ILEX (Capture)
I deleted my previous submission for Metapod (titled “Dreams of Imago”) since I think it was too low effort.

Here's my new submission for capture:

[Image: BmSfdZy.png]


Capture. Metapod. Simple. Concise or extensive, do what you wanna.
Signed it as Morru on the lower left.
Done on GIMP 2.10.8 with mouse. And tons of patience. Special thanks to smooth stroke and the Eraser tool.
Style inspired by the wonderful Koolaid-Girl. Check them out.
[Image: Ofl2uek.png][Image: Gr0Pb2r.png][Image: Ofl2uek.png]
you'll see how it's faded
Elrond - Today at 1:43 PM
stop it morru we all know ur fursona is a Houndoom crossed with a thestral
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Great, looks awesome :)
Check this  cantif I recommend.

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