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Started February 19, 2019.

Current Streak: 342 days
Longest Streak: Ongoing

Curation Starting Checkpoint - December 15 [all sketchbooks prior are paid]
Current Monthly Prompts - N/A
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Previous Monthly Prompts:


February 16th - 23rd: Draw a Pokemon made of candy! - Zorua
February 24th - 28th: Draw your favorite/any Starter Pokemon! - Froakie

April 1st - 8th: Draw a Pokemon pulling a prank for April Fool’s Day! - Zorua and Voltorb
April 9th - 16th: Use ink for your sketch this week. - Yamask
April 16th - 23rd: Draw a Pokemon whose name starts with the letter A! - Axew
April 24th - 30th: Draw a Pokemon egg - either a Pokemon interacting with an egg, or what you think the Egg of a certain Pokemon would look like! - Exeggcute and Happiny

May 3rd - 10th: May I? Draw a Pokemon begging for something it wants. - Growlithe
May 10th - 17th: Celebrate Learn to Swim Day by drawing a Pokemon in the water! - Ursaring and Teddiursa
May 17th - 24th: Draw a Pokemon who is evolving, or is freshly-evolved! - Eevee -> Flareon
May 24th - 31st: Draw a Pokemon enjoying a picnic! - Aipom and Mankey

June 3rd - 10th: Draw a Pokemon in a forest setting! - Celebi

September 1st - 7th: Draw a Pokemon in a school-related setting, or with school-related objects! - Zoroark
September 8th - 15th: Draw an electric type Pokemon! - Pichu
September 16th - 21st: Draw a fire type Pokemon! - Torkoal
September 22nd - 30th: Draw a Pokemon helping another person or Pokemon! - Plusle and Minun
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Jan 14 2020 note - Scooted previous sketches into this post for organization. Spoilered for space.

Day 1, Feb 19 2019: (Monthly Prompt)

Day 2, Feb 20 2019:

Day 3, Feb 21 2019:
Day 4:

Test run for one of the current Art Fourplay 'mons! Every time I see official Sigilyph I get disappointed that it's not actually the horrifying murderbird I keep thinking it is.
[Image: 6Jm1dMw.png]
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Day 5:

Cutting it close with this one too, oof. Test run for one of the monthly art prompts! Had a concept in mind but the execution still needs some work, hrm.
[Image: XkZTWMI.png]
Day 6:

Beware, horrifying super-realistic Galvantula under the spoiler!!!
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Day 7:

My usual art program is temporarily borked, so enjoy this pixel-y sketch I made in a different one. \o/
[Image: HCzBnx0.png]
Day 8: Monthly Prompt: Feb. 24-28 - Draw your favorite/any Starter Pokemon!

I dunno if Froakie's necessarily my favorite, but I certainly like it a lot! This guy's from a custom Pokemon Mystery Dungeon setting I created a couple years back that I'm still really fond of (and as a result other characters from it will be making appearances here sooner or later, hah).
[Image: PrtBxnW.png]
Day 9:


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