URPG Battle Section: May Melee (MAYLEE 2019)
(*Note*: Big thanks to Evanfardreamer for coming up with this entire idea! Big props to him!)


The rules are simple; 4 weeks of battle sprints with an ELO ladder system. Who can make it to the top?

Signups start now and last until 11:59 on May 14th CST.

One week sprints:
  • May 15th through May 21st
  • May 22nd through May 28th
  • May 29th through June 4th
  • June 5th through June 11th

After each week concludes (Midnight CST) the rankings will be tallied and ratings adjusted the following day. Battles in progress at the end of the sprint will count towards the FOLLOWING week.

We will be using the newly released Professor Kauri to track the ELO system! More on this and how rankings work will be forthcoming in the following week!

Battle Rules:

Modified Box Rules: When entering, at the beginning of each week, battlers submit a team of 10 Pokemon to form their battle box. Abilities, items etc do not need to be specified. This battle box CANNOT be changed for the duration of the week, unless a mon is traded or sold - in which case it is removed from the box and not replaced. EMs and HAs may be purchased at any time other than during a battle.

You may use different boxes every week. All Boxes will be sent to RecordBot before the week starts. All Box info (Stats on owned mons/rentals, HAs and EMs) will need to be posted to the respective week's thread before each battler may participate in the week's battles. All Maylee battles will be logged in a separate thread.

6v6 SM Private Full
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO/Evasion/Accuracy/Legends clauses active
Helds on, building terrain, no starting weather

If both battlers agree, the following rules may be changed: Mega/Z/Item/Species, Preview instead of Full

Battles use the regular pay system.

There will be prizes ranging up to Complex Pokemon for the winners/top of the ladder, as well as other various participation prizes for refs and battlers alike!

Rental Pokemon:

"But Gold," you might ask, "What about people that don't have 10 Pokemon?"

Introducing Rental Pokemon!
Everyone may rent at least 2 fully evolved Mart Pokemon to use during the event, and if they use those mons in 10 battles, they may keep the Pokemon! EMs and HAs may be put on these Pokemon; if you don't make it to 10 battles with the mon, all money is refunded at the end of the event. Anyone with less than 10 mons may rent as many mons as they need to make it to 10 Pokemon (min 2); these Pokemon carry over automatically into the next week if desired, and only need 10 battles total over the event to be earned (meaning you can use Greninja in weeks 1 and 3, and as long as you have 10 battles between those weeks you may keep the Greninja).

Good luck everyone, and make sure to get signed up soon!
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I am Gray Nine and I enter this event.
Also joining!
Entering. Also as I'm about to announce on Discord, you can submit boxes by sending "week1: TEAM" to Recordbot.
Did this thread get a little spookier with my entrance
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[Image: grC1OXh]
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Signing up
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Be a shame if I weren't in the event I pitched. And my axe!
Sounds fun, I'll participate!
Signing up!

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