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Age: Teen
Befitting his pre-Mautte time as a Pokémon biologist, Seiro tends to approach situations analytically and with the intent to learn as much as he can. Snap decisions aren't really his thing; he prefers to think more deeply about choices, and if he has to think fast the results may not be as good. Despite this, Seiro will prioritize acting quickly if scared or startled, losing his analytical exterior under the pressure of primal fear.
This outward appearance of detachment and dealing in facts and figures may make Seiro seem unapproachable. Beneath that, however, lies a deep potential for bonding with others. Seiro values and appreciates the power a tight bond can bring, but he doesn't expect, or even want, to be around others all the time. Sometimes, a brief moment of time to himself can help him avoid getting burned out with others, letting him return feeling refreshed and ready for more group things.
From a young age, Seiro was fascinated by the elemental creatures that lived alongside humans. What was it about Pokémon that afforded them these amazing powers? This question drove him to want to study Pokémon, to learn everything he could about them. And so, when Seiro came of age, he became an apprentice under a local Pokémon biologist specializing in identifying and categorizing them by their most potent elements. When not studying live specimens, Seiro looked over the list of known Pokémon his superior had created, finding one of them most appealing: Riolu. When another Riolu was brought in for studying, Seiro requested to keep it, and his superior obliged, letting him keep the Riolu as his own Pokémon and study the genus more in depth. Through his studying of his Riolu, Seiro grew even more attached to him, having found the closest thing to a friend outside of a worker/boss relationship. None of that could have prepared him for washing up on the shores of Mautte, having himself become a Riolu with no recollection as to how or what he had done before then...


Mega Stone (Fighting) (Attuned): Seiro found this small orangeish stone on the beaches of Lucent Bay. It doesn't seem to do much yet, though Seiro feels it holds potential.
Mega Stone (Grass) (Unattuned): Seiro found this small greenish stone near the waters of Drifting Oasis. Unlike the Fighting stone, this one reacts most to Seiro's Serperior form.
Metal band: A small metal band that fits neatly around Seiro's wrist. A circular notch is imprinted on one side of it, currently with the Fighting Mega Stone inserted into it.
Power Band: A yellow scarf Seiro found in the depths of Flotsam Bluff's caves. Just wearing it gives Seiro an extra bit of power in body and spirit, strengthening his physical moves.


Seiro joined the Knights of Avalon, run by Gawain.

Available Forms

[Image: Aura_Lucario.png]
Lucario [M]
  • Form Type: Linked
  • Appearance: Unlike a normal Lucario, Seiro's Lucario form has vivid cyan fur and calm blue eyes. He also has an extra thumb-like finger on each hand-paw.
  • Abilities:
    • Inner Focus: Seiro's aura flares up to snap him out of losing focus from an attack. This also tires him a bit.
    • Steadfast: Seiro can flare his aura up after losing focus from an attack, letting him move and attack faster for a time. This lasts for one post and can only be used every three posts.

[Image: Blob_Goodra.png]
Goodra [M]
  • Form type: Linked
  • Appearance: The two shades of purple on Seiro's Goodra form are reversed; instead of lilac with a violet underbelly, he's violet with a lilac underbelly.  Additionally, Seiro's Goodra form is entirely gelatinous. If Seiro is completely submerged, retaining a distinct body takes a full post's worth of effort and gradually tires him, and he can't switch forms until out of the water.
  • Abilities:
    • Sap Sipper: Seiro can drain fluids from Grass-type moves involving contact with plants, like Leaf Blade, allowing him to slightly heal damaged parts of him at the expense of moving a bit slower for a time (three posts). More abstract Grass-type moves, such as Energy Ball, are unaffected.
    • Hydration: Seiro can absorb water, whether from bodies thereof or from rain, allowing him to heal passively as long as he keeps absorbing water and shedding damaged parts. However, constant contact with water must be maintained for this to work.
    • Gooey: Seiro's goo is less viscous when this ability is active. When struck with a move making direct contact, he can release some goo onto the attacker, sticking to them and hindering their movement. This can only be activated every three posts.

[Image: Deluge_Floatzel.png]
Floatzel [M]
  • Form type: Linked
  • Appearance: Seiro's Floatzel form is that of an ordinary shiny Floatzel.
  • Abilities:
    • Swift Swim: As a Floatzel, Seiro's more agile in water than on land, allowing him to move much faster swimming than he could with running. In rain, he can form a shell of water around himself for the same effect, but doing so tires him more easily.
    • Water Veil: Seiro can insulate himself from heat sources, particularly ones that could burn him, with a shell of water. This makes the heat less intense, and protects him from any burns it could cause. However, the shell inhibits his movement on land, and keeping it active wears Seiro out in both land and water.

[Image: Maple_Serperior.png]
Serperior [M]
  • Form type: Linked
  • Appearance: The scales and leaves of Seiro's Serperior form are perpetually clad in autumnal colors, his scales in varying shades of brown with the stripes brightened to a yellow-green color.
  • Abilities:
    • Overgrow: Seiro can overcharge his Grass-type abilities, powering them up and causing a green glow to envelop his scales. The ability lasts until deactivated, but it drains him twice as quickly while active.
    • Contrary: Seiro can steel himself against an attempt to soften his battle prowess, making such moves have an opposite effect. Only usable once per battle.

[Image: Feather_Rookidee.png]
Rookidee [M]
  • Form type: Earned (Medium, reduced to Simple by event)
  • Appearance: Seiro's Rookidee form is much redder than the norm for the species, sporting violet wings and an orange chest. The usual red eyes of Rookidee, however, are fuchsia instead.
  • Abilities:
    • Keen Eye: Seiro's eyesight is sharper in this form. He can see a longer distance than usual, even through obstructions like mist or dust storms.
    • Unnerve: Seiro's unassuming form yet eerie gaze makes him an attention-grabber in a crowd. His presence seeps into the back of nearby Pokémon's minds, making it difficult for them to divert their full attention away. They can still do idle actions, but anything more in-depth like fighting that doesn't involve him is a greater mental challenge.

[Image: Wave_Raichu.png]
Raichu-Alola [M]
  • Form type: Linked
  • Appearance: Seiro's Raichu form appears to be somewhere between the mainland and Alolan variants. While the anatomy is unmistakably Alolan, even including the surfboard tail, his coloration is much more in line with a mainland Raichu.
  • Abilities:
    • Surge Surfer: As a Raichu, Seiro uses a combination of electric and psychic power to fly. When in an electrically charged area, such as during a thunderstorm or Electric Terrain, Seiro can absorb that electricity and use it to fly faster. Non-damaging Electric moves, such as Thunder Wave, similarly fuel his flight.

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