I also try to hone it from time to time. My favorite meal to cook and eat is Spaghetti and Meatballs.

And but of course, last but not least, I love video-games. To be quite honest, they're more than a hobby for me. I play them every chance I can possibly get and am willing to try almost any video-game once! My favorite genre is kind of tough to decide though. I have a soft spot for platformers and I play League of Legends almost every day so, there's that I guess. I would love it if you talked about your favorite games with me. I love hearing how much passion can be poured into such a lovely art form.

Well, I suppose that's all I'm really going to opt to just blurt out about me onto a page. I really hope you get to know what a complex individual I am, and we become great friends. :)
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welcome back! We have a lot of LoL players here, so be sure to hit them up for game nights!
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