After's Sketchbook
Day 240: Inktober Day 16: Favorite Rock-type Pokemon

[Image: KFtGSI6.png]
Day 241: Inktober Day 17: Favorite Steel-type Pokemon

Really wanted to do a neat combo thing with this and Doublade, which was tied, but time constraints said no. >.> Might take that concept for a cash submission later on.
Day 242: Inktober Day 18: Favorite Water-type Pokemon

[Image: zr5ihGP.png]
Day 243: Inktober Day 19: Favorite Eeveelution

I know there's only eight of these so you'd think it shouldn't be that hard to pick just one, but... I played Colosseum a lot as a kid, ahah. Got pretty fond of these two. Not only did they with each other, but they also tied with my picks for favorite Dark- and Psychic-type respectively.
[Image: qUZxIWo.png]
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Day 244: Inktober Day 20: Favorite Electric Rodent

[Image: acteYEg.png]
Day 245: Inktober Day 21: Favorite Baby Pokemon

Elekiiiiiiid! Such a fun lil dude.
[Image: QK4NAto.png]
Day 246: Inktober Day 22: Favorite Mega Evolution

Mega Ray! Friggin love this thing, but at the same time,,, what is its face. How draw. Why.

Colored in the black digitally just for funsies to see how it looked. Original is here.
[Image: MRNSAwl.png]

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