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Cassandra the Braixen (Ability: Magician)

Everything hurt. Cassandra gradually came back to her senses; feeling the throbbing pain in her forehead, the deep ache of being in the cold ocean water, and dozens of cuts and scrapes covering her body and arms. She was clinging to a roughly-hewn chunk of wood, bobbing in the sea's swells and troughs. Rain poured down around her as the storm raged. Flashes of forked lightning showed nothing else near her, but a dark smear on the horizon looked promising.

The only other thing she'd held on to was a hard leather satchel, currently sitting on top of the wooden beam she hung from. She had a vague memory of its contents spilling into the water, but no idea how long ago it had been. She couldn't recall the name of the ship she'd been on - had she? A brief flash of  wood, flames, and sound was all she had to go on.

Another bolt of lightning focused her attention on the present. As the thunder boomed she shifted her grip on the beam and kicked feebly with her legs, aiming for the darker silhouette. Pain and fatigue scattered her thoughts; the next thing she knew was calmer waters as she drifted into a shadowy and indistinct cove. The rain had stopped at some point and the lightning was further away and less violent. The sand under her paws was a welcome relief, and she dragged herself and the plank that'd saved her life up onto the beach.

She lay on her back for several moments, simply enjoying firm ground beneath her. In the infrequent flashes of light from the spent storm, she spotted a few pieces of driftwood on the beach. Slowly she stood, moving painfully to gather them and pile them together. With a few words and an effort of her will she conjured a few embers and used them to ignite the wood. Gradually it caught and a small fire was soon crackling away beside her. The warmth after so much cold was heavenly, and she lay down again beside it.
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