Name: Wade

Age: Adult

Personality: Independent and stubborn, Wade has absolute confidence in his actions but pays less heed than he should to the words of others. He doesn't communicate well and tends to prefer his efforts be solo, but will do his best to work with others. Underneath it all, he's caring and selfless toward others, often putting them before himself. That is until they're in the way of his becoming the best at whatever he does.

History: Since waking up soaked and covered in sand on the beach of Mautte Island, Wade has lost nearly all memory, except the name "Wade." He doesn't remember his goals exactly, but a faceless hero just grasping the edge of his subconscious seems to drive him forward.

Species: Golduck

Gender: Male

Form Type: Imported, Wade (Golduck) in Trainer Stats


Cloud Nine: With focus (one post of preparation prior to use), Wade is capable of using telekinesis to permanently "push" weather away from the area as if by a strong wind (this does not prevent the same weather conditions from being recreated, if possible).

Damp: Wade summons a burst of water stronger than a Hydro Pump to deflect a self-destructing move or a Fire-type move. Exhausts Wade of his ability to use Water-type moves for two posts (counting the one in which Damp is used). One use per thread

Appearance: Ordinary Golduck

Posts: 27 (1/3 Forms claimed, 1/2 Characters claimed)

Golduck: 27 (4/5 EM's claimed)
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Rain Dance [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
3/4 [1] [2]
Thirsty Thursday [1][2]


Place of Residence:

Trainer Stats
National Park: Marcus Fowler, Joseph "Joe" Andersen (Ranger)
Morphic: Wade

"the fuck's a snowball" -K'sa, 2020

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