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[Golduck/Cloud Nine]

The roar of the flow around him deafened any other noise. His vision was but a blur of white around the stones jutting from the cliff's walls, bathed in shades of blue under the midday's strong sunlight. How Wade was able to detect and evade the obstacles was beyond him, but he certainly wasn't complaining. Then again, he was streaking up the waterfall at a blistering pace one would probably describe as supernatural. The Waterfall attack was definitely handy in scaling The Spine's lower walls that reached down into Skylark Jungle.

With a final push, the duck Pokemon shot out of the top of the Cascade Falls, bounding toward the rocky shore to his right where he made his landing. The lush green of the forest that had been his backdrop below was replaced with the endless gray Wade began to survey under furrowed brows. Stone spires towered before him, becoming less and less spacious toward the horizon - a landscape much more demanding than the underbrush and trees below could muster. Mastering this terrain could prove useful, in addition to improving Wade's stamina for battle.

And stamina he certainly needed. He staggered a bit and looked pitifully to his shaking legs as they tried to steady themselves. The Waterfall attack, while useful, took its toll on the Golduck's body. Wade sighed. He could say the same thing for probably half of his moves, and that had ended up leading him to sticky spots in sparring sessions since his arrival on the island. He closed his eyes in reminiscence and scratched his chin with a webbed hand: he could also be fairly reckless with his physical attacks, he admitted to himself with a nod.

His thoughts were interrupted by the increasing warmth of the sun that was quickly drying his body. Wade glanced up with a scowl to which the bright white light of the sun quickly flooded in, forcing him to abruptly look away and rub his eyes in an attempt to regain his vision. He didn't know how long he had been on the island now, but it was definitely long enough for the sunny streak the island's climate seemed to be stuck in. He couldn't remember the last time he had been graced with a nice shower, but he could vividly make out the low, soothing rumble of thunder that accompanied the harmonious rhymic patter of rain in his head. He could almost see the sunlight slowly fade behind a sheet of black clouds.

The Golduck's vision was finally back in focus in time for him to see dark clouds dotting the southern skies. Wade peered toward the horizon well beyond black sandy shoreline that was Wayward Cove on the far edge of Skylark Jungle. He was almost convinced he still had a bit of sunlight to work out of his eyes until a swift round of thunder boomed in the distance.

He chortled, wondering if he willed the oncoming storm. But before he could let the joke rest, he shrugged his shoulders as he prepared to stretch his limbs for the hike ahead. Suddenly, the clouds seemed to leap closer. Wade shook his head and stared. He wasn't seeing things: the clouds were barely on the horizon but now took up most of it. The weather didn't move that quickly, did it?

He reached his left arm over his chest, grabbing it with his right and pulling. To his astonishment, the clouds followed each motion, drawing nearer across the previously clear blue sky. The sight of the hastily approaching rain filled Wade with a peppiness that turned his stretches into a silly dance that the billow couldn't help but follow along with.
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Morphic: Wade
Cassandra the Braixen [Ability: Magician]

The edge of the falls brought her clarity. Seeing the natural flow of the river suddenly twist and vanish was soothing, knowing that even the course of a torrent could be jarred unexpectedly. Cassandra gazed past it at the rest of the jungle below, wondering what the thick fronds concealed. Even though it had been several days, her memories of lands beyond where she woke were fragmented or gone.

She closed her eyes and again tried to picture something else. Focusing on her physical form, she focused awareness on the warmth of the sun, deliberately blocking out the sensation. The roar at the bottom of the great falls were faint from here, but she blocked the sound as well. The riverbank she sat on, with it's damp smell and soft dirt followed shortly. She methodically squeezed out every sense she could and meditated on the blank feeling between feeling, the underlying tension of existence.

It didn't last long before her senses shifted. Her arms and legs grew cold, and opening her eyes showed her a rapidly advancing bank of clouds. Splashing in the river drew her attention to a lone Golduck; it stretched and danced where the water moved quickly. Cassandra coughed quietly to announce her presence, trying not to startle the other but saying nothing until she knew its intentions.
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[Golduck / Cloud NIne]

The low rumble constantly drew nearer with the clouds as Wade gleefully continued stretching on the bank. Paying little attention to anything around him, he gradually made his way back into the water with each motion. The cloud cover crept over the sun, casting the area into dim light as Wade sat in the shallow edge of the river and proceeded to stretch his legs, kicking up water as he did so. The splashing caught the attention of an unexpected visitor who signaled to the Golduck with a cough that was almost lost to the low rumble crackling through the clouds before the first drops began to fall.

Wade paused and conceded a single vacant look to the opposite bank from which the sound came, where his eyes met the glance of a Braixen. He had almost missed the fox Pokemon completely as her darker than usual coat was becoming more difficult to distinguish from her darkening surroundings. He briefly wondered why she was staring at him, but her face gave away nothing and the duck Pokemon quickly lost interest. The rain was picking up as he heaved himself from the coursing river and turned to face the mountain range behind him. He stepped back onto the bank and made to start his trek toward the Stepping Stones.
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Morphic: Wade

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