A new Professor has taken up residence!
As I've long been promising, Dicebot 2.0 is finally here!

Professor Kauri is now available for use in the Discord server. Most of the commands are the same at the moment, but several have improved output and searching capability. Partial matching across all commands is greatly improved, and shouldnt error for little typos

  • !dex now provides embedded details for the Pokemon you search, so you wont need to open an external site. You can react with M to view Moves, which replaces the old !learnset command. X (and Y if applicable) reactions will show you the Mega form of that Pokemon
  • !dice now supports extended formats. Any number of # or #,# arguments can be provided, space separated.
    For example, !d 2,100 3,8 3 will roll two 100 sided dice, three 8 sided dice and a 3 sided die
  • The old !info command has been split into specific searches: !eot <effect> for end of turn effects, !statuseffect <effect> for statuses, and !veto to show the veto tiers. !weather coming soon
  • !metronome is now its own command instead of being a flag on !move
  • !rank <rank> will display a list of Pokemon matching the given rank. For Stories/Art these are grouped by generation, for Park they are grouped by location.
    !rank <location> will display a list of all Pokemon in a given Park location, grouped by rank
    The rank of a single Pokemon is shown in the !dex command.
  • !weight <pokemon> as before will give you the damage dealt to a Pokemon by Grass Knot or Low Kick
    !weight <attacker>, <defender> will calculate the damage a Pokemon can deal to another with Heat Crash or Heavy Slam
    Did you know Charizard is heavier than Blastoise?
Several more features will be released in the near future to support a much stronger Discord presence for the URPG!

Please feel free to provide feedback, suggestions and bug reports to me or in this thread.
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