Minor Art Change Announcement! - Simple/Easiest Limit
Hello, everyone! VeloJello and I are here with some news for the art section!

After some discussion, we’ve decided to make the change of limiting Easiest and Simple solo captures to two submissions per week. The one exception to this rule will be captures that follow the monthly theme; captures that follow the monthly theme will not contribute to this cap. There will still be a limit of two monthly theme rewards per month, regardless of rank.

We’ve also decided that the current limit of 3 Medium or lower cash submissions will be changed to 3 Simple or lower cash submissions per month.

There are a few reasons why we’ve made this change:
  • Curators have had difficulty maintaining motivation when confronted with a massive backlog of low-rank works. While we’ve had several valiant curators do incredibly well with maintaining morale while plowing through them, the large backlog typically has proven detrimental to motivation. The same is often true for curating multiple works by the same person, as it can often feel like the curators are saying the same things on repeat.
  • Since Easiest and Simple targets can be done more quickly than Medium+, this also gives curators a chance at getting to these smaller works in time for the next group to take previous curator feedback into consideration.
  • Being able to drop a ton of very small works makes the backlog also intimidating for other artists. When these are posted frequently together in large quantities, it’s difficult for artists to find spots where the backlog is low enough to feel comfortable submitting and to feel confident in their turnaround time. This change will allow an average of 8 Simples and Easiests per month, but spread out, giving people time to get into backlog slots.
  • One of the goals of the Art section is to encourage creative development and relative variety. While there’s no problem with using your artistic talents to catch Pokemon that are considered lower-rank by URPG standards, we feel that legend progress in the section should not be built on disproportionate quantities of Simple/Easiest submissions. While we think that the benefits of the pass-at-rank system are invaluable, this should help it from becoming exploitably lucrative.
  • We feel that Medium is a good cut-off for effort and curator motivation on both cash and Simple works. We allowed the Easiest/Simple limit much higher than the cash limit (8 as opposed to cash’s 3) because we still want the Art section to be a valid means of obtaining Pokemon for those motivated to do so!

A few clarifications:
  • You can continue to capture Easiest and Simples after the 2 submission limit by capturing them through multicaptures that require a rank of Medium or higher to capture the targets. However, multicaptures (Easiest + Easiest) that only amount to a Simple-ranked submission will still count toward the cap.
  • The limit is on two Easiest or Simple (two total works), not two Easiest and two Simple (four total works).
  • The limit on Easiest and Simple captures is not tied to the three-per-month limit on Simple or lower cash pieces.
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