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Feb 25 '19: Shinx - Curated
Mar 31 '19: Spewpa - Curated
Apr 30 '19: Fletchling - [Monthly Theme] - Curated
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Target: Shinx (Simple)
Rank: Mmmmmmedium? idk
Critique: Concise please!

[Image: 0jL4Mpw.png]
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(02-25-19, 06:24 AM)After Wrote:
Target: Shinx (Simple)
Rank: Mmmmmmedium? idk
Critique: Concise please!

[Image: 0jL4Mpw.png]

Oh, man, love this. Going to snap this up and get this back to you real quick!! Sorry for the delay in it either way. (:

pokeballShinx! pokeball 
Things you did well:
  • You've put Shinx in a great unique pose! We get a lot of energy in the playful crouch of its body, the focused eyes, and the raised paw. It's a world's difference from Shinx's default, sort of stubby and static default art.
  • Your linework is incredibly clean. Your lining is very consistent, with lovely tapered edges and regular widths. It's smooth, without any bumps from an unsteady hand, which is honestly pretty spectacular, especially for digital art! You're consistent on your application of it, also, lining out all overlaps and separations in color with due diligence, leaving nothing out of place.
  • Your cell shading is spot-on! You have a clear light source, and all bits of your shading seem to reflect that. The cell shading matches perfectly with the cartoon-y style that you're going for, giving us crisp and expressive shadows. You have shading in all of the right places as dictated by your light source, and I can't find any inconsistencies or spots missing it.
  • Your background is minimal, but in a way that's incredibly informative! You've managed to give us a pretty simple background, but one that contextualizes the scene by including the Shinx's focus. You've also included great dimension despite the flat color of the green with the rising tufts, which also work great to ground the Shinx in the scene where it overlaps on its back paw. The stylized edges of the ground work well with the clean cartoon style, mimicking the smoothness of your cell shading nicely.
  • Shinx's perspective is nicely-done. We see the rounded ears and the markings on them properly sheared in perspective, and pretty much all of the bits and pieces are in front of or behind what they need to be to reflect the perspective! Well-done here.

Things you could improve on:
  • Shifting the butterfly up and to the right a bit would line it up better with the Shinx's body. While a minor critique, one thing I noticed quickly is that the butterfly is a little off relative to the angle of the Shinx's body. We expect the Shinx to be approaching the butterfly directly. Shifting the butterfly up and to the right a little bit (and moving Shinx's tracking eyes to follow) would better unify the angle to center it with the axis of Shinx's body. It would also bring Shinx's creeping paw closer to its target, giving us a little more playful tension to the hunter's scene!
  • Shinx's folded front leg and the head seem a little crammed. While Pokemon is notorious for robbing poor Pokemon of their necks (I'll never forgive Game Freak for the abomination that is Machamp), Shinx actually has a bit of some, with some nice markings on it to boot. I think pulling the head forward towards us a little more would help with the way it seems cramped up against the body here. While we might not be able to see the neck from its perspective, we the top line of the body coming against the head's hair tuft insinuates that the body is still there at that point, leaving no room for the neck to even be all bunched up around even if that was the case. Pushing the leg slightly further to our left to give the head some space from that curled leg would also help that perception.

pokeball Final Verdict pokeball
Overall, this is a really, really clean work! You have a unique pose that considers light and shading, and creates a well-toned narrative. The pose creates an interesting composition, and you've paid attention to the way that you've drawn a psychic line from the eyes to the Shinx's target that helps guide the eye. Your background, while simple, gives us enough detail to contextualize the scene and create a narrative, and matches stylistically in content and tone. You've executed each of these elements really, really exceptionally. With that, I'm happy to award you with a Hard rank, meaning that Shinx is captured, and you net an additional $15,000!
Aaaaa awesome, thanks for the curation! :D Claiming Shinx and $15,000! \ovo/
Target: Spewpa (Simple)
Rank: Medium?
Critique: Concise please!

Completed version of this sketch for the mentorship!

recolored as a shoutout to my second ever shiny who would absolutely love an edgy confetti cloak

[Image: PnMS5I0.png]
Target: Fletchling (Medium)
Rank: Hard
Critique: Concise please!

April Art Prompt: Eggs!

[Image: ftDnJPl.png]
(03-31-19, 12:52 PM)After Wrote: [align=center]Target: Spewpa (Simple)
Rank: Medium?
Critique: Concise please!

Claiming Spewpa!
(05-03-19, 03:11 PM)Fenris Wrote: Claiming Spewpa!

Thoughts: This is a very overdue review so first and foremost, sorry for the incredibly long wait!

Secondly, this is a wonderfully well-rendered and cohesive piece! There is an excellent use of placement and layering used here to give both depth and a sense of completeness to the overall image. Nothing feels like it shouldn't be here, and the color pallet usage only further ties the whole thing together into one whole.

The background in particular is very well executed in terms of how it draws the image together. The circular, almost flower-like design compliments Spewpa thematically to begin with, as it later evolves into the butterfly-esque Vivillon. This gives the design a relevancy in addition to purpose in being where it is and looking as it does, beyond just filling space. The radial symmetry it displays is also a key-feature as to why it works, creating a circular backdrop behind Spewpa as the central figure, natural creating a focal point at it's center - and drawing eyes to the Pokemon on top of it that is sitting front and center. The choice to create the layers of the backdrop using varying shades of flat gray is also a smart one; when combined with the clever use of Spewpa's colorful confetti in the foreground it helps add depth the the image that shadows and lighting alone might not be able to provide, adding interest to an otherwise simple image.

I'd also like to say that the way the confetti is used to mirror the circular motif of the background is excellent! It reinforces the geometry you've instilled and further adds interest and draws the eye where it needs to go. Because of the otherwise dull color pallet, the bright red and gold bring life to the work!

My only really critique would be that Spewpa might stand to be raised a little higher in relation to the flow-shape in the background. It currently feels like it's sitting just slightly too low in frame and thus isn't perfectly centered to have the circuar motif draw the eye to it, though it works as is with little issue. More a nit-pick than a real problem. :) 

Verdict: Passes at Medium! (Spewpa captured + 5k). It easily meets the requirements for Simple, and comfortably sits at Medium, showing great control of color, design, posing, and shading. It would need a more involved background to really hit Hard, and perhaps some more guided posing, but sits at High-Medium as is. Congrats on your bug!
WOOO \o/ No worries about the wait, thank you for the curation! :D Claiming Spewpa + 5k!
Art Fourplay capture!

Target: Swablu (Hard -> Medium)
Rank: Hhhhhhhard? oops
Critique: Concise please!

[Image: MnZMoLk.png]

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