Oh no! but then I was like "this is a story"... and a good one

Liam's Ref Log
[Graduated 5/20/2019]

Legend Tracker: $0/$1,000,000
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SM Public Open
Helds Off
Default Weather and Terrain
Roll for first send

Mako vs. Ash K.
Charmander, Rhyhorn vs. Spwepa, Pignite

Ash sent first and went "oh no!" when Mako's Charmander was giving the bug face full of flames, so we switched to a wrastl'n pig. Pig then got better ground with a flame charge, but Mako was all ":boi:" and sent in Rhyhorn who then plowed through the pig with earthquakes (not before the pig got two 5x arm thrusts in) and then a critical hitting stone edge took out the poor pug.

Mako gets $1000
Ash gets $500

I get $1000

Unpaid wages: $1000

first ever pay as ref ffpu
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SM Open Pub
Eva Accc SLP FRZ OHKO Mega Clauses ON
Helds ON
Random Terrain (Burial Ground) + Weather (Sand)
Roll for first sender

Julio vs. Sapahn
Kabutops, Gourgiest-Huge, Bronzong, Grubbin vs. Dragonite, Metagross, Deerling, Pidgeot, Heracross, Spinarak

Sand and rocks whittled down Sapahn's team a bit, but some big hits and priority pressure, along with trick room Bronzong and not much to counter it, let Julio put himself at a significant advantage over Sapahn. So they sent some babies for exp and Sapahn forfeited.

Julio gets $5000
Sapahn gets $2500

I get $4000

Unpaid wages: $5000
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SM Public Open
Volcano Terrain
Holds On
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO/Accuracy/Evasion/Species Clauses
No Legendary Pokémon
No Z-Moves
Challenger Sends First

Challenger Gray vs. Gym Leader Ash K.
Dragonite, Eevee, Aegislash, Greninja, Alolan-Ninetales, Slowking vs. Dragonite, Altaria, Hawlucha, Togekiss, (Mega)Salamence, Volcarona

Dragonite vs. Dragonite-- crazy I know right? Who would've thought either of these two would ever use Dragonite. SO, Ash's dragon tail's away Gray's and brings in Elsa, AN E E V E E. Done deal, right? If this were me, I'd be like "k, ff, gg, see you next year"-- but Gray toughs it out and WRECKS ASH WITH THIS EEVEE.... just kidding, eevee saw the light of day in Fortree gym and vamoosed, red carding Dragonite and in comes Altaria with MEGA pressure. Gray brings in Aegislash and uses it well to KO Altaria, not letting it megaevo. I'm like "okay but WOOF, ya got an eevee in the back boi". Hawlucha comes in to spice things up, kills sword and shield before it can even be released-- but Gray is cultured in the culinary arts and brings in a French/Japanese blend of Greninja to revenge kill. Togekiss then comes in all hot and bothered-- but a stonkaf gunk shot misses! Kiss getting the special defense drop on the frog was o o f for Gray, but his second gunk shot HIT before dying, but putting it in priority KO range for Gray's Dragonite. Ash brings out Salamence for some moxie/mega pressure and MISSES a crucial Draco Meteor! Getting hit with an ice punch nearly took it out-- putting it in priority KO range too, so swaperoo to his own D-nite, ash saves the beast for later d-d-d-duels. BUT THEN IT HAPPENED, our local king of the Fairies brings out Alolan-Ninetales who brings up SO MUCH PRESSURE, that it took over an hour for Ash to figure out the best way forward, as things weren't looking good for him. He brings in Volcarona, AND THIS MOTH IS SO MUCH MORE! A-Ninetales gets red carded and Slowking gets dragged in, solidifying Gray's team. They play swaperoos for a while to get the leg up on one another, ice sharding, hail stalling, aurora veiling, KOing the rest of mence right as he megaevos, and then quiver dancing as Gray goes for a Yawn. Unfortunetly for Ash and his comeback, I rolled a 3 turn sleep, letting Slowking break a sub, and then plowing through the rest of Volcarona and Dragonite. First defeat of Foretree E V E R in 42 challenges-- congrats Gray!

Gray wins and earns the Feather Badge + TM Pluck + $6000
Ash loses and earns $3500

I get $5000

Unpaid wages: $10000
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SM Public Open
Helds Off
Default Terrain
Roll for first send

Mako vs. Julio
Sliggoo, Charmander vs. Cutiefly, Venipede

Quick 2v2 to evolve sliggoo in rain (and also Charmander!). Mako went on the offensive while julio quiver danced and their pokemon watched from the sidelines. Fairy >> Dragon. Then a stun spore par'd Charmander giving the fly time to buzz and whittle it down enough for Venipede to come in and take it down with a double-edge.

Julio gets $1000
Mako gets $500

I get $1000

Unpaid Wages: $11000
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SM Public Open
Helds Off Default Weather and Terrain
Challenger sends first

Challenger Saphan vs. Gym Leader Voltaire
Raichu, Espeon, Alolan-Muk, Dragonite vs. Mienshao, Gallade, Scrafty, Infernape

Saphan volt switched out to espeon who but major pressure on Volt, who then switch to Gallade to whittle down the cat. Saphan realized Espi is a mon to keep and switches to Alolan-Muk, who gets close combatted and takes out Gallade. After the last few HP got drained from muk via mienshao, d-nite came in and began statting up as Volt missed a stone edge. D-nite began wrecking like it does before getting intimidated by scrafty and dragon tailed out. Dragonite comes back and takes out Scrafty as nape then came in and took out what remained of d-nite. Espeon, however, is just slightly faster and is too stronk for nape to handle, and thus Saphan wins Dewford's Knuckle badge from Volt.

Saphan wins and earns Knuckle Badge + TM Drain Punch + $3500
Volt loses and earns $2000

I reffed and get $3000

Unpaid Wages: $14000
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SM Private Full
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO/Evasion/Accuracy/Legends clauses active
Helds on
Building Terrain
No Weather

Ash K. vs. Dash
Accelgor, Sableye, Mega Charizard X, Porygon2, [Gallade, Chandelure] vs. Gengar, Eelektross, Greninja, Mega Metagross, Chandelure, Swampert

I took over about 1/3rd the way in after Julio and after Gengar had died and some mutual damage was done and toxic spikes on Dash's side of the field. Sableye has a lot cooler moves than I realized, need to get me one. BUT THE BATTLE. So there were some misreads on both sides, like when Sableye tried to metal burst against a toxicing Greninja, but oof does a Life Orb'd Greninja's U-tur hurt whew. Metagross came in and Ash then switched to Zard and the two Kaiju squared off. Hoping for a flinch, meta rock slided, but got KOd, not before weakening mega zard X. Chandy then came in and Ash stalled to do some poison damage, which really hurt since Ash got two protects off before dying. Sending in Pory2 was very off putting, since Chandy couldn't do anything to it, it traces shadow tag, and was ready to stall war. Instead, Dash sent in Pert and called it, feeling he couldn't break this wall and take on the other threats he had yet to see.

Ash wins and gets $5000
Dash loses and gets $2500

I refed 2/3rds of this and gets $2500, Julio gets $1500
+ $500 to us both as bonus

Unpaid Wages: $16500 + $500
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