Ranger Wages - 9/18 to 2/11
It’s been a while, but here’s to hopefully hopping back on the Ranger Wages train! :sweats:

@VeloJello - $35,000 / 12 posts
Great, consistently high quality as always. Always really fun to read through your runs. Good work.

@Gold - $40,000 / 13 posts
You’ve improved a lot as an RPer over the past couple of months, and it really shows looking at your post. Keep it up.

K’sariya - $68,000 / 20 posts

@Mikey57 - $9,000 / 3 posts
Some good first posts; they’re fun to read. Keep it up.

As a note to everyone, if you’re having trouble keeping up with some of your runs, feel free to see if others in the #rangers chat want them!

Claiming my own!
Claiming, thank you!

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