Bluto || Reticent Dragon
Name: Bluto
Age: Adolescent
Bluto is a introverted analytic person. He tries to carefully analyze the situation before him before applying a proper solution. Bluto finds it hard to be around others for extended periods of time, or being around too many stimuli. When necessary, he will leave an environment to clear his head. Bluto, above all else, wants to learn as much as he can about the world around him and help those who have shown him kindness in earnest.
Bluto takes personal interest in gemstones. Being somewhat of a lapidary, he can spend hours on end studying the cut and shine of gemstones he has come in the possession of. To this point, he is easily distracted by shiny objects on the off chance it is a gemstone he can add to his collection. 
Before the flash that wiped his memory, Bluto struggles to put shapes or thoughts together. He does have a vague diluted sense of paranoia that this was caused by someone -- perhaps in his immediate surrounding.

Available Forms:

Species: Gabite
Gender: Male
Form Type: Imported
Sand Veil: Under the circumstances of a sandstorm, many Pokemon struggle to move or see. Where their battle abilities would be diluted, the thick skin and shielded eyes of Bluto protect him from the flying debris, making him more mobile than most in tumultuous desert weather. 
Rough Skin: The Gabite’s skin is naturally course, similar to a strong grade of sandpaper. Though in normal everyday contact, this may only scrape the skin of passerby, it digs deeper when in the high paced action of battle. Those who would make contact with skin at a high velocity would be hurt in the process.
There are no abnormalities in Bluto’s Gabite form. The indigo shark of the sands appears as any other Gabite would if found in the wild.

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