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[Looking for a yellow scarf (sorta like a PMD scarf)]

Waves crash against the sandy beach. Rocky outcroppings form ramps, however treacherous, along the foreboding cliff faces. And disturbing this natural symphony is none other than a cyan-furred Lucario stepping up to the edge of a cliff, spotting a couple sloping paths in front of him.

Seiro had heard a bit about this place. Apparently some things would occasionally wash up on the shore here, things like scarves and other accessories. And what better place, the Lucario thought, to find such things than here? He tentatively makes his way down one of the rocky slopes, ready to reflexively loose a blast of aura to break his fall should it come to that.
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The shoreline is calmer today, the wind milder and the water less abrasive as it crashes down on the sands below. The tide is out at the moment, aiding in the mellow tone in the air as the water recedes away - but it will be back all too soon, to once again cover whatever it has left behind. Wet sand and exposed seashells litter the shoreline without the sea water to mask their presence. The shells glimmer faintly under the sunlight.

As the new visitor stepped out onto the sand, Seiro's paws displace it, the coarse grains sharply jabbing at the paw pads they came into contact with. This place was beautiful, but harsh, just like many of Mautte's locales. Flotsam Bluff was still a place to be wary of. 

As the canine made their way further down the shore, piles of rubble and stone became apparent, piled against the cliffs and scattered over with driftwood. Numerous places for things washed ashore to be found, stuck wedged in any number of places. Any might hold something useful...or something dangerous.

The driftwood seems to catch Seiro's eyes, his eyelids fluttering briefly as they seem to evoke a buried, hidden memory. They look familiar, and practical, but...why? The Lucario shakes his head, aura sensors flailing about as he tries to clear his mind and focus on just recovering something from the beach and returning inland.

He hastens his descent along the slope, eager to get down to the beach and take...something. What that something is, he still doesn't know, but perhaps inspiration will strike him as he gazes upon the masses of washed-up objects. Though...despite the terrain posing a challenge, this still seems almost too easy. He glances about, both with his eyes and aura sensors, wanting to make sure no one's lying in ambush.

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