Starter Changes!

As some of you saw in Trainer Court, we've had some discussions recently revolving around changes to eligible starters. We've heard your suggestions and concerns, and greatly appreciate the input of all who chipped in during the discussions!

Ultimately, we saw concerns around newbie momentum, a demanding bottleneck, and more. We want to take a first step at opening the starter pool to alleviate some of these concerns. Hopefully, this change will help alleviate some of that pressure, and give newbies a little more flexibility with what they choose.

Staff has voted on the issue, and decided that all evolving non-legendary Pokemon will be available as starter Pokemon, able to be claimed in their basic form. This means that single-stage Pokemon cannot be starters, but anything non-legendary with an evolution can be. This includes Type: Null!

Note that this will not affect people who have already started. If you would like to take advantage of this change, you will need to reset in order to use this change.

Thank you all for your input!
URPG Staff

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