pre-story notes: Seongwoo is pronounced /song-woo/ pls forgive my koreeb tendencies


Flowerbombs lit up the night sky at the clearing of the forest.

Seongwoo's eyes twinkled at every flash at the sky. At every appearance of the flowerbombs, his mouth opened wide into a smile. Sounds of awe and amazement escaped from him without intention. His body felt giddy, but he had no one to share his excitement, though.

He was alone in the clearing, aside from the flowerbombs that keep him company and the flowers that sway around his surroundings. In fact only Seongwoo seemed to enjoy the colors both in the ground and in the sky.

Seongwoo never knew what they were truly. It had been months since he first saw the flowerbombs decorate the night sky. Sometimes they show up a lot, at times only a few. But they did not come regularly. Even if he was asleep, the bright lights awakened him, and so he usually ran to the clearing secretly from his herd.

Whatever they were, he loved them because they reminded him of his own. Pink flowerbombs were the same color as his own fur during the springtime, just like tonight. Green ones reminded Seongwoo of the intense summer heat and cool nights. Some of the flowerbombs were orange, just like the leaves as they fell from trees. White flowerbombs looked cold yet pure, like the first snow Seongwoo sees before he hibernates along with his deerfolk.

Not only colors came with the flowerbombs. Seongwoo found himself amused by each pop that followed the spread of the colorful lights, like how thunder during a storm always followed the flash of lightning. The union of the colors and the sounds made Seongwoo name them flowerbombs.

Seongwoo knew what bombs were, and they were nothing like the flowerbombs he loved so much. It was nighttime back then, when the deerfolk's fur recently turned from pink to green, when a loud explosion woke everyone up, including a younger Seongwoo. All everyone saw was the trees knocked down, the grass were burnt as the fire left its marks as it died through the help of the forest dwellers. No one was hurt, but the smoke stung everyone's noses.

After a few weeks, when the last fallen trees were moved and flowers started to bud, the first flowerbomb made a show in the night sky. It was red, like the fire that burned down the forest before. Seongwoo learned that night that not everything bright and loud was dangerous. Perhaps the flowerbombs reminded the forestfolk of the flames and ashes.

Now, the flowerbombs were even more alive. There were more colors, those that were different from any of Seongwoo's fur, or even the flowers. Not only that, but the flowerbombs seemed to form lines and shapes, as if they were dancing. It reminded Seongwoo of the dances of the birds and the bees in the forest, and he giggled at the idea of it.

Even a lot more flowerbombs arrived at the night sky, perhaps it was the most Seongwoo had seen. His own eyes felt ecstatic, as if they pulsed to the growth of the lights of the flowerbombs. Their arrival did not stop. It felt like daytime, only more colorful, with the lights covering the night sky fully. Soon, the lights looked like the bed of flowers Seongwoo had always loved.

Seongwoo's little body could not handle his own excitement. He felt as if his body could fly up and join the celebration in the sky and spread his colors for everyone on the ground to see. He was starting to become envious of the birds of the forest; perhaps they could see the flowerbombs closer, he thought. For now, Seongwoo could only hop and trot around with his tiny hooves to the beat of the flowerbombs.

The flowerbombs were in full bloom, but soon enough it subsided ever so slowly. The night sky was able to show itself temporarily, but the flowerbombs were still relentless. Seongwoo's mood, however, did not go down one bit. In fact, his eyes were piqued at an object from the sky that was about to land near his direction. It had a small light, not as bright as the flowerbombs, but Seongwoo could see it as it finally descended to the ground. The object landed, and Seongwoo went nearer to see it closer. It was like a cylinder, with one end pointed and the other with a string attached. The light that Seongwoo saw came from that string, and the light went nearer the object, until...

Red light exploded from it, accompanied by a loud noise, just like the flowerbombs. But this time, Seongwoo was startled and jumped backward through reflex.

However, it was not just light that came out. Now, flames started to grow on the grass on the ground of the clearing, red as the light it emanated a while ago. Seongwoo started to walk away from it when another object from the sky fell just by the side of what his eyes could see and it exploded as it landed. This time, the light was pink, but the flames were a vibrant shade of red.

Seongwoo's heart started to beat fast, his instinct was to let his four legs run away from it. But more objects fell near him. One fell behind him, green. Then two more, blue and purple.

Seongwoo found himself surrounded by the lights that were in different colors, now united as one red fire. Seongwoo cried for help, perhaps someone heard the objects from the sky too, but the flowerbombs were in full bloom once again. The flowerbombed sky was competing with the fire, and Seongwoo's eyes started to hurt, not only from the too bright lights but from the smoke that rose from the flames.

The circle of fire went nearer to where Seongwoo was paralyzed from fear. He could not move his legs, which were once trying to gallop away before he was trapped. The smoke went thicker, and the display of the firebombs were obscured from his eyes.

The flames went so close to Seongwoo's shaking body that it seemed to tease, but each slight touch sent a jolt of pain and heat, and Seongwoo could only wince for he could not move any more. As the flames and the smoke and the flowerbombs were the only ones his eyes could see, he could hear a commotion coming from the other side of the flames. It was a cacophony, but Seongwoo was able to hear one clearly: "It's the same as the previous fire, let's do the same, quick!"

And the exhibit of colors that Seongwoo was seeing was now behind a curtain of solid black.


Author's notes:

Yes, flowerbombs are fireworks. Inspired by this song, apparently fireworks can be translated as flowerbombs :thinking:

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