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Rinna's been walking through this desert for what seemed like forever. In fact, she'd lost track of time since she'd washed up on that beach, only knowing that it happened.

She stops walking for a moment; she's spotted a series of black pillars in the distance, and knowing that not knowing what that was would probably annoy her for the rest of eternity if she didn't check it out, she decides to go in their general direction.

And of course, when she gets there, she stops, inspects the pillars, and then sits down. Night is falling, and she thinks she'll spend the night here if nothing... interferes.
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Form: Houndoom
Ability: Early Bird
Affiliation: Rogue
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The old dog had gone wandering again, after her encounter at the burning mountain peaks had given her the knowledge she wasn't alone in this place. there were others beyond her and the young lizard she had crossed paths with - an interesting and useful tidbit that spurned her to go searching. Down the mountain sides and into the dry heat below, with sand baking under her paws and lashing against her flanks. A desert; something that felt at once familiar and uncertain. It niggled in the back of her mind, bringing up the feeling of many footfalls and painful days she could not grasp the details of - being here was peaceful and a nuisance at the same instance.

Still, to cut through the sands was the fastest way across the island as far as she understood it, and so she trekked deep into the heart of the desert, trying to find more populated locales. The sight of a monolith, with black stone and strange structures, was not expected but she took it in stride. If there was a danger then the shadows would lend there aid, and if there was else to find she'd deal with that as well. One didn't become old as she without some wiliness to them.

Approaching the structure, she calls out, wondering if any other souls had taken refuge here from the harshness of the desert. 

"I say, hello to any fellow travelers! If none mind I'd like to rest my bones here a while in peace from the sand; keeps whipping into my old eyes something terrible y'see? No need to take alarm from an ol' bone speaker like myself!"
Rinna Ichihara the Gardevoir :: Trace
Rinna is alerted to the presence of another being in her general vicinity by a voice, presumably belonging to the aforementioned being. She turns around to see a Houndoom covered in bones and talismans and all sorts of charms and things, which would normally make her scream in terror. She's less affected than she normally would be by the sight, though, seeing as the voice is somewhat... friendly, and so she curtsies nervously and begins to introduce herself.

"Umm... hello. My name is Rinna Ichihara. I washed up on this island not too long ago. Erm..."

She pauses for a moment, trying to collect her thoughts. 

"Who might you be, if you don't mind me asking? You're the first face I've seen since I left the beach..."

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