Night Shade
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[Image: H0WzMxX.jpg]
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Very nice, picture is very "dramatic" :).
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Slowly but surely the art queue is being consumed  whew

  • All the figures in the work are identifiable, both as what they art (the Pokemon species are identifiable, for example), but also what they are doing (Selene, the female SuMo protagonist is obviously cheering on her Pokemon with a fist pump). You've simplified shapes in some areas to instead focus on getting the action or gesture of what's happening to come across accurately, and it works since this is done across the piece as an aesthetic choice.
  • I believe this work was done either in color pencil or crayon (slightly unsure due to texture and picture quality), but it's clear that regardless you know how to use the tools at your disposal well and with intent. For example colors are applied very smoothly in large areas (such as the orange-brown of Rowlet's body) where necessary for texture reasons, but is applied in more jagged lines and patches to show shading or move effects.
  • You've applied shading across the entire artwork, in areas that are either accurate or that add dramatic effect, such as under Rowlet's eyes to emphasize it's haunting gaze, or up Selene's body. This adds to the air of foreboding the move Rowlet is using seems meant to evoke.
  • I think this was an intentional choice but just to point this out; if Rowlet's move is meant to be emitting light, the areas closes to the move and it's epicenter (Rowlet) would be in highlight, not shadows. So for example the shading on Growlithe should be reversed, with the areas currently shaded instead being highlights, and vice versa. What you've done works well for adding a flair of dramatics, however.
  • Color is applied everywhere, both evenly and in rougher patches to denote texture or effects. The use of dark shading helps unify the colors used, while still allowing the focus (Rowlet and it's move) to stand out. Nothing stands out as particularly egregious, and it all works together to the benefit of the scnee while being faithful enough to the original color pallets of the pokemon and characters.
Narrative: ADVANCED
  • The action is both easy to identify and to understand; Selene is battling against Green's (or Gary / Blue depending on what name you like :P) Arcanine, presumably in the Battle Tree since that's where you see him in the games, and we can see hints of the Battle tree background behind the character's and Rowlet's Night Shade. Selene is cheering her Pokemon on to victory with a peppy fist bump , sowing both good motion and emotion, while Green seems to be either steadying or supporting his own Arcanine - there is a hint of his hand on it's mane to the far left of the artwork. 
  • Some slightly more dynamic poses from the trainers, perhaps seeing more of Green's face to see his expression, would help. Selen's fist bump is expressive, but slightly wooden; seeing more of her body could help with that as well (perhaps seeing if she is also leaping up while cheering?)
Scene: BASIC
  • While we can heavily infer what's happening and where from the action of the scene and the characters involved, the artwork itself doesn't show us much of the setting. There are glimpses of a background behind the character's and effects, but they mostly only portray setting through connotation. The scene is effective in bolstering other aspects of the work, though doesn't stand out much on it's own.
Conclusion: This work passes at HARD! You can claim $25,000!
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