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Bluto the Gabite (Ability: Sand Veil)
No Affiliation
Affected RPers: None

The smell of seawater stung the noseholes of Bluto as his eyes squinted. The sunlight, though soft with the morning light, felt particularly harsh waking the boy. Bluto shifted around, feeling the wet sand below him cling to his body as he turned on his side. 

Blinking his eyes open, Bluto looked up and saw the blue sky, light cirrus clouds scattered here and there on an otherwise empty palette. He squinted, trying to push himself into a sitting position. However, this action was the first sign that something was wrong, for when he reached for the sand, only one digit sank into the sand below him. In the process of sitting up, Bluto felt sand graze across what felt like an extra appendage jutting out his back.

Shocked, Bluto sat up completely. He looked down at his feet, finding indigo reptilian feet as opposed to what he was used to. Between his legs was a stubby tail. Bluto put his arms out in front of him. Though he could barely catch a glimpse of his arms, he noted what looked like talons on the end of fin shaped features where his hands should be. 

As far as genetic makeup would show, Bluto inferred he was no longer a human, but rather a Gabite. 

Bluto shook his head and tried to recall any scenario that may have lead him into this circumstance. Did he perhaps pull the tail of a Ninetails? Did he make any poor contracts with ghost pokemon? Despite his best efforts to recall anything before waking up, nothing came to mind. 

Bluto rolled onto his belly, pupils shrinking. There must be some explanation, but he couldn't figure out what.
For the first time, Io heads back to the Wayward Cove.

She'd been avoiding it for a while, avoiding the residual trauma that lingers even without memory of it, of steel body being thrown mercilessly by the sea, even with its weight. She knows from her brief experiences with water on that island that any normal water would have drowned her, but for some reason, Mautte had chosen to save her from whatever waterlogged fate had been deemed her previous destiny. Others, too. She wasn't the only one that Mautte had chosen to save from the water's clutches.

The heavily-scarred Absol picks her way down the narrow path etched into the cliffs. When black claws touch to black sand, her vision focuses to see a figure washed up by the waves. Head tilts; she's not sure of what this creature was in particular, but an edge in the fog of her memory tells her that its evolved form was nothing to sneeze at, even if she can't recall it. Carefully, the white-furred creature ventures forward.

"Are you hurt?" comes the voice, deep and calm as it lilts over the rush of the waves behind them. She remembers the fear and confusion of washing up here, the frustration that the waves only left her with her name. Maybe she could help it go easier for this one.
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