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The girl shows her green naivety quickly. Babbs realizes it as the Haxorus charges ahead of her, stumbling and catching on everything along the way, including a nasty thwack in the face from a solid branch, shouting back about "seeing her off." With her bad feeling heavy in her gut, Babbs hopes that they'll be seeing off the one Opal thinks they will be, and not the one that Babbs fears.

Even as the worst of her imagination becomes reality, Opal brushes past her. The Haxorus' hard scales and thick tail bump her as the dragon passes, but the Gogoat stands stoically still, the prey instinct of flinching away smothered beneath the heavy weight of the old Gogoat's understanding. She lowers her head and watches as Opal struggles against the log. The old Ranger sees herself mirrored there in that moment--memories of her straining against the weight of a boulder in a futile attempt to move it; memories of the blood; memories of what it looked like when help finally arrived to lift the giant stone that had come tumbling down the mountain with the landslide. Babbs isn't angry at Opal for trying--she's glad. It was better to try, to truly know that nothing could have been done, than to not try at all, and be left with the guilt of wondering. There are simply certain burdens that the heart and the mind were never built to take.

As the realization sets in, Babbs extends a vine carefully from beneath leafy pelt, seeking to rest it gently on the olive plates of Opal's back. She watches as the Trainer tries to give comfort.

There's not a response from the crushed creature until the final moment, when a sudden clarity and alertness seems to cross the dragon's eyes. The mother dragon locks her gaze with Opal's, pupils wide, and then great bladed skulls gives the smallest of nods before it lowers to the earth with a sigh.

The Axew, small forehead pressed against Opal's, doesn't look. Tiny claws cling around Opal's neck as the child holds her close. They sit in silence.

When Babbs' charge speaks and wraps the child in her arms, the Axew doesn't look up. She tenses, alert as she listens, and then as soon as Opal's voice fades, she buries her face quietly into her new mother's chest.

Babb's hooves click lightly against the scattered branches and stones as she steps forward. The vine that had rested comfortingly on Opal's back applies a bit more pressure, now, reminding her that she was here. "Let her rest," the old goat says, nodding toward Opal's bag, where her Pokeballs lie. Another vine sweeps from beneath and wrests a large bough of leaves from a branch, placing it gently over the Haxorus' features. "Find peace," she wishes quietly, then turns her eyes expectantly to Opal. Hopefully, if Babbs' previous experiences with the portal have been any indication, they will be freed from this world as soon as they've taken the Axew with them--and Babbs hopes so. She's not sure how much she can take of these mountains, both on her body and her heart.

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