Morphic - Private Thread pierce.
(looking for major accessory - a simple spear, preferably one with a metal shaft.)

Jones the Heliolisk (Dry Skin Ability).
Affected RPers: N/A.

Jones doesn't like leaving the desert, but it's a necessary evil. For one thing, there's not enough food - the Wepear berries scrounged off of cacti are nice, but scarce, and these small treats don't always satisfy the stomach. The forest's bounty is much richer, with savory tubers and fruits that would take Jones days to finish eating. 

But more importantly, Jones is on a mission. She knows that her belt isn't from this island. She doesn't know where it came from, but it feels right to wear. There's a feeling of something missing with it; more than once, she's reached to her belt for a weapon, only to come back unarmed. She's sick of it. She wants to find a weapon of her own.

If Pokemon wash up on the shore, maybe foreign objects can, too. Jones certainly hopes so. She crawls to the edge of the cliffs, peering down at the beach below to see what she can find.

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