[EVENT] Legacy - The Mega Art Event!

Have you ever thought about leaving a legacy here in URPG? Literally making your mark on the community? If so, then put your artist and graphic designer hats on, and get ready for the:

Legacy - The URPG March Art Mega Event!

That’s right, in the month of March, we’re hosting not one, not two, but three contests in order for you to leave your mark on the URPG! We're looking for a new set of looks, and it's your art that can find a permanent home on our site, on Discord, and in everything we do! We have three different competitions you can enter, and you can enter into as many of them as you'd like or as few, as many times as you'd like!

URPG Logo Contest
New year, new look! We’d like to find a new logo for the URPG to give everything we do--from our sites to our marketing materials--a unified look!

There are no size constraints on the logo, but please bear in mind that the logo will need to be resized to a multitude of different sizes. A png render of a vector image would be an ideal submission for voting, with the vector being provided to K’sariya in the case of a winner; if you aren’t able to provide a vector image, then the minimum size recommended is 750x750 pixels (if not square, at least 750px in one dimension is preferable). The new logo will ultimately be determined by staff.

You have freedom with how much (or how little) information you put into the logo, as long as it has some relation to URPG. You can include the whole and unabbreviated title, or you can just use the URPG abbreviation!

Professor Kauri Avatar Contest
For those who haven’t been introduced, Professor Kauri is the new bot that will handle a bunch of forum-based functions soon™! We're trying to give this Professor its own look with its Discord avatar.

There is no specific size constraint for Kauri’s avatar, but the final image will end up being 128x128 pixels when it is use, so keep in mind that the final image should look good at a small size. Everything about Professor Kauri - their age, body type, gender, ethnicity, etc - is up to interpretation, so feel free to go wild on Kauri’s design! They’re named after the Kauri tree if you’d like to draw inspiration from that!

Professor Kauri’s avatar will be selected by our community. Once the contest is over, there will be a one-week voting period, during which members will send their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd avatar picks to either K’sariya or VeloJello. (Pst - members who vote in the avatar contest will get $1,000! Participate in that wonderful, lucrative democracy!)

Forum Banner Contest
The current forum looks pretty good, but we’d love to have some of our members’ beautiful artwork as the basis for a new skin. The first place winner will have a skin (with matching colors) featuring that banner made for the forum, with their username credited in the skin's name!

While there is not a particular theme planned out for the banner, bear in mind that it should reflect the welcoming and adventurous nature of the URPG. On the technical side, the banner should be anywhere between 1500px to 1750px wide and around 300px tall. While you have a little bit of flexibility, going under these constraints may result in slight pixelation when they’re fit to the frame. Remember to review the rules on what content you can use in your submission(s)! Please note that the winning URPG logo will go on top of the banner regardless of the winner/its content (similar to the way the game's name is now on the current banner), so it’s preferred to not put any additional text on the banner outside of the artwork!

The forum banner will be voted on by our lovely curators, and the winning banner will be adopted as a permanent part of the forum theme.

Each of the above sections has their own set of the below rewards and placements. Each section’s rewards will scale with the number of participants that enter into each section of the contest! If at least five people enter into a single section of the competition, the rewards for that section will scale up! They are as follows:

1st Place: Hard Pokemon (--> Complex)
2nd Place: Medium Pokemon (--> Hard)
3rd Place: Simple Pokemon (--> Medium)

If you'd rather claim cash instead of the Pokemon themselves, winners will be free to do so!

  • You are free to use art you’ve created before this competition in your entries! You are also free to submit new art that you make in the art section.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries you can make; you can submit as many entries in each section as you’d like, and participate in as many or as few of the sections as you like.
  • No art plagiarism. Any and all all art you use should be either official art (such as official illustrations, TCG artwork, sprites, anime screenshots, etc.), art that you’ve made yourself, or art that the artist has given you (or everyone) explicit permission to use. We want these items to reflect the talent of our wonderful community, not anyone else’s!


To enter, please use the form below for each entry:
[b]Work Title:[/b] (optional)
[b]Contest:[/b] (which contest the work is entering in)
[b]Sources:[/b] (optional, but you may be asked for them)
[b]Entry:[/b] (can use spoiler tags if you'd like. If you're submitting a vector, feel free to submit a PNG version of it for the contest and save the vector for when we announce the placement/rankings)

The deadline for all entries is April 30th, 11:59pm CST. Voting on all works will begin after that. Good luck to all participants; we can’t wait to see the wonderful art you cook up!

Work Title: Grandma Time
Contest: Kauri Avatar (with bonus fullbody design)!
Sources: N/A.
Entry: Here she comes!
Title: Infinite Possibilities
Contest: URPG Logo
Entry: I have three variations for this one entry, staff may choose which one they use:

Title: Torterra
Contest: URPG Banner

Title: Generations
Contest: URPG Banner
This is extremely late, but oh well!

Title: Memories of Petalburg
Contest: URPG Banner
[Image: mw2tsvf.png]
[Image: Ofl2uek.png][Image: Gr0Pb2r.png][Image: Ofl2uek.png]
you'll see how it's faded
Elrond - Today at 1:43 PM
stop it morru we all know ur fursona is a Houndoom crossed with a thestral

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