[Image: rhyhorn_by_elrond15_dczclsj-fullview.jpg]

Target: Rhyhorn
Medium: Digital
Grade Type: Concise welcome, in-depth if you feel like it.
Clam Baking
(04-25-19, 06:33 PM)Fenris Wrote: Clam Baking

What You Did Well:
• Linework: You have some really strong, confident lines here! it looks almost voctorized in places, with no real errors or blemishes. The linework isn't incredibly varied throughout, but the places you have done so pop out better for it, and the thick lines really give ryhorn a sense of weight on the page.
• Shadows: You've used lighting very dramatically here, and it gives the art overall an epic feel. Ryhorn is either charging into battle or running from something, and the lighting makes the whole scene a little more mysterious. Just what is Ryhorn running away from or towards? the drop shadow stretching forward out of frame is executed perfectly, and the plethora of smaller shadows from where the sunlight hits the pokemon's plated skin also seem to line up correctly.
• Lighting: The small amount of edge lighting on Ryhorn's back is wonderful, and really helps it pop even more out of the background with the help of the shadows. it falls on the correct places and isn't overused more than necessary. I especially love the little hint of it at the tip of Ryhorn's horn!

What You Could Work On Next:
• Background: While what is presented both looks good and is serviceable, it's not done in the same style as the pokemon taking center stage, and it feels much flatter than the Ryhorn does, with no real foreground to help break it up. The painterly style looks nice, but seems less well-rendered over all in comparison to Ryhorn. Some more effort here would help raise the art a rank I believe; perhaps add more features to the front of the work, or spend a little more time adding detail to what is already present.

Final Verdict:
Ryhorn definitely passes at Hard, but only just. The posing and action of the artwork is original and enguaging, and the line work on Ryhorn is very clean and well-done, as is the lighting effects and shadows. By comparison, the background looks very plain and bland, and as if less attention or care was spared for it. While it is serviceable, and the separate style does server to help Ryhorn pop out from he rest of the work, it does feel a little disjointed as a result. good job, and enjoy your baby rhino!

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