Knights of Avalon.

The Knights of Avalon are intended as a Clan of peacekeepers. While they don’t go out of their way to enforce any particular laws, the bold little Sylveon leading them expects every member of the Knights to be prepared to defend the innocent whenever necessary.


The Knights are expected to maintain the Knights’ Code, whose tenets are thus:
  • Be, wherever possible,
    • Honest
    • Courageous
    • Compassionate
    • Just
    • Disciplined
    • Resolved
    • Sophophilic
  • and encourage those around you to behave similarly.
Members who break the Code are usually subject to rebuke from other members; Gawain will likely ask the member about their behavior, and, should their actions continue to be unbecoming or should they commit a great trespass, they may be demoted in rank or banished altogether. Gawain attempts to lead the Clan more like a mentor than a king.

Gawain expects all Knights of Avalon to be willing and ready to defend Mautte’s innocents against threats, and encourages the Knights to treat everyone as innocent until proven guilty. Clan members are also expected to help each other, and to lift each other up through support and good example.

While the Knights’ territory encompasses much of Somber Wood, the Knights do not harm those crossing through the woods without very good reason. The only place they actively defend is their own personal territory, a space which they try to enforce with walls and warning words rather than force.

Overall, the Knights of Avalon are a bit legalistic (and pretentious, in all honesty), but generally do their best to be good and to be orderly. Gawain wishes to bring together a Clan of Pokemon who want to see life in Mautte be peaceful and prosperous, and to do so through fair laws and personal kindness.

The Knights of Avalon are settled into the heart of Somber Wood, around Gawain's den and a crater that has left lots of deadwood and bracken for making dwellings (created here). A few spaces have been cleared for larger Pokemon and the beginnings of dwellings; most Pokemon shelter in small dens. The boundaries of the territory are clearly marks by scratches etched into the pines. 


Castellan: The leader of the Knights. The Castellan is expected to take on the joint duties of Chevalier and Laird, ensuring that the Clan is taken care of and therefore able to take care of others. While the Castellan has the final say in the Clan’s actions, they will be expected to listen to the rest of the Clan; ranking members are encouraged to bring their concerns to the Castellan. On official matters, the formal dissent of three or more members of the rank Knight or above will overrule the Castellan.
Current Castellan: Gawain.

Chevalier: A full-fledged member of the Clan who is charged with the more forceful side of peacekeeping. A Chevalier is expected to defend the Clan against threats and to fight on the front lines if the Clan must go into battle. A Knight may volunteer to become a Chevalier at any time, and their request will be subject to the Castellan approval. Chevaliers may be tested by the Castellan or another Chevalier if their combat prowess is in doubt. Chevaliers may recruit new members into the Clan.
Current Chevaliers: N/A.

Laird: A full-fledged member of the Clan who is in charge of logistics. A Laird attends to logistics, helping Pokemon who wish to move into the Somber Wood acquire housing and helping with the construction of these dwellings. Lairds are also expected to mediate in intra- and inter-Clan conflicts if need be. A Knight may volunteer to become a Laird at any time, and their request will be subject to the Castellan’s approval. Lairds may recruit new members into the Clan.
Current Lairds: N/A.

Errant: A full-fledged member of the Clan who volunteers for exploration and diplomacy. An Errant’s duties typically relate to scouting and finding resources. A Knight may volunteer to become an Errant at any time, and their request will be subject to the Castellan’s approval. The Errant ranking is often temporary, and usually conferred as needed. Errants may recruit new members into the Clan.
Current Errants: N/A.

Knight: Any full-fledged member of the Clan. A Knight may recommend new Clan members to a Laird, Chevalier, Errant, or Castellan, but they may not recruit members themselves. Knights will be invited to Clan meetings and will be encouraged to share their opinions.
Current Knights: N/A.

Page: An ally of the Clan who is not, or does not wish to be, considered a full member of the Clan for whatever reason. A Page will be welcomed into Clan territory and treated well, but they do not have all of the privileges of a Knight and they may not be invited to all of the same meetings as Knights. Members who have committed a wrongdoing but who still wish to be part of the Knights will often be demoted to Pages for a probationary period; this may also happen if someone with a known questionable history wishes to join the Knights.
Current Pages: N/A.

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