Morphic - Private Thread off-course - aladdin and jones.
Jones the Heliolisk (Solar Power Ability).
Affected RPers: SinnohEevee (Aladdin).

There are a lot of perks to living in the desert: the days are pleasantly warm, the nights are invigoratingly cold. The sun almost always shines gloriously overhead, with expansive blue skies. And most importantly, there's the pleasant solitude.

Unfortunately, as Jones's parched tongue and grumbling gut remind her, there are plenty of reasons why everyone doesn't just move to the desert.

Jones's nose leads her to a reprieve - the smell of heat and sand diminishes in the distance, replaced by the scent of scrubgrass. Before long, the sand grows denser and firmer; tufts of green flora poke out in defiance of the heat. Jones follows these shoots of grass, and soon she can see smudges of green and brown on the horizon. Trees - thin, tough, nearly bone-dry trees, but still trees. And where there are trees, there is undergrowth. Jones recognizes a familiar scent; despite her near-dehydration, her mouth waters at the aroma of Pomeg berries. She hurries forward - she's finally getting used to walking on her long toes and using her tail to balance - and doesn't stop running until she reaches the sweet fruit. With her spindly arms, she gathers up as many as she can, then sits with her back against a tree to tear the Pomeg pulps free of their protective husks.
Zelda the Espeon (Ability: Magic Bounce).
No affiliation.
Affected RPers: Katie.

Zelda was lost, wondering where to go. This area was grassy, very grassy, but there weren't many trees. Her stomach started to grumble, so she kept going on and on, in the hopes of finding trees with fruits. She kept walking and walking, but after 15 minutes, she started getting tired. She needed to eat. Looking at the distance, she saw a tree with fruits she didn't recognize. She didn't know how they taste, but it didn't matter that much since she was hungry. She approached the tree until she was at a short distance from it, then used her psychic powers to get the fruits next to her and started munching on them. They were delicious! She ate every single one of the fruits she caught and was now feeling well. Her stomach full, she kept walking until she saw a Pokémon in front of her.
"Hello! I am Zelda. Who are you?" she said, as she got at a close distance to it.
Jones the Heliolisk (Solar Power Ability).
Affected RPers: SinnohEevee (Aladdin).

Bittersweet red juice runs down Jones's chin in rivulets. She's slowly but surely getting used to chewing her food on these small, needle-fine teeth, though she's still a bit clumsy. She doesn't care much about appearances, though; so what if she's a messy eater?

As a result of her mess, however, her jaws are quickly stained bright red. To a casual observer, it might appear as if her mouth is stained with blood. Once again, casual observers shouldn't be a problem - or so Jones thinks until she sees a silk-furred pink Pokemon walking toward her on delicate paws. The creature's big, deep blue eyes, the gem on its forehead, and the fork in its tail bring the word Espeon to the front of Jones's mind. Her scowl deepens, but only slightly. She doubts this Espeon is a threat; slowly, Jones is getting used to the almost sickeningly friendly attitude of most Pokemon on this island.

"Name's Jones," Jones answers, licking a bit of juice off of her scaly chin. "What do you want, Zelda? I'm trying to have a royal feast, here." For emphasis, she curls her tail around one of the unbroken Pomegs, pulling the fruit she's claimed closer to herself.

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