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FOR WHAT??? MAFIA!? or In this Case WEREWOLF!!!!  weary2

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So what's a Mafia/Werewolf Game?

Mafia is a game where you are split into two or three factions (Villagers, Werewolves, Third Party). As a villager, you have to lynch every single werewolf. As a werewolf, you have to outnumber the villagers. Third-party roles have their own special win condition that varies per role. While the Villagers are the blind majority, the Werewolves have the advantage of knowing who each other are (there are some cases where some don’t, like in this game) and their nightly kill.

The game then has two phases-- Night and day, where most of the action happen during the night. This game will be conducted in real time over discord. During the day, everyone can vote to “lynch” another player, kicking them from the game. During the night, everyone with actions will then send their actions to me via DM. Then the day begins and whatever has happened during the night will be revealed and people will get their action results. The cycle repeats until a faction has won. I will only reveal the KO'd person's alignment and not their role, e.g. Villager, Werewolf when they die.

So what're the Roles?

Well, each game has their own spins, but the game I'm hosting will feauture:

The Werewolves:
Lycanroc Midnight

The leader, the original wolf bitten from from generations of malice. This werewolf is normal in the day but becomes a ferocious beast at night before the moon.


Immune to the psychic magic of Xatu, and embracing the its powers of illusion, it cannot be traced by Xatu.

Third Party:

Is it your friend or your foe? We don't know! What we do know is that if it explodes (gets lynched) then it wins and the game is not over!

The Villagers:
Xatu is awoken each night by me and asked who they would like to see. I'll then indicate to Xatu if the person they have selected is either a Villager, or a Werewolf. Special roles are not revealed, only the person’s alignment, so Audino would be indicated as Villager.

This role, while first and foremost taking on all the elements of a regular Villager throughout the game, also has the additional powers of one potion and one poison, which they may use at any point throughout the game. Their actions will be done during the night via DM to me. I will then announce their action. They can only use one per evening until both are gone, and have the ability to save them until a point in the game they deem fit.

A villager who has the opportunity to protect a player from being killed every night, but can only do so once in each game

Decidueye is a villager, who when killed (by any means) takes their bow and arrow, and kills one other person with their dying breath. The target must be chosen quickly and without intervention from the rest of the village. Any protection the target may have received during the night phase no longer applies, and the target will be killed regardless of any other factors. They don't get to hunt the first night.

The rest of the town:
If all roles are taken, I will roll you a random pokemon from your stats that aren't already mentioned. They will not have any special roles.

The mafia game will be conducted on Discord on June 15, 2018 at 13:00 EST. DATE IS FLEXIBLE

I'm planning on having days be 30 mins - 1 hour long and nights be 15-20 minutes! Games are usually four days and four nights long, but can be shorter or longer. I'll extend/shorten day and night times as I see fit. If either Wolves fail to send during the night phase, then the game is over and the Villagers win. We'll treat this like a FFA. Failing to vote or contribute to the discussions two days in a row will result in disqualification regardless of alignment. (Electrode cannot win this way.)

Sign Ups:
1. @Gray Nine
2. @Surfer Liam
+ however many wanna play
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Remember to sign up! We can't actually play if there are two people! The absolute minimum can be done with three people in lighting fast rounds, which aren't that fun...
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[Image: grC1OXh]
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Count me in!

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