Cassandra, Oracle of Storms
Name: Cassandra (post tracker here)
Age: Adult
Personality: Jaded and bitter; quick to judge and quicker to assume the worst. Self-reliant to a fault and refuses help unless absolutely necessary. Not mean, but doesn't empathize well with what she sees as trivial situations.
History: All she remembers is flashes of ship travel, a booming voice in another language, and phantom pains.

 Species: Delphox
 Gender: Female
 Form Type: Imported (#59 in 2nd post of stats link)
 Abilities: Blaze (when badly injured, her fur reacts by superheating and hurts/scorches characters and the environment within five feet of her. Lasts until significantly healed, is knocked unconscious or defeats the foe, or she makes three posts), Magician (Once per thread, or per 15 posts she makes within one thread, she can enchant an object with an effect. If it duplicates a move she knows or can learn, normal power; if not a move she can learn, half power/ reduced effect. Magic lasts for 8 posts if not yet used or minor effect, or three posts if major effect like weapon or armor enchantment.)
Appearance: Fur is a very dark mustard yellow with her ear tufts verging on maroon. Frequently matted and dirty with residue of pollen, berries, and mud. Unless recently bathed, has a faint odor of decaying forest matter- not unpleasant but unexpected.

Posts: Storm's herald 1, Rain Dance 1, RD2, RD3, Two of Staves 1, Finity 1, RD4, Sirocco 1, Finity 2, Finity 3, (Mega) Of boundless flora 1 (2 and 3 don't count), Glow 1, Drifting 1, Finity 4, RD 5, Drifting 2, Glow 2, Drifting 3, Glow 3, (Mega) of winding coral (2 doesn't count), Glow 4, Wind out of her Sails 1, Sirocco 2, Drifting 4, Glow 5{25}, Sirocco 3, of rich treasure (mega), Sirocco 4, Forray, Glow 6, Forray 2, (mega) of final refuge, (m)refuge 2, Storm the Beaches 1, StB 2, (Founding) Disciples of the Forgotten, (Mega) of battling wills, StB 3, StB 4, Clan March, (clamed to here) serpent's ravine, 0 by 4, Pole hunting, like dewdrops, StB 5, Clan March 2, Staves 2, pole 2, Clan March 3, pole 3{50}, StB 6, Intrigue 1, Staves 3, Clan March 4, staves 4, pole 4, Storm's Herald 2, staves 5, Clan March 5, staves 6, Storm's Herald 3, Clan March 6, Exchange 1

Species: Darkrai
Gender: No
Form Type: Imported (#2 in 2nd post of stats link)
Abilities: Bad Dreams: Once per fight (whether judged or narrative) can recall a previous nightmare/vision and avoid damage from an attack. Must be able to move to activate ability.
Appearance: Normal for species, though almost never extends legs
Posts: see tracker

Clan: Disciple of the Forgotten
Residence: Onyx Temple
Inventory: hard-cured leather satchel (if drops in first post after Blaze activates, bag/contents not damaged), gray knitted shawl
Fairy-type megastone (inert)
Psychic-type megastone (attuned 15/15; Wind 1, Sirocco 2, Sirocco 3, treasure 1, Sirocco 4, Forray, Forray 2, refuge 1, refuge 2, Storm 1, Storm 2, Disciples 1, of battling wills 1, Storm 3, Storm 4)
Fairy-type megastone (inert)
Rock-type megastone (inert)
Fire-type megastone (bonding 13/15; Serpent's 1, Clan March 1, 0 by 4, pole hunting, clan 2, pole 2, dewdrops, clan 3, pole 3, Intrigue 1, clan 4, pole 4, clan 5, clan 6)
Psychic-type megastone (inert)
Fighting-type megastone (inert)
Dragon-type megastone (inert)
Ground-type megastone (inert)
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