After's Sketchbook
Day 50:

Another sleepy baby!
[Image: LhytlDO.png]
Day 51:

A perfectly good thing to give to a child. Yes. on another note, Ow The Edge™
[Image: W3DTDfL.png]
Day 52:

Big bug! Technically another PMD character, although I didn't do her full design so she's just a normal Venomoth here rip.
[Image: EFYjFNM.png]
Day 53:

I've always imagined Shelgon as having a longer neck and actual head hiding within its shell, and just being a bit turtle/tortoise-like in general, so this is my take on that concept. had to look up refs for this and wow turtle legs are weird
[Image: pDNBv6h.png]
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Day 54:

Another PMD character! This is Carpet, a happy young Mantine with no Remoraid. She was so named because her partner, when they met and were both really little, thought she was like a magical flying carpet, and the name stuck.
[Image: MCJSJcc.png]
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Day 55:

I am... not sure how this happened.
[Image: 3sfVJpF.png]
Day 56: Monthly Prompt: Apr. 9-16: Use ink for your sketch this week.

Haven't figured out a good system for doing traditional painlessly with my current issues, so I had to do this fast and as a result it's pretty plain and there's about 400 things wrong with it. XD I hate drawing in pennnnnn

Also I scanned this in and got to previewing the post when I realized it... mostly still just looks like I did it digitally fsljdkfsdjrm. I didn't do anything to clean it up, but in any case here's proof for reference.
[Image: JuXL5GU.png]
Day 57:

Three cheers to Lanturn for being adorable and not a freaky underwater horrorterror like actual anglerfish.
[Image: 9sbPpWG.png]
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Day 58:

Didn't want to do the whole bird-with-worm thing so soon after my Shinx, so here's a new Fletchling capture concept! Hopefully I can get it done in time to meet this month's egg art theme.
[Image: cVMtLop.png]
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Day 59: Monthly Prompt: Apr. 16-23: Draw a Pokemon whose name starts with the letter A!

Can Axew even throw dragonfire fireballs? Who knows? Certainly not me.
[Image: hLIea7Q.png]

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